The 10 Best Buy Now Pay Later Phones No Credit Check

Generally, no one wants to be associated with credit checks. Credit checks can be a bother in one’s life. Settling cell phone bills at the end of every month is something many of us hate with the passion. However, as much as we dislike the idea of credit checks, we have no choice but to live with them. In this modern society, cell phones are a necessity we cannot live without. We need cell phones to stay connected with business associates, our loved ones and access our emails. A cell phone is taken as a status symbol plus the security and convenience with which it brings us in today’s’ life. It’s for these many benefits that many people incur a lot of expenses in settling out their end month bills. To save people from the hassles of credit checks, the federal government in partnership with lifeline assistance programs started to offer to buy now pay later phones no credit check program.

When you enter any store of T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, you will find an array of cell phones being offered for customers under the program buy now pay later no credit check. This option is meant to help US citizens living on a tight budget to be able to access a cell phone because a phone is a vital tool in our daily living.

The telecommunication companies have few cell phones financial mainly for bad credit that are strategically for financially disabled customers. This allows such subscribers to buy a phone without being bound to checks every end month.

If you have an interest in buy now pay later phones no credit check program, continue reading below because this article focuses on discussing ten best buy now pay later phones no credit check.

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[su_heading size=”20″]Buy Now Pay Later Phones No Credit Check Locations[/su_heading]

Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T are the largest telecommunication companies in the USA that are offering 0$ phones. The companies have their stores spread all over the country so, if you want to register with one of these companies, you can visit the following locations and check your eligibility for the program.

New York, Maryland, New jersey, Pennsylvania, Chicago, New York, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Ohio, Colorado, Maryland, Florida, Indiana, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Missouri, California and Mississippi.

[su_heading size=”20″]10 Best Buy Now Pay Later Phones No Credit Check[/su_heading]

These phones are also known as 0$ phones. Although these are mostly low labelled phones, they are impressive and complete with fundamental features, accessories and connectivity needed for essential communication. All you need to know that these are buy now pay later phones no credit checks, but in the long run payment will appear the same.

Nonetheless, if you are a selective and thorough buyer, you might be lucky to get a quality buy now pay later phone no credit check. Just because the phones offered under this program are known to be of the low class, it doesn’t mean that there are no hi-tech phones! Many telecommunication companies provide these phones to customers.

The phone companies usually give such privileges to their subscribers after the phones have dropped in price after they are released into the market. So, some foresighted companies decide to dispose of their units through offering buy now pay later phones no credit check to customers. In most cases, the phones disposed of in this way are not popularized the public domain. But some companies will give this offer to subscribers even if their brands are already famous in the market.

You only need to know where and how you can search for these phones and you will find your best fit. Therefore, we would like to discuss the ten best buy now pay later phone no credit check. These are the top ten choices of phones under this category that are famous in the market among many citizens in the US. So, if you are looking for the best brand to choose and enjoy the good features read below.

#1 HTC One (M8) For Windows

Having been released for the first time in 2014, HTC One M8 is undeniably the latest trends that any good modern unit must have. Many customers go for this phone because of its amazing physical looks. HTC One (M8) has excellent looks because its designed in a sophisticated design embodied with elegant looks.

Putting in mind that the phone has the newest version of one M8, it’s among the smartphones that can fit various tastes under the Windows phone. Although HTC one M8 has nearly the same features as the original version, the impressing style of this phone makes it a threat to other companies.

HTC One (M8) For Windows

The phone is built with a metal that protects the phone from external damage. The sturdiness supported by this phone gives a firm grip to its users.

The phone has a 5-inch screen wide enough for a high-quality display. Though the display provided by One M8 is not a vibrant one, you will love how the internal features of this phone are displayed to you. The display offers great angles for quality viewing, abundant colours, and high-quality brightness.

HTC One M8 is designed with excellent components. It has good specs that are almost equal to the specs from its original model. The phone features essential applications such as Skype, Outlook, Office, and Xbox.  One M8 is compatible with both the Android and iOS operating systems hence it has the best software features.

With all these impressing features of HTC One M8 for Windows, the phone also has some flaws such as the limited app market and has an inbuilt battery. Another issue of concern with this phone is that it doesn’t give bright and sharp photos when compared to other units in the market.

However, HTC One M8 is still a good phone that can be offered as buy now pay later phone no credit check because of its style of design. This unit can be used as a substitute for Nokia models.

#2 LG G2

 Here comes another choice phone under the 0$ category phones.  LG G2 was introduced back in 2013. Though the phone was introduced about five years ago, there’s no need to worry about the overall operation and performance of LG G2. It’s excellent and efficient.

In the year 2014, LG G2 was chosen as the best smartphone by the TIMES’ EDITORS. This gave a new edge to manufacturers of LG G2, and since then the phone became a significant threat to many prominent cell phone manufacturers. LG manufacturers are well known for their good and high-quality electronic devices. Likewise, you can expect that the LG G2 buy now pay later phone no credit check is a standard phone that will meet all your test for a smartphone.


The phone is designed with a plastic casing, has prominent features that make it appealing to the eyes of the user.

Among the primary features that make this phone stand out include the buttons for control keys and power. The buttons have helped LG G2 to beat its competitors as they are convenient to the users and most customers rely on these button features as a reference point of LG G2 when purchasing the phone.

It has an enticing hardware. The phones’ chipset is Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 with quad-core that operates at a speed of 2.26 GHz. So, you can see how powerful LG G2 is compared to other units currently in the market.

A wide range of network connectivity is another impressing feature that LG G2 users enjoy. The phone supports WIFI, infrared port, Bluetooth, NFC, and 4G LTE. The phone’s camera is also up to date that you will love taking high-quality photos.

The most common flaws with the phone include wrong placement of the buttons used for settings adjustments. Many customers have lamented about this issue for quite some time now. Additionally, LG G2 has limited storage space as it doesn’t support an external microSD slot.

#3 Amazon Fire Phone

This is another excellent buy now pay later phone no credit check. Amazon Fire Phone was produced in the year 2014, and it has continually contested for the top spot for the best smartphones since its introduction in the market. Although it has never succeeded to beat the leading smartphones in the industry, Amazon Fire phone has upheld the prominence it deserves in the field of wireless phones. Well, the phone got fast hand publicity because of Amazon’s active involvement in the market of wireless phone units and the entire phone industry.

Starting with the phone’s design, Amazon Fire Phone can make a good choice. The phone features a back and front glass design embodied with soft plastics all around its edges. With a Measure of around 4.7-inches, the phone offers 1280 x 720 resolution on its displays. Though such a screen is not new in the world of phones, the phones’ general effects and displays are extraordinary. It’s a standard phone though not good enough.

Amazon Fire Phone

The operating system of Amazon’s Fire is a duplicate of Android system. But the phone has nothing in common with any Android phone unit. When you switch on the phone, a tutorial on how to use the phone welcomes you. The tutorial also takes you through the key features of this phone-Firefly and the Dynamic Perspective.

The performance of the phone is entirely satisfactory. However, the phone lacks the button for back and menu which is the most significant flaws the users complain about. But for the phone units that are powered by the Android system, the missing features are present. Don’t worry about how you will access the missing features on Android-powered phones, there’s a list of instructions that will take you through the whole procedure of finding these features.

Amazon Fire phone is not user-friendly but viva to the live tech support that works 24/7 to help the users understand the learning process. You can purchase the phone from the Amazon market because it is much cheaper.

#4 Samsung Galaxy Alpha

For the Samsung fans who prefer no credit check, Samsung Galaxy Alpha is an excellent choice for you. The introduction of Samsung Galaxy Alpha formed a stepping stone that resulted in a significant transition of all Samsung mobile phones. This phone is designed with a metal case for protection. This phone was probably the first metallic phone from the Samsung manufacturer. The edges of the phone embodied with metal and the backside cover are made of plastic.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The phone has an efficient operating system. This phone sets in the middle of the best Samsung phones that have become prominent in the world of wireless phones. Samsung Galaxy Alpha operates on 4.7-inches screen, provides HD display of 720p, which is a display similar to many Samsung units.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is user-friendly with high performance. It has buttons stationed in the sides for quick and convenient access when pressing.

This phone is lightweight, slim and has an impressive camera to all the users. Samsung Galaxy Alpha is an excellent phone despite it being expensive.

#5 LG G Flex

LG G Flex was introduced in 2014. It’s designed with a 6-inches display screen and offers good effects though not as superior as those of Samsung. Although LG G Flex is not a high-end phone compared to other mobile phones, this phone is the right choice for those interested in buy now pay later phone no credit check program. The phone has the best self-healing properties, features that are rare to find in other phone units.

LG G Flex

The self-healing capacity of LG G Flex makes it withstand the competitive mobile market. This is a feature many users of the phone long for so much because it took about five years working on the software that facilitates its functionality. What’s more special about this particular feature? The hydrogen completion of this phone induces a healing property in itself after reported incidences of scratching or any physical damage to the phone.

The general design of the phone is impressive too. The phone is quite big a feature that makes it fit in the hands of people with small hands. LG G Flex is user-friendly and features buttons placed in locations that are easily accessed.

Although the phone is a good make, it has an unimpressive camera. However, the self-healing power of the phone is among the features that are most welcoming to may users.

#6 iPhone 5C

The coming of iPhone 5C in the world of mobile phones brought a lot of relief to may lovers of this device. This is because it’s among the eyed hi-tech phones with a considerably low price. You must also know that this is an iPhone categorically cheap to fit under the buy now pay later phone no credit check, but you should never confuse it to a cheap iPhone unit.

This features a metal body, embodied with glossy and shiny covers that attract the attention of many customers. iPhone 5C is a unibody phone. Mostly, the phone is designed in a way not to allow the user to access the inside parts of the phone unless you plan to isolate all the parts of the phone apart.

iPhone 5c

The phone is small in size, has a comprehensive design and quite heavy. The phone displays different colours as per the users’ desires. The colours include green, yellow, pink, white, and blue. iPhone 5C is undeniably the best and high-quality phone under this category as witnessed by many iPhone devices. The phone supports a good quality camera plus enticing screen effects.

However, the phone is quite expensive as seen in many iPhone brands and this is one of the flaws of iPhone 5C. iPhone brands come with high cost making the devices the costliest on the market of mobile phones.

#7 Motorola Droid Maxx

Another great selection of no credit check phones is the Motorola DROID Maxx. It was released in 2013, and since then the phone has fought many battles of competency in the world of mobile phones. However, it remained substantially, beneficial to its users.

The phone is an excellent make because Motorola, as we all know, produces brands that are quite interesting to users. The phone has numerous enticing features such as the superb computing system, excellent display and many more. The phone features external storage of 32GB which provides an adequate storage space for users. You will also love the fact that you can swap the phone’s battery. This feature is considered an edge to this particular phone, although it’s a standard feature among many phones today there’re also many expensive phones that you can’t swap their battery. Therefore, it’s an edge indeed to Motorola DROID Maxx.

Motorola Droid Maxx

The phone has a fantastic resolution display of 720p. I know to some mobile phone users such a resolution is a big disappointment given that currently, we have phones that support a resolution of 1080p. However, with Motorola DROID Maxx, it has a well-arranged RGB bright color effects that enable the phone to produce accurately enticing colors. The colors give this phone a great look, something many users appreciate so much.

Matters efficiency, there’s very little to worry about because the phone uses the Snapdragon 600 configuration system, which is among the best-operating systems in the world of mobile phones.

The phone is well built with good quality materials. Motorola company invests so much in making tough phones compared to other manufacturers, no wonder this phone has outstanding built features. The phone also has quite good software. Having touchless controls within it, Motorola DROID is among the modern phones that you can have today.

#8 LG Lucid 3

LG Lucid 3 is the ultimate solution to people seeking for reliable mobile phones under the buy now pay later phone no credit check program. This phone works on a continually flowing 4G LTE network a proof enough that it’s a great phone for users.

The phone is designed in a moderate but compact way. It’s built with wonderfully looking frames, thin sized, and the edges from top to bottom are arched, and the phone’s corners are soft and curved. LG Lucid 3 is lightweight, weighing around 4.37 ounces. This makes it easy to carry in your pockets.  The phone has connectivity ports well positioned as well as its buttons which enhances efficiency while using the phone.

LG Lucid 3

The phone also features quite impressive software properties. The phone has both the Google play store and the Google apps. Additionally, the phone offers the best experience of movies, newsstand, music and TV packages that you will love.

The only flaw with this phone is a low-quality camera, but still, users can take quite good pictures of average quality.

Despite the phone having poor camera qualities, it has the best network connectivity a feature that makes it an excellent selection.

#9 Motorola DROID Mini

For those people who want a compactly designed phone and a low-price Motorola DROID Mini will serve you best. At such a lower price, the phone has features that can be likened to those of DROID ultra-such as quality calls fast processor and long-life battery.

Many users love this phone because of its size. The phone easily fits in users’ pockets without much ado. For the lovers of tight jeans, you will enjoy walking around with this phone.

Motorola DROID Mini

The screen of Motorola DROID mini measures 4.7-inches. This display is much smaller when compared to the size of the most modern Android phones although it’s bigger than that of iPhone 4s.

Regarding the software, it’s easy to use because it resembles the usage of many Android phones. The phone supports original features needed for the daily purpose of a phone.

Though this phone is a bit cheaper, its long battery life, fast processor and all the advanced features are vital reasons why should go for this phone.

#10 Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10 is designed in a simple but unique way. It’s bigger than iPhone 5 and has a noticeable size that many customers love. It is built with the most basic features needed for a primary phone.

Blackberry Z10

The phone has an easy to access battery so that the user can alter it in case of damage. It has slots for microSD and micro sim. The phone has an excellent resolution accuracy and realistic viewing angle provided by its 720 x 1280 pixels. This is a great package that you will enjoy when you go for Blackberry Z10.

This phone has one disappointing feature. It has a low light. However, the many good easy to use features that bring about convenience will give you a good experience with this phone.


Numerous companies offer no credit check plans on mobile phones. So, you can buy a phone and pay later in terms of instalments. Interestingly, we have seen that program doesn’t add out the credit checks hence leaving you to decide whether to avail to it or not. However,  before signing any single contract with your service operator, you need to understand their terms and conditions concerning the credit checks to avoid the hassles that come with credit checks.

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