Top 10 Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything in 2023

To some people, it may be a difficult task to find free cell phone services that offer unrestricted features. The truth is that people can still find companies that offer subscribers free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. This includes data, texts, calls and everything between just like free government smartphones.

It is important to know that these services are not normal or regular mobile companies people use every day. Prior to using these services, it is expedient to know how they operate, especially for the unrestricted features plan. In this content, you will be able to discover some top companies that offer free solutions for data, texts and calls.

For you to qualify to get a free cell phone service for life unlimited everything you must be a beneficiary of other government programs. Remember that the eligibility is uniform across most states since this is a federal government program. It doesn’t really matter what you need the phone for but you can get one free of charge so long as qualify for the program.

free government cell phone service

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How To Get Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything Guidelines

The process is simple once you have verified that you are eligible for the program. First, find the eligibility requirements in your state though mostly its uniform across most states.

Step 1

The first step is to identify the service providers in your state. Choose the one with the best package that you will fit your needs.

Step 2

Do comprehensive research on the various providers in your state. Find how you can contact the service provider. You will be with the service provider for at least 6 months, it is important to verify the services offered by various service providers. Choose the best services available, don’t shortchange yourself.

Step 3

Once you have gone through the various service providers, choose the best provider. Find out how you can get in contact with the provider. It is advisable to use their website which will make you have a feel of how the subscriber operates.

This will also make it easier to upload any documents which might be required from you with ease. Once the process has gone through, you might have to wait for a while to receive your free phone via mail.

Top 10 Best Free Cell Phone Service Providers For Life Unlimited Everything

1. Verizon Wireless

The Verizon Unlimited Plan is now available after the company abandoned this offer last year. This new amazing plan will provide you with mobile hotspot, HD video streaming, texting & calling to Canada and Mexico. There is also data roaming in both Canada and Mexico for this unlimited everything plan. The Verizon Unlimited Plan can be accessed in three levels.

A. Above Unlimited:

This plan will only cost you ninety-five dollars for a single line unlimited data, text and calling on your mobile phone along with AutoPlay and paper-free billing.

  • Five hundred Gigabytes of Verizon Cloud
  • Upgraded unrestricted 4G LTE data – Seventy-five Gigabytes at full speed
  • Verizon up incentives
  • High definition quality streaming
  • Five TravelPasses every month for use in one hundred and thirty nations
  • Canada and Mexico web, text and call
  • Unrestricted mobile hotspot

B. Beyond Unlimited:

At this level, subscribers will have to only spend around eighty-five dollars for a line including unrestricted data, text and call on mobile phones along with AutoPay and paper-free billing.

  • Canada and Mexico web, text and talk
  • Verizon up rewards
  • Upgraded unrestricted 4G LTE data – twenty-two Gigabytes at full speed
  • Unrestricted mobile hotspot – Fifteen Gigabytes at 4G LTE
  • High definition quality streaming – 720p

C. Go Unlimited:

With this Verizon Unlimited Plan, you will gain access by spending up to seventy-five dollars in total for a line. This includes AutoPay, paper-free billing, unlimited data, calling and texting on your mobile phone.

  • Canada and Mexico web, text and call
  • Verizon up rewards
  • Unrestricted mobile hotspot
  • DVD-quality streaming

2. AT&T Wireless

A new and captivating unrestricted wireless data plan has been introduced by AT&T Wireless at the moment. This plan is now available for clients using the network since 2017. The basic objective of the company is to beat down the competition. With this plan, you do not need a DirecTV subscription.

A. Unlimited And More Premium Plan:

For the sake of extras, the company has been able to create this higher-end plan to satisfy your curiosity. When you make automatic payments via a bank account and get paperless billing, one line will cost around eighty dollars. It is important to know that credit cards are not required.

For four lines, subscribers will pay one hundred and eighty-nine dollars. Three lines will be estimated as one hundred and sixty-nine dollars. Subscribers willing to get two lines should be ready to spend up to one hundred and forty-nine dollars. Check out the plan below:

  • Select one entertainment, film, or music perk
  • Fifteen Giga bytes hotspot
  • Stream in 1080p high definition

B. Unlimited And More Plan:

When talking about the major AT & T unrestricted data usage plan, this is actually what the company gives to subscribers. When you make automatic payments via a bank account and bet paperless billing, the price for one line is seventy dollars without any credit card.

Four lines usually cost one hundred and fifty-seven dollars. Subscribers opting for three lines will invest up to one hundred and forty-five dollars. Two lines usually end up at one hundred and twenty-five dollars.

  • Unrestricted calls to Canada & Mexico and free roaming
  • Unrestricted 4G LTE data
  • Thirty plus channels of live television
  • No mobile hotspot
  • Send unrestricted texts to one hundred and twenty nations
  • 480p DVD quality video streaming

3. T-Mobile USA Inc

An unrestricted everything wireless plan is now available on T-Mobile for one flat rate. While conventional subscribers may have benefited from the initial offers of the company, the unlimited data usage plan will provide more features.

A. Even More Unlimited Plan:

At the moment, this plan will cost you 79.99 dollars on a monthly basis per line. For subscribers that want a 2-year contract, the cost will be around 59.99 dollars every month.

  • Usage of unlimited data on mobile phones without incurring other overage fees
  • Unlimited domestic texting and calling
  • Video chatting, streaming music and movies
  • 300 megabytes in RAM

4. US Cellular

US Cellular made an announcement of its wireless Total Plans. Members of this wireless cellular network can now enjoy the broad base unlimited plans available. In the Total Plans, you will find different levels as your strength and capability deem best.

Phone Line 1:

Unlimited data costs sixty dollars. Subscribers can also pay fifty dollars for 6GB with line 1. Phone line 1 also has the forty dollars for 2GB slot.

Phone Line 2:

Phone line 2 with 6GB will cost forty-five dollars. 2GB is around thirty-five dollars. For unlimited data, you will have to invest fifty-five dollars.

Phone Line 3:

2GB for the phone line 3 costs twenty-five dollars. Users will pay thirty-five dollars for 6GB. If you want the unlimited plan option for phone line three, then be ready to pay forty-five dollars.

Phone Lines 4 & Above:

6GB is estimated to be thirty dollars while two Gigabytes remain 20$. Unlimited data usage for this plan is around forty dollars.

Note: The Total Plans from US Cellular have no hidden charges. The unlimited plan section includes hotspot capability, video streaming and free texting/calling to Canada and Mexico.

5. CellularOne

CellularOne is an American-based phone network service with promising and reliable products to offer prospective customers. This service is more than a phone or mobile operating company. If you are living in the US and looking for the right place to find top-notch accessories and phones, then CellularOne is the right company to visit. It is officially based in Arizona serving customers in the northern part of the state stretching to New Mexico.

CellularOne remains an international communication network connecting people from everywhere across the globe. The bedrock of this company is its amazing and professional two hundred workers. Committed and dedicated to serving customers, CellularOne is currently offering unlimited data usage for text and call.

A. CellularOne Unlimited Offer:

  • Forty dollars on a monthly basis
  • Unrestricted text and call nationwide
  • The offer can be shared for thirty dollars for a single line and monthly


Just when you think the competition in the US wireless phone network service is reducing, new and potential rising companies are already displaying features belong to the giants in the industry. TWIGBY is a great example of a cell phone service in the US with great potential to serve customers across the nation. With its amazing plans, you will be able to get unlimited data for texts and calls.

The brand and model TWIGBY uses to operate across the US is creating strong awareness and signalling something unique and different to the big players. Do you know that it is now possible to text or call across the US and beyond with only thirteen dollars on a monthly basis for unlimited service? Join TWIGBY today and see the wonders of unlocking the unlimited service of calling and texting your loved ones.

TWIGBY Unlimited Text And Talk Plan For 13$ Monthly:

  • No contract
  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 10GB 4G Data
  • 200MB 4G Data
  • 2GB 4G Data
  • 1GB 4G Data
  • 3GB 4G Data
  • 5GB 4G Data
  • No activation fees and overages
  • Get twenty-five per cent off listed every month rate for the first six months
  • Including free international texting, customers can personalize their plan
  • It can operate on a nationwide CDMA network

7. Straight Talk Wireless

In the quest to withstand the competition in the pre-paid mobile network sphere, Straight Talk is upgrading its game. It is one of a subsidiary of America Movil and registered with a plethora of trademarks. The performance of some data applications such as video or audio may be affected at 2G speeds.

For this reason, Straight Talk has unleashed a wonderful unlimited plan that can help you get things done. If you want to use 4G LTE speed, it is important to have a 4G LTE SIM and 4G LTE capable device. While speed, coverage and availability may vary, Straight Talk unlimited plan can help you benefit a lot.

30 Days Plan – Forty-Five Dollars Payment:

  • Five Gigabytes high-speed data
  • Unlimited texts
  • Unrestricted calls

Note: If you will like to make unlimited international calling, Straight Talk has a plan that subscribers can pay for only sixty dollars. The 60$ unlimited data plan includes one hundred megabytes and 1500 messages/ 1500 minutes. One amazing thing is that subscribers have the opportunity to switch between plans.

8. TextNow Wireless

TextNow Wireless remains the globe’s premier cloud-oriented phone carrier ever known. This well-designed phone service network operates both in the USA and Canada. Serving customers from San Francisco and Waterloo, TextNow has proven that have the best experience on unlimited data usage is possible. The products and services offered by TextNow wireless are designed to make the life of customers easier.

The passionate objective of this company has helped in crafting unlimited data plan that will satisfy the curiosity of clients wishing to call, text and use the web. While in the hotel and of the industry, TextNow is currently displaying the manifold technology that runs its simple unlimited data usage system. Keep exploring the offer of TextNow in the next paragraph.

A. TextNow Wireless Text And Call Only Plan:

  • No contract
  • Users will pay only nine dollars monthly
  • When available calls will have to pass through data network
  • Unlimited data, text and call
  • Works with GMS network or Sprint CDMA
  • Unrestricted minutes available for customers

9. Bravado Wireless

In the city of Oklahoma is another great tech giant called the Bravado Wireless. With either LTE or EV-DO data technology, Bravado Wireless has been able to service millions of customers across Oklahoma. It also uses CMDA2000 technology to garner the smooth operation that both visitors and veteran customers can enjoy, time and time again.

Without any iota of doubt, Bravado Wireless has been proven to be a reliable phone network carrier in the US and surrounding nations. One thing is evident when using the unlimited data plan of this amazing company – competence and professional. In fact, Bravado Wireless unlimited data usage will shock you to the marrow for several reasons.

Bravado Wireless Unlimited Data Plan:

  • Video streaming
  • Unrestricted text and talk
  • Unrestricted 4G LTE data
  • Forty dollars per line on a monthly basis

10. Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile unlimited data usage plans are up to five. This gives you the opportunity of selecting the best plan that suits your curiosity. Flexibility, simplicity and integration are key features of the Ultra Mobile unlimited data usage plans.

A. Unlimited Data – Forty-Nine Dollars Payment Plan:

  • Five dollars rollover roaming credit
  • Unrestricted data with first fifty Gigabytes 4 G LTE
  • Five dollars call anywhere credit
  • Unrestricted talk to seventy-five plus international destinations
  • Unrestricted global SMS and unrestricted talk to the USA

B. More International Minutes – Thirty-Nine Dollars Payment Plan:

  • Five dollars rollover roaming credit
  • uTalk
  • 5GB 4G LTE
  • Up to one thousand two hundred and fifty bonus minutes to seventeen uTalk destinations

C. Most Popular – Twenty-Nine Dollars Payment Plan:

  • Five dollars call anywhere credit
  • Five dollars rollover roaming credit
  • 5GB 4G LTE
  • Unrestricted talk to seventy-five international destinations

D. Hot Deal – Twenty-Three Dollars Payment Plan:

  • 1.5 dollars call anywhere credit
  • Five dollars rollover roaming credit
  • 2GB 4G LTE
  • Unrestricted talk to seventy-five international destinations

E. Best Value – Nineteen Dollars Payment Plan:

  • Unrestricted talk to seventy-five international destinations
  • Five dollars rollover roaming credit
  • 1.5 dollars call anywhere credit
  • 500MB of 4G LTE

Is The Program Truly Free?

In as much as the program is referred to as free cell phone service for life unlimited everything, the program is not really free as assumed.

As we have seen above with the various plans like Simple Mobile and Metro PCS, there are certain fees to pay in order to qualify for the plan. Mostly, you are also required to bring your compatible device which should be paid for.

A monthly fee though very affordable will be charged. Again, you will find that the plan is not for forever with most plans spreading to 6 months. The only good is that you are not bound by contracts so you can always look for a plan that works for you.

Upgrading your phone or changing your sim card will also cost you somehow. Maybe all we can say is that the program makes cell phone services affordable and not free. Even where free phone contracts are available, you will still be required to part with some cash. You will be paying for the services in the hidden monthly cell phone services.

You are bound to be slapped with hidden sales taxes and surprise fees. It doesn’t really matter what your credit score or if you can actually afford it, you will be expected to pay sales taxes like ordinary citizens who don’t need a free cell phone from the government.

If you are changing your sim card or upgrading your phone you will be required to pay for the service. Actually, an early upgrade or any instalment will require to pay the full tax as if you are paying full instalments.

In several states and depending on if you meet the required qualifications; the government does provide citizens with free cell phones for life unlimited everything. Find out what is required from you before applying for the program. The program comes with a free smartphone, unlimited texts, and calls. Unlimited data is also part of the package.

In partnership with Life Assistance, deserving American residents get to acquire free cell phone services from the government. The program is meant for people who have a total of less than the required federal government guideline of less than 150%.

As you subscribe to get free cell phone services for life unlimited everything, understand that the subscriber expects to earn something from you. Understand that you might be asked to bring a compatible phone with you or the provider might provide you with one. Do thorough research before choosing a particular subscriber to understand their rates.


While there are plenty of free cell phone service for life unlimited everything out there, the list above will help you get started in an ephemeral of time. It is always a good idea to check the service and benefit of a free phone service before making any investment. It helps to understand the free nature of the phone network service and cost. Phone subscribers can give the services above a try today for more information.

There are various requirements you should meet in order to qualify for these services. Find out eligibility requirements in your state and the necessary documents you should bring with you.

Approach several providers and study them keenly before settling for any particular provider. This will ensure that you get the best free cell phone services that you desire.

Most plans are not entirely free but they have a discounted price which will enable you to save a lot on cell phone services. The free cell phone services mostly include unlimited national calls, unlimited texts and unlimited data.