Privacy Policy

Device Reset respects your privacy right. As Device Reset respects anyone’s personal information provided to it, we (Device Reset) will not disclose your any information to any third parties for any reason. Only two parties have the legal privilege to know the information provide to Device Reset: Provider itself and Device Reset Authority. The below-mentioned policy will explain to you how Device Reset will treat your personal information. This policy may be changed in the course of time, so check it time to time to aware about the changes.

In order to use our website, you can contact us by contact from. as a visitor, you must provide some personal information such as name, and e-mail address. Device Reset will strictly keep all your information out of reach to any unexpected excess. Device Reset will never misuse, reuse, resell or redistribute your information.

To identify browsers who visit us or to help anyone to deliver advertisement or to track usage, we use cookies in a limited mode and these types of cookies collect information only about readership and site usage, which will not disclose your personal information or your personal identity but identify your machine and with this information no one will know who you are.

Like most other Websites, Device Reset will collect some information such as domain name, referral data, browser and platform type et Cetra from visitors to track and aggregate the visitors’ activity and we may share this data with third parties, advertisers or co-sponsor. This aggregated information will not disclose your individual identity or personal identity.

To collect demographic information about the visitor, Device Reset conducts survey time to time and this demographic information may be shared with third parties, advertisers or co-sponsor. But these types of information will not disclose the personal identity to any third parties, advertisers or co-sponsor without your consent.

Device Reset will disclose your personal information it is required by any law enforcement authority for the security of the state.

This policy will not protect your information if you post anything on a site having links with Device Reset or in the public forum, chat room, newsgroup or in an on-line bulletin board within Device Reset.

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