Top 7 Free Online Classes For Military In 2024

Nowadays, online education is becoming a frequently prevalent choice for military members. More than ever, the services are offering classes that you can take remotely to help meet the demands of today’s busy soldier.

There are plenty of online courses available across a variety of disciplines. Here are seven free online classes for military available to soldiers through their respective branches or on base: 

Military members who want to take advantage of these free courses should consult their unit leaders and academic counselors before signing up.

Hence, they understand what requirements must still be fulfilled in person. These opportunities will only increase as time goes by, so here’s hoping you’ll have more opportunities like this in your future! 

What are free online classes for the military?

These classes are free to servicemen and women that are deployed or who have free time. Many people think the only way to get an education is through college, but this list proves otherwise.

While there are many online courses for military members available right now, it’s not hard to imagine how these options will continue to grow as technology advances.

Where can you find free online classes for the military? 

Education is essential for any soldier, be it on active duty or in the reservation. Nevertheless, due to time constraints or other responsibilities, not everyone can go to college.

So these opportunities are an excellent way for soldiers to serve their country and maintain their education. Many of the classes are free, although classes require payment for certification or credits at the end of the class.

7 Best Free Online Classes For Military

1. Liberty University 

Liberty University is a private Christian college with more than 100,000 online students. As part of the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance program, active-duty military members can take up to 24 credits per fiscal year at Liberty for free online classes for military.

free online classes for military - Liberty University 

Full-time National Guardsmen and reservists are available to take classes on a space-available basis. Liberty employees teach all courses, the majority of who hold doctoral degrees. The school is known for its “unwavering commitment to Christ.” 

2. Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU has more than 100 online degree programs, including one in information security. As part of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan can earn their bachelor’s degrees through SNHU at no cost.

Active-duty military members who aren’t eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill can still pursue their bachelor’s degrees through the Tuition Assistance Program. It is the best online colleges for active duty military.

Online enrollment is limited, but military members are given priority when classes are available. SNHU offers one-on-one academic support for students at any location.

3. University of Arizona Global Campus

The University of Arizona’s online program offers more than 400 courses in a variety of disciplines. The school has been helping military members further their education since 1958 when it launched one of the first correspondence programs for servicemembers.

University of Arizona Global Campus

Today, the UA is ranked among the best free online classes for military by U.S. News & World Report and Military Advanced Education magazine. 

4. Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern is a private university dedicated to the adult learner. Classes are taught by real-world experts who have years of experience in their professions.

Undergraduate students can earn bachelor’s degrees in more than 35 business and technical specialties, including criminal justice, logistics and healthcare management.

Columbia Southern has been ranked as one of the top online colleges for military by U.S. News & World Report for three consecutive years. The university offers 100% online coursework, but military members must attend monthly residency seminars held on-base or nearby installations worldwide. 

5. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo is a private Catholic university that offers more than 40-degree programs at the certificate, associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s levels. Military members are not charged for tuition under any circumstances.

free online classes for military - Saint Leo University

The school has been military loans servicing since 1958 and understands the unique challenges associated with being away from home.

Saint Leo provides academic support to soldiers who are deployed or stationed far from their family members. Distance learners receive the same class materials as on-campus students do, including textbooks and syllabuses. 

6. Northcentral University

Northcentral University allows free online classes for military more than 70-degree courses for students who aspire to sustain their education. The school has been offering online and distance learning options since 1998 and is known for its personalized attention and individualized study plans.

Military members can take advantage of Northcentral’s generous tuition assistance policies, allowing service members stationed in Germany, Italy, and Korea to pursue their education without incurring out-of-pocket costs.

Northcentral is considered one of the best colleges in America by The Military Advanced Education & Transition Guide.

 7. Colorado State University-Global Campus

CSU’s global campus provides a 100% online learning experience taught by the same faculty teaching on-campus courses. Military members can attend classes without paying tuition or fees under the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Northcentral University

This institution was ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of veterans’ best online bachelor’s degrees. The CSUGL is accredited by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission, which shows that the school has met stringent academic requirements.

 How do you apply for free online classes for the military?

Sometimes it’s hard to find time in your busy schedule to take care of personal needs, including getting an education, without incurring additional expenses.

To take advantage of these courses, you will need to see your unit leader and academic counselor for information about what you need to do to register for the class. 

It would be best to plan because some classes have limited seats or require an application process before enrolling.

Military members who want to take advantage of these free courses should consult their unit leaders and academic counselors before signing up.

Hence, they understand what requirements must still be fulfilled in person. These opportunities will only increase as time goes by, so here’s hoping you’ll have more opportunities like this in your future! 

What can I do with classes online for the military?

Online courses can help service members explore new interests or expand upon existing ones, so no two classes are ever the same.

Some subjects include computer training for software programs used on base, safety courses related to specific jobs, and more.

These kinds of courses are essential because they offer opportunities across a wide variety of disciplines right at service members’ fingertips.

You can work towards a certification or get ahead of your peers in some classes, while others are purely for fun. The opportunities available to you depend upon where you are stationed and what kind of programs are offered.

There is an extensive list of free online classes for military members can take advantage of and other educational opportunities available to them.

What Are Some Additional Benefits of free online classes for military members?

In addition to providing free online classes for military members, some schools will also offer tuition assistance and reimbursement policies that don’t require a minimum amount of credits.

In other words, students can get reimbursed for attending class even if they never graduate from the school or earn their degree.

FAQ About free online classes for military

Q: What is the global military academy? 

The U.S. Department of Defense has long been a proponent of distance learning programs for those stationed overseas.

Now that approach can be taken by anybody in America and worldwide. Distance learning programs are also open to members of the armed forces who don’t have immediate access to classrooms or internet connections. 

For example, a sailor who is out to sea for six months won’t have the opportunity to take a traditional college course while on tour, but they can attend classes online from anywhere in the world.

Q: What are some good colleges for free online military courses? 

The degree programs offered through distance learning schools are often identical to those found on college campuses.

They are just as comprehensive, and they come with the added benefit of allowing service members to achieve their educational goals without leaving their posts.

Q: How do you get free online classes for the military? 

All it takes is calling your academic counselor or unit leader to set up an appointment where you can discuss your options in detail.

You might want to start with free online educational opportunities since they are available to any service member without signing up for classes.

Whether you prefer to take the traditional college approach or want to learn something new during your free time, there is a wide variety of subjects that will keep your mind occupied and your spirit lifted.

Q: What are some free online courses for the college military? 

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has increased its commitment to providing service members with the resources they need to achieve their educational goals by offering an extensive list of free online courses available through distance learning schools across America.

Q: What are some great free online colleges military? 

Many people enjoy attending college by participating in a distance learning program, and today’s military members are no different.

If you want to earn a degree or take free online classes for military while on duty, there is an educational opportunity for that as well.

Q: What kind of education opportunities do the military offer?

Many people who enter the armed forces don’t realize how often they will be moving and stationed in different places around the world.

If you choose to be a military member and attend college, you will have access to different educational opportunities.

Q: Educational Benefits for Free Online Classes for Military Members?

Distance learning programs help service members take classes online from any location in the world. These programs are available through many top colleges and universities in America, and they don’t necessarily require you to attend traditional college classes every day. 

Depending on which school you choose to attend and what type of degree program you sign up for, your educational journey might take a different path than the one followed by most students.

Final Verdict

The best online colleges offer free online courses for military members, but students can also find additional money-saving perks.

For example, some schools provide tuition assistance that covers the cost of all required textbooks. Additionally, servicemembers can find free online classes for military members in their particular branch of service.

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