7 Best Online Colleges For Active Duty Military 2023

Armed forces members rendered the most outstanding service for their country, and they are ready to the ultimate sacrifice of defending and serving the nation. Those who serve in the national armed forces consider going to college when he performs and is interested in getting an education from one of the online colleges for the military.

It’s challenging and often stressful to attend a traditional college at serving time, and that’s why most military members are interested in online college programs and activities. With this program, they can acquire an opportunity to prioritize their military service and gives them the flexibility to study and exam with the reliability of their serving schedule.

Almost all types of degrees pursue armed forces members, and most of them complete their graduate and postgraduate degree here. Thus they can move up their military rank while they stay here and procure better possibilities as well. Here seven best online colleges for the active-duty military that provide the most convenient way to earn a higher education at serving time in the armed forces.

7 Best Online Colleges For Active Duty Military 2021

There are lots of online colleges that provide different degrees for active military members. With this system, armed forces members will find the flexibility to take the courses and complete assignments when their schedule fits; however, to admit to those online programs, you should follow some terms and conditions. Here we trace along with other related information.

1. Arizona State University

Arizona State University is a top-rated university in the USA that has more than 7000 military-affiliated students over the first years. This famous educational institution works to empower the military and veteran communities to experience breakthroughs in their academic pursuits and personal lives.

Arizona State University

However, Arizona State University offers more than 80 online bachelor’s degree programs for military and other government employees and provides nearly a master’s degree program.

When you are admitted to Arizona State University, you will be qualified for derivers programs like cybersecurity, biosecurity, urban planning, emergency management, sustainability, and many more. If you require a specific degree from this university, then you should provide extra documentation. Hence you should provide and submit some essential papers; here, we trace those.

  • Your military ID card with a departmental recommendation
  • All of the previous school’s certificates
  • Your recent photography
  • Your permanent address
  • Your SAT or ACT score

The application process of Arizona university is pretty straightforward. When you are interested in this, you should visit their authorized website, select your favorite course, and submit all of the required documents with the application form. After that, you’ll get a confirmation mail from Arizona State University to admit.

2. Eastern Kentucky University

Almos over 75 years Eastern Kentucky University provides financial and socialism training for active military members. This university is rapidly ranked as a top online degree provider and follows a world-class curriculum. This university also offers various types of programs for armed forces members like urban planning, disaster management, financial help for veterans security management, cybercrime, and many more.

Eastern Kentucky University

Now want to confirm your seat in Eastern Kentucky University at your favorite programs online? If so, then you should follow some conditions that inflict their website as well. However, EKU is well aware of almost all of the claims. Active military members can choose their reliable program from EKU’s curriculum. So when you admit it here, you should appraise some criteria. Here you will find those criteria below.

  • All of the previous school’s certificates
  • Department approval paper. 
  • Present active force name with an Identification number
  • Your recent photography

So you should care about this when you’ll going here to achieve graduation and post-graduation degrees from here. If worried about their application process, you shouldn’t worry more! Visit the Eastern Kentucky University website and follow their instructions.

3. Florida State University

Florida State University is one of the best online colleges for active duty military. It is not only a school specifically designed to help those in the military but also a part of ACC that is an excellent conference whether you play football or not. It is mainly known for its superb football team, strong academics, and one of the best online colleges for military.

Florida State University

And at Florida State, you don’t have to worry about surviving the academic rigors of ACC; they are nationally recognized for their programs. Just take a look at their football team, which is consistently in the top 3 every year. And if that isn’t enough proof, then check out Forbes’ recognition of it as one of America’s Top Colleges for your money.

One of the best aspects of Florida State University is its programs for military and veteran’s affairs. Out of all the heavily-discussed online colleges, it tends to go unnoticed that Duke still offers a very affordable rate for active duty personnel.

While many universities have high costs of attendance – such as Harvard or Stanford – one rare exception is Miami. However, when you want to get admission here then you should consider those criteria.

  • Standard ACT or SAT score
  • A recommendation paper from your department
  • Recent photography
  • Present working force with a soft copy of ID card

When people consider Florida to live or go to school, most don’t even think about attending an in-state school. So they just automatically gravitate toward the prominent national colleges such as the University of Phoenix and others who offer online courses at low tuition rates – but this actually isn’t the best option for active duty military members!

4. The University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi is an excellent pick for online students, but it’s not for everyone. The university of southern Mississippi offers 16 business degrees and 41 other degree areas to choose from. The tuition rate at the University of Southern Mississippi is $3,000 per year.

The University of Southern Mississippi

If you are looking for the affordable best online schools for active duty military, then the university of southern Mississippi is a great choice. The best thing about the university of south Mississippi is that there are many different accreditations you can choose from for your online degree.

One of the best accredited degrees offered by USM and one highly touted by students is nursing. The tuition rate to earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing at USM is $3,000 per year.

The University of Southern Mississippi offers nationally accredited online business degree programs. The tuition rate to earn your online bachelor’s degree in business from the university of southern Mississippi is $6,200 per year. If you are keen on this to admit here, you’ll appraise those requirements.

  • Military identity card with the departmental recommendation
  • A brilliant score of SAT or ACT
  • All of the previous certificates for those you qualify for at the primary and secondary levels
  • Several copies of your recent photography

When you’re keen on your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or even doctoral degree from USM, then this is excellent news! Currently, there are 35 areas of study to choose from at the university of southern Mississippi.

5. PARK University

For active duty military who are interested in pursuing an online degree, may I recommend Park University. They offer a wide variety of degrees to choose from, the tuition is affordable (I’m not sure if you are eligible for special discounts), and they’re military friendly!

PARK University

If you’re not eligible for a special tuition rate, you can still apply for an education grant. I know that Park University is willing to offer a full-tuition scholarship (in most cases).

Some of the programs available include

Business & Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Education – Teaching License, Business Administration, Early Childhood Education, Human Resource. Now want to admit here? If so, then you should follow some essential criteria.

  • Standard ACT or SAT score
  • A recommendation paper from your department
  • Recent photography
  • Present working force with a soft copy of ID card

For your convenience, I’ve attached a link to their military-friendly program

6. Maryville University

For Active duty military families, online learning programs can help you earn a college degree from Maryville University. With flexible scheduling options and courses that can be accessed from an internet-enabled computer, it’s no wonder why Maryville University is a top choice for military families.

Maryville University

The Master of Science in Nursing – Health Informatics program at Maryville university prepares graduates to manage the growing volume of health information generated through technological advancements. Yet, it is still at a level that may be simplified for clinical use.

The Maryville University nursing informatics curriculum includes:

  •  Health Informatics Fundamentals
  •  Healthcare Information Technology Management and Leadership
  •  Systems Analysis in Education, Practice, and Research
  • Quality improvement through Clinical Decision Support Systems—Inpatient/Outpatient Settings
  • Assessment of technological needs in healthcare
  • Systems Analysis in Education, Practice, and Research

Since the program is 100%, online students may complete their courses from anywhere, including full-time employment. The total cost of this program is $60000 for residents of Illinois and Missouri and $61000 for non-residents of these states.

Because you may be eligible for financial support, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider earning your degree online. And with customizable learning paths, you’ll be able to pursue your dream while getting the support you need. Here find some of the required criteria that claim at admission time.

  • All of the previous school’s certificates
  • Department approval paper
  • Present active force name with an Identification number
  • Your recent photography

The Armed Forces Health Profession Scholarship Program provides opportunities for military service members and veterans to earn a baccalaureate or master’s degree in nursing from accredited schools and universities in exchange for an obligation of working as a nurse in a military medical treatment. 

7. PennState University

If you’re interested in the best online colleges for active duty military, PennState university is your best bet. This school is essentially a military institution for adults, an extension of the Army’s Officer Candidate School (OCS). It handles all of your primary college necessities, and you even get to wear a uniform on campus!

PennState University

The chances are good that if you attend PennState, you will also be pursuing a career in some form of the military. Frequently, you’ll be learning skills that will get you ready for your next assignment. PennState has various degrees for active members of the army, such as business, graphic arts, and criminal justice.

Just remember: this school is essentially part military outpost and part university—not exactly an ordinary college experience.

PennState University is also well known for its football program. When interested to be a part of their football team, you should fill up those criteria.

  • Military identity card with the departmental recommendation
  • A brilliant score of SAT or ACT
  • All of the previous certificates for those you qualify for at the primary and secondary levels
  • Several copies of your recent photography

This institution is not for everyone. But, if you’re serious about your education and want to pursue a degree from a school that’ll give you the discipline to succeed in either the military or the business world, this is your place to be.

FAQ about online colleges for active duty military

Thousands of US active military ask to google on best colleges for active duty military to empower themselves. Here we address some of the questions that are frequently asked on google.

Q: Why should active duty military look for online college?

People join the military at the early time of their life. Before joining the armed forces, they can’t acquire higher education. However, when they want to enrich themself and wish to empower themselves, they start looking for reliable media to meet their needs, and online college is most valuable for them.

Q: Can you go to college while in the Army active duty?

While you are on active duty in the military, you’ll not allow going to college, but you have an alternative way. You will go to admitted online college that is reliable with you, and it has no high cost. So on busy times, you can go to an online college to enrich your knowledge.

Q: Which college takes the most military credits?

When you are asking about military credits, you will first find the name of Northwestern Health Sciences University. This university offers the highest credit for the military. Without this, you will also go to Regent University, Cuyahoga Community College, CUNY, Penn State World Campus.

Final Verdict

Online college for active duty military is not a new trend, but it has become a more popular and valuable learning method for active duty armed forces. As aforementioned, we strive to provide a hundred percent legal information on the best online colleges for active duty military. However, you should admit that college is reliable with your needs and your perception

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