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In the society today, Information and Technology is crucial for proper lines of communication to enable development for a quality standard of living for everybody. But internet connectivity is the cornerstone and essential factor that has made the IT sector to prowess and transform the entire world. The internet is among the most significant inventions and provides adequate knowledge, information, learning and entertainment to everyone who has sufficient access to the internet. Because of these many advantages of the internet, Verizon wireless under the lifeline assistance program is offering Verizon internet for low income families. The program is specially meant for the financially disabled citizens in the US to access affordable telecommunication services.

In this era, humanity is dependent on the internet to perform numerous activities ranging from banking, shopping, paying bills to work on projects, brought home paperwork and school work. Therefore, it was such a prudent idea for the Verizon wireless to initiate the Verizon internet for low income families’ program to help the financially disabled families also access the internet for use on various fields.

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[su_heading size=”20″]Reasons For Starting a Discounted Internet Program for Low Income Families[/su_heading]

With all the advantages and benefits of having internet in this evolving world, it’s unfortunate that the majority of the population cannot access quality internet connectivity to use for their primary communication purposes due to low income. It’s for this concrete reason that Verizon Wireless under Lifeline Assistance program and in partnership with the federal government started the program of offering internet at a subsidized cost to low-income families in the USA. Verizon is the broadest and most prominent telecommunications and internet company globally, providing help to financially crippled citizens access basic internet connectivity.

 US Citizens whose income is below or at 135 % from the guidelines index of the federal government are eligible to get lifeline assistance service. If you cannot afford the internet and any other related telecommunications services, Verizon lifeline program is the only option for you. The Lifeline program is committed to offering Verizon internet for low income families to qualified individuals with low income and those living in tribal lands.

 Lifeline is a federal program that gives discounts on the broadband internet and home phone services to eligible customers. Verizon internet for low-income customers program is supplied through the Verizon Fios internet service.

Other than Verizon internet, there’re numerous low-income internet service provider companies like:

  • Spectrum internet
  • Internet Essentials
  • AT&T
  • Cox low-income internet

These companies also provide broadband internet services to the citizens of the United States.

Nevertheless, Verizon wireless is the biggest broadband internet provider in the market today and therefore, we focus on discussing it in details in this article.

[su_heading size=”20″]Historical Improvements of Verizon Internet For Low Income Service[/su_heading]

Verizon lifeline wireless has gone through a lot of historical changes with some slight adjustment in its section of terms and conditions. Among the regulations that were recently transformed include; The rule that initially stated that for any family to be eligible for Verizon internet for low-income must have a child enrolled under the National School Lunch Program. This rule was later scrapped because it appeared biased and discriminatory to the families that did not have children receiving lunch at school.

It was transformed, and households without children under the lunch initiative were also allowed to apply for the Verizon phone line services.

discount internet for low income families

Recently, Verizon lifeline decided to accept the seniors in the household to have access to the Verizon internet for low income families. There’re other restrictions imposed by the Verizon lifeline wireless to families who are not enrolled in any low-cost internet service in the US.

These changes have been deemed as a way of improving service delivery and bring equality throughout the Verizon network coverage countrywide.

[su_heading size=”20″]The Subscription Process to Verizon Internet for Low Income Services[/su_heading]

For households to enrol for Verizon’s services for low-income customers, there’s a mandatory form that you must fill with the required details. The application form requires the applicant to give essential information regarding the internet subscription services and the family’s financial capabilities.

The forms are then submitted to the Verizon wireless headquarters in your state for scrutiny and verification. Reviewing of the application forms helps in eliminating the citizens who want to take advantage of the program and enjoy the low-cost home phone services while in the real sense they don’t deserve to benefit from the program.

The scrutinization process begun after the federal government in conjunction with Lifeline assistance program noticed many people who never deserved to get the help of telecommunication and broadband services more so the Verizon’s internet for low-income families were misusing the opportunities meant for financially disabled families.

After the application, legitimate applicants are sent a confirmatory email with details concerning their application status.

During application, close attention is required about the details you write to the application forms. Any mismatch between the actual documents and the information printed on the application forms will lead to instant disqualification, and your application is automatically rejected.

Interested families are issued with a contact from one of the Verizon’s representatives who will start the subscription process. Typically, the registration begins at the opening of each school year.

Finally, the registration process is terminated through the verification done by an agent calling from the Verizon wireless to ascertain your eligibility to receive Lifeline assistance services. When giving out information about your family affair, you need not worry because the entire registration process is done by the use of highly secured machines to prevent your data from leaking to the external world. This technique is crucial as it helps safeguard the dignity and uphold the respect of many households seeking Verizon internet for low income families in the US.

After you’re accepted into the program to get Verizon internet for low income families, you need to know about their terms and conditions to ensure your safety into the Verizon lifeline program.

[su_heading size=”20″]Terms and Conditions for Verizon Internet For Low Income Families[/su_heading]

Access to good internet connectivity requires some good cash. However, it’s disturbing that there’re households that have low income and cannot keep pace with the growing need for proper internet to the world. Verizon lifeline program has given the solution to these poor citizens by providing internet for low-income families.

Just like it is when purchasing any discounted internet service, the terms and conditions are handy for excellent service delivery between the company and the subscriber. The same terms and conditions apply to phone line services provided by Verizon wireless.

If you are eligible for accessing Verizon lifeline discount services, you can be sure to get lower rates of your internet bill offered by the Verizon internet for low income services on a monthly basis. Verizon lifeline services are not transferable to third parties. Each household is entitled to a single Verizon lifeline discount.

The rule is one internet service provider for one household. Verizon wireless program avails a variety of plans concerning home phone services and broadband internet connectivity.

Verizon lifeline provides the internet services through the help of Fios internet service that disseminates high stable internet at a speed of 10Mbps.

[su_heading size=”20″]About Data Plans and Features[/su_heading]

  • Concerning data plans and features, the terms and conditions state that if a subscriber downloads a video file or audio, the downloaded file might come entirety or in its sections; data charges apply to the downloaded part whether you choose to watch or listen to all of it.
  • All data sessions are completed automatically after one day. When there is no transfer of data, the data session is put in an inactive mode. However, the subscriber must note that some applications and widgets on smartphones regularly run in the background without the knowledge of the user, thereby activating data sessions.
  • Verizon internet for low-income family’s program can be limited if the subscriber uses the features and data plans for illegal means that interferes with the rights of other internet users.

Examples of practices that are prohibited usage of Verizon data plans include:

  • Running devices and software that need a steady stream of active internet connections that would instead be inactive rather than left to run when not in use or keeping existing operations running when not in active use, unless they correspond to the usage requirements by Verizon wireless.
  • Any practice that dramatically impacts negatively to systems or other users to access the network such as the creation of malware and viruses.
  • Creating spam emails or any emails that are not welcome commercially.
  • Unauthorized access to the accounts, information, Verizon’s wireless network or any other network systems.
  • Use of host computer applications that can broadcast to various servers resulting in network malfunctions

The terms and conditions give the Verizon the mandate to take required measures in safeguarding their network accessibility. So, they prevent users from network degradation, harm, and ambiguous capacity performance. These measures include service termination, denial, or modification of connections to the involved parties without prior notice.

[su_heading size=”20″]Requirements for Participation in The Verizon Internet For Low Income Families[/su_heading]

If you need access to the low-cost internet, you must submit requirements for verification before you’re allowed a discount on internet services meant for low-income families.

Below are the elements that determine your eligibility to be enrolled in Verizon internet for low-income family’s program.

Any qualified subscriber must at one point have participated, or a family member must have been a beneficiary of the following government programs:

  • Supplementary Security Income (SSI)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medical
  • Federal veterans’ pension
  • Eligibility based on income
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance

[su_heading size=”20″]Speeds and Plans Offered by Verizon wireless[/su_heading]

Verizon lifeline is well known to provide two main types of talk time offers and broadband internet services.

For the qualified customers, Verizon internet service provides you with 250GB for downloading files at 10Mbps at 9.25 US Dollars every month.

You can also enjoy free talk time minutes on your wireless phone by subscribing to 750 minutes for only 9.25 US dollars per month.

[su_heading size=”20″]The Benefits of Verizon wireless Lifeline to the customers[/su_heading]

Verizon has helped the US government in the implementation of the lifeline programs through the provision of the discounted home phone and broadband services to eligible low-income families. Verizon has maximized on offering home broadband services through the offering of the low-cost internet to subscribers.

There’re no extra costs incurred when registering and using your Verizon account. However, charges might apply when using your Verizon form your home phone.

Verizon provides home phones and broadband internet services to eligible customers at a cheaper cost. Additionally, the Verizon also gives services such as the caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail and 3-way calling.

The enrolled low-income families benefit because they are charged low rates on the internet.

Any American citizen who is a resident within the locality where the Verizon provides its internet for low income families can be registered and benefit from lifeline assistance as long as they meet the requirements.

The subscribers enjoy cheap telecommunications and internet broadband services.

But you need to know that if you choose to move to a lifeline program, you must adhere to the terms and conditions as stated by Verizon wireless and the subscriber agreement.

In case a lifeline service is terminated, you might be required to give a termination fee earlier than expected.

[su_heading size=”20″]Verizon Wireless Customary Form[/su_heading]

According to the terms and conditions, every eligible subscriber must sign the Verizon wireless service customer agreement form. The form covers essential topics including:

  • The beginning of the contract
  • The last period of the contract
  • Payable fees for early termination and late payments
  • Limitations associated with the liability
  • Companies outright to change the agreement
  • Use of information about the customer
  • Dispute settlement through arbitration but not the courts

Upon customer agreement, the conditions apply to all wireless services the customer will receive from Verizon wireless including text, calling and data plans. It’s mandatory for eligible customers to sign the forms before they are registered for the program.

[su_heading size=”20″]Locations You Can Find Verizon Wireless Lifeline Company in the US[/su_heading]

Verizon wireless lifeline is located in North Dakota, New York, Iowa, and Wisconsin. So, if you are eligible and live in these states, you can enrol for Verizon internet for low income families.

[su_gmap address=”Verizon Wireless, Dakota Square Mall Minot, ND, United States”]

[su_heading size=”20″]Government Funds allocated to the Verizon wireless Lifeline Program[/su_heading]

The government in partnership with other agencies provides $9.25 budget stipend as funds to help the internet and telecommunications companies give affordable services to the citizens at a subsidized cost.

[su_heading size=”20″]How Does Verizon Wireless Lifeline Compare to The Top Three Low Income Internet Providers?[/su_heading]

#1 Access Plans From AT&T

AT&T has gained momentum, and recently this network carrier started providing high-speed internet for low-income families in the United States. Other than Verizon, AT&T is considered a premier internet provide.

Low-income customers that are eligible can have access to broadband internet offered by AT&T by making a monthly payment of 5 US Dollars.


AT&T offers various internet speeds based on the plan you are subscribed to enjoy. It’s worth noting the different internet speeds offered by AT&T before accepting to any of their plans.

For instance, customers who are subscribed to $5 package per month, get to enjoy 3Mbps for download speed and 1Mbps upload speed.

Likewise, customers who subscribe to $10 monthly package, are offered 3Mbps upload and 10Mbps download speeds.

#2 Internet Essentials

Internet essential provides internet for low income families through the prominent Comcast-one of the biggest low-income internet service providers in the US.

With Internet Essential, the customers can get high-speed internet at $9.95 per month.

When you compare the amount charged per month with the quality of internet offered plus the $40-$60 fees charged per month by the company for standard plans, you will find that; it’s a good deal that has the substantial value of your money. If you live in the areas where Comcast provides internet for low income families you need to subscribe to one of their plans and enjoy their great internet speeds.

internet essentials

Besides the company charging such a little amount of money for internet, its customers enjoy an incredible speed of 10Mbps for all their downloads activities.

Additionally, eligible families with low income can purchase a personal computer from the company for as little as 15 US Dollars.  This company can help save some reasonable money for its customers from the plans and packages offered.

Unlike other low income family’s internet providers, Internet Essential needs no activation fees, and there’re no extra costs incurred by customers who require internet service connectivity.

The company also offers the most significant plan called Norton Security at only 160 US Dollars.

#3 Cox Communications

Cox communications can provide a lasting solution to customers who need high speed and reliable internet. If you tried AT&T, Verizon and Comcast and all never worked to your expectations, Cox communications would probably be your best fit.

Currently, the company has 5Mbps high internet speed to low income families. Such a high speed can serve the lovers of online games, video streamers, and internet browsing.


Like any other foresighted company, terms and conditions apply to all plans and packages provided to customers. For instance, cox communications permit a single internet connection for each household. For those customers who are from low-income families but try to breach this regulation, they are disqualified from the service.

[su_heading size=”20″]Verizon Wireless Plans for Seniors[/su_heading]

 Many phone companies fear to take the risk of investing in the old especially on the matters technological. Therefore, the old members of the society remain isolated and alienated. Thanks to Verizon Wireless for their lucrative plans that cater for the seniors. Investing in the life of the seniors was such a bold step by Verizon wireless that earned the company glory and honor to operate against its competitors that are still afraid to offer seniors a chance to enjoy the home phone services. With Verizon wireless, the seniors aged 55 and above can enjoy $50 monthly unlimited plan which comes with packages such as unlimited talk time, 4G LTE data and text. The seniors can enjoy high speed internet to stream HD videos using unlimited data from Verizon wireless. So, seniors who reside in Florida can subscribe and save on expansive home phones with Verizon 55 plus plan.

[su_heading size=”20″]About Lifeline Internet[/su_heading]

Lifeline is a federal government run program that assists eligible low-income citizens to have access to internet services at a subsidized cost. Each household is entitled to one Lifeline discount, providing either internet or phone services. No family is allowed to have access to multiple lifeline providers.

[su_heading size=”20″]Verizon Customer Account Management[/su_heading]

If you are eligible and already registered as the sole account manager or account owner in your Verizon account, you can do the following activities:

  • Cancel a pending order
  • Suspend your service
  • Reconnect your service
  • Upgrade your phone
  • View and settle your bills
  • Change your plan
  • Manage your apps and products
  • Add a new device
  • Block and unblock services
  • Activate or switch your device

[su_heading size=”20″]Verizon Account Safety and Protection[/su_heading]

To ensure that your Verizon account is safe and free from unauthorized access, you need a strong password that no one cannot easily guess and access your account without your knowledge.

The most important thing is to generate a complex but easy to remember the password. Read the tips below to know how you can create a strong password for your Verizon account.

  • Do not use my Verizon User ID in any format. Don’t even reverse the spelling and add a number at the end or beginning
  • Never use a single word from any language with a name or a letter added at the end. (e.g., school5, 897gal, etc.)
  • Don’t use readily accessible data like personal information that any person can guess easily such as birth dates, telephone, license plate number, passports number, names, or driver’s license.
  • Never use any variation of the word “password” (e.g., pa$6w@rd)
  • Avoid using a dictionary and common names because some of the names might not be accepted.
  • Avoid repeating numbers or letters, sequential letters or letters or consecutive keystrokes within your password (e.g. kkkk, 1234, 1111, qwerty, etc.)

In Summary

We are living in the edge where we cannot live without the internet. The internet is a basic need today and needed across all the platforms of life ranging from schools, homesteads to the hospital for useful research.  Its pleasing to see the bold steps the US government has taken together with lifeline assistance programs in ensuring that every household gets access to low-income internet services.

Therefore, if you want to remain updated and knowledgeable in this dynamic world, you must embrace the lifeline program services. If you’re eligible and qualify, you can stand a chance to save over 80% your expenditure on both regular phone calls and internet plans.

Verizon internet for low income families is an excellent help for the financially disabled households in the US. With the proper access to high-speed internet, households can use the internet for fundamental purposes such internet for business use, formal use of internet like browsing in various websites to get information, mailing, social networking, and gaming. These are the primary use of internet today. Hence you need to utilize the golden chance the US government has availed for you and enrol with one lifeline assistance program such as Verizon lifeline wireless and get access to all the telecommunication services you can afford.

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