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20 Best Secure Cloud Storage For Business And Solutions 2021

A business organization is not confined to a single place. It may have different branches, different units and different clients in not only in the country but also across the world to function their business activities. That business generates data or information and needs to share with all units. So they seek for cloud-based storage system from where they can share every data on a platform where there are complete business purposes. To make your business upgraded or ready to be useful in the business world there is no alternative way but depending on cloud storage for business.

Cloud storage for business has been one of the most indispensable parts of storing and sharing files or data with the different business body. In the business, there are different kinds of documents, data and files and they need to be accessible, traceable for business purposes with Cheap Internet Service Providers And Best Internet Plans.

Most of the business organization are going to seek for cloud storage for business and sharing process to make more functional and usable. There is huge data storage platform where a business can rely on for data storage. So affordable raw storage is getting popularity among the business organization. For sharing data, there is a basic rule as a sync client that is everything is done on the process of proper registration ways where users of data are authentic and there is no chance of doing harm of data.

Security is one of the big concern when as a business organization you are availing cloud storage online basis. Every cloud storage provider is committed to providing security features and they want your needs and requirements to ensure information access according to corporate obligations. However, before you purchase any service of cloud storage, you need to clarify legal requirements as your data is so important for your business and loss or missing of data may be great business loss or shutdown. So you need to take advice from your IT Staff and legal experts to make sure of this service proper way and the use of terms and conditions of this service.

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20 Best Cloud Storage For Business Providers

Zoolz Online-Storage

If you are startup business organization, then you may think of Zoolz cloud storage system. From the start, your business area may be small but you may avail big business cloud storage if you are going to use this cloud storage. Paying cheap rate to buy this storage is to use them as big scale in the business area. It is one of the powerful cloud storage for business from which you are going to use with unlimited users with different servers to fulfil your business needs.

It has hybrid backup service which will satisfy your downloading and uploading files and instant storage and use it in the more powerful way. The most effective and startup plan of this cloud is 10GB storage and If you pay only $20 per month, then it is possible to avail up to 500GB. Even if you need more space for your business needs, then there is a way of upgrading your plan.


Mac system is popular with everyone and if you want an app with mac optimized and integrated with OS, then Backblaze is a perfect choice. The big facilities of this app are you can restore or return your data back in spite of any kind of loss. It is affordable for using as your data storage. It is also simple for those who have a simple knowledge of data storage.

Bandwidth and Data is the factor before you purchase this Cloud Storage For Business And File Storage Solutions purposes. Your spending will depend on data you require and speed limit. However unlimited back up in cheapest and safest way is the main concern. For one PC it costs only $5.


When you have a small business and want to run smoothly, then carbonite storage system may be a good one. Protection of your business data and instant recovery are the good features of this product. The most important features are also automatic backup, data restoration facilities at any time and anywhere possible if you have this storage system. As a business organization, there are different kinds of files, the multimedia presentation on PowerPoint, financial status, accounting files, videos of your business activities and many more. They can be stored and recovered for your business use in safer and smarter way.

Carbonite is putting importance on your plan and server needs and this plan may require $5 to $60 a year. So It is one of the better Cloud Storage For Business And File Storage Solutions for 2018


Today’s business is not confined to only in a single place and it has the wide range of area. A typical use of data storage and data safety is changing and your business needs a good storage system and strict privacy of your data. Acronis is the best for data privacy, safe access policy, upgraded system management tools with shared facilities.

If you have small local business with any infrastructure and multi-system with on site and off site endpoints, Acronis is going to better.

However, it can be used in a multi-functioned way like different hardware without worrying about compatibilities. Acronis is own cloud server and has the option of public and private hosts.


IDrive is perfect for business especially individual’s business. It has extensive file sharing opportunities and capabilities of syncing your files. There is another facility like sharing files with email, Facebook, Twitter and mobile access. Services of IDrive also can back up your computer also

The services of IDrive are highly secured and have the multiple backup processes for files. Even files can be stored with 256-bit Aes with encryption with the user-defined key. This system means you can store your files and data in a fixed place where you just have access and data is not stored anywhere on the server.

It is good Cloud Storage For Business And File Storage Solutions plan for every individual and businesses. So $74.62 per year may be needed for purchasing this service.


Egnyte is the best solution for enterprise-level storage and if you need to look for the hybrid solution. It is one of the fittest cloud storage for business purposes which helps in storing all kinds of data in the public cloud. Egnyte cloud storage suites any device and is possible to use anywhere.

To avail the services of Egnyte, paying $8 a for an employee which is flexible and scalable. 5 TB can be used as the basic plan and there is a maximum level of 10 GB file upload size.

When you seek for the online storage system and to make it easy and fast, then JustCloud can be a good option. It can take your documents, photos, music and videos automatically and it is accessible from any computer anywhere and anytime. There is another option to sync your files with multiple computers and mobile device.

You want to get this plan then you may pay $10.69 per month for starting with 75GB. Even there is also discount factors when you are going to use it on the long-term basis. You may get unlimited data storage service as well as 24/7 technical support from this cloud storage authority.


If you have a business and excellent professionalism about your business, Hightail is a cloud storage for the business professional. It is more effective and efficient that you may avail it for your business purposes. It has a good option to send your files and documents from your computers to mobile device and mobile device to computers. There is also a safety issue that is controlling your files and password protection is available.

Here there is a key function that is the unique link for sharing your files with your any business partner and team members. By providing unlimited storage space, files and documents are accessible from anywhere.

If you pay $8.25 per month, this cloud storage for business comes with unlimited storage space.

Opendrive suits your office as it has some features fit for the office work like data storing, syncing and sharing files. These features are available to use from anywhere and anytime. Opendrive is one of the popular Cloud Storage For Business And File Storage Solutions.

5GB data plan is possible to use at free of cost. If your business needs more space for storing data, then you need to go to different plans offered by Opendrive and plans starts from $9.95 per month and for the business plan has a package of $29.95 if you want to use unlimited storage space on their service.

Mozy Online Backup

When your business is seeking for backup, sync and mobile friendly use for every individual then it is going to be fit for your business. Business and IT firms may get huge benefits in using this cloud storage for business. The common features of this cloud storage are data management, strict security of your data, automatic cloud backup, mobile friendly and you can restore your data whenever you need.

For unlimited servers, it starts from $13.98 and without a server, it is cheap like $9.99.

For more sophisticated service and broader business capabilities, Livedrive may be a good option because it is storage company to backup your data and syncing facilities. There are some interesting features of this drive like you can store your data and if needed you can edit your files and documents on computers and mobile device. Collaborating with your co-workers in spite of any size is a good factor here as you can share to collaborate with selected team members.

There are two ways to avail their plans and they are Express and standard. The price ranges from $50 to $160 per month. This package may be good if your business is larger in size. But for individual use, it will cost only $8 to $25 per month with unlimited Cloud Storage For Business And File Storage Solutions.

For cloud backup solution, Barracuda can modify your backup system from different mode like a cloud to cloud backup with office 365 and it ensures the extra security of your data stored here. If security is your main concern, Barracuda is a good option because it has different layers of protection to be lost or damaged. Even you can recover your data stored here at any time and anywhere on the emergency basis.

To provide exceptional features of this cloud storage like their own external drivers, the price may be a little bit high. It costs $1,049 per year. If you want to get unlimited storage service for one year, then it costs $524 per year.

There are different cloud storage service providers online. ADrive is one of them. It provides services for business and enterprise level online cloud storage for business. There is a good option for this drive like you can edit your files and share with multi-users in different sessions in spite of being online. You can also engage more users according to access policy to work with simultaneously.

The business plan of this cloud storage starts from 200 GB capacity and there are more excellent services like the history of your files, sharing files to remote places, online collaboration and 24/7 technical support for your need. This drive can be used for your business and personal purposes.

If you think of your backup and storage for your full business, then CrashPlan is perfect. This drive has an automatic watch on your data stored and it checks your data already backed up. Even if there is any information or news about space change or folder change, it can notify you in spite of being offline. So security is one of the most concern when you are going to avail this drive.

This drive can offer you on the go safe file access from the mobile device to PC or PC to mobile device. They also include iOS, android and windows phone which have compatibilities feature. High protection of your data may be a good feature to take into consideration. This drive is perfect when your business area is large.

For a small business, you can start with SOS Online Backup. The features of this backup are infinite storage, no file size or incremental backup, version history and end to end encryption and mobile access.

These backup services are available on unlimited numbers of PCs and Apple computers. The business plan of this service starts from $4.99 per month if your business is confined to only your home and $29.99 is the package for business purpose. Both of those services have unlimited storage facilities with unlimited devices.

This cloud storage for Android recently is figured out to run a big business activity. So if you have a business activity and need to share files and documents in the larger way then this app is going to best though google drive or Microsoft have already taken a strong place in your business.

However, if you want to use up to 2TB of space for per user, then you need to pay $12.50 per month. Even if you cross the limit of 1TB then, you may need to merge with the business plan of this company. This business plan for this service is $20 per user for unlimited storage services. This app may be glitch free or fast. The latest version of this app is it is possible to use this app offline which may let you use documents and files in spite of having no internet connection.

One drive is very popular for cloud storage for all of us who may have a good idea on how to use it. When you have any business and generate different kinds of data like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more business data then you must think in safe conservation. Most of the time, SD card or disk drive may be damaged or lost and it means you are losing everything like confidentiality for your business. So one drive can stop this anxiety because they are taking full liability by giving you this safe Cloud Storage For Business And File Storage Solutions. When you are storing this data, you may need to edit or upload multimedia files from anywhere and you can do that very smoothly. One drive can be very useful to meet this requirement. Even you can share your files from one drive to multiple users and permit to get works done.

If you are startup business and need comparatively low space, then you can opt for 5GB at free of cost. But as a business you may need more space than 5GB, then you can get yearly plan like paying $100 in availing 5TB which may be great for your extended business. Even you can also add by following their different plans.

If it is all about for personal use, then you are going to avail up to 5GB. But if your area is bigger than that space then you need to pay $100 per year. This is a yearly package which can be availed by 5TB of file storage and access to office integrated with the third party. There is another option that is if you only use it then you need to pay only $70 per year. However, the best suggestion can be office 365 is standard for use.

The most common idea about storage is google drive and most of the people are known about google drive because they have already started to keep data or files on this drive in spite of having no knowledge about cloud storage for the business system. When you are a businessman and think of a safe and protected storage for data, then you can depend on google drive is one of the popular cloud storage for business.

Google drive as cloud storage for business can be perfect for the employees for its easy operation and safety of data. At present, it is being used for operating official works.

This drive is giving 15 GB completely free and it can be good enough to operate your small business. But if you need more space then you need to pay $1.99 per month for availing up to 100GB. For a large business where the requirements go up like over 100GB, you need to pay $9.99 for availing up to 1TB.

There is the easy operation of this drive where different users can work simultaneously like sharing documents and working from a remote place. Different kinds of the spreadsheet, multimedia presentation and more official data can be used and placed in this drive for working without any time frame. So for better performance of your business, you can rely on one this drive for your business data storage

The box is really very helpful and usable for storing and using data in safe mode for a small business. You may have different kinds of data and store them in more secured and protected way. Anyway, Box has some features that are known to you if you already have used Dropbox.

Box Android app has a recent version and has been updated with the requirements you may seek for. It is possible to use this app for cloud storage for business in offline mode. You can use this app without sitting in front of the desktop and work on anywhere.

When you are going to use this app for cloud storage, then you can use 10GB at free cost in the range of 250 upload limit. If your requirements go up, then you can take their package like 100GB cloud storage for paying $10 per month. But this app may be accessible when there are already minimum three users subscribed here and pay only $5 per user to avail their business plans.
least three users subscribed here.

When you have a small business but want to expand, then you may also need to add up the storage capacity of your data. Amazon Simple Storage Service provides some excellent features for your business like web-scale computing capabilities at the affordable price. Any kind of data like documents, media and applications can be stored and distributed among the users, implement backup and upgrade recovery plan. Even Amazon’s server may include and host a website which may be a good business plan for promotion.

Amazon’s big-name customers are Netflix, Pinterest and NASDAQ. It is highly known for ensuring reliability, security and speed that satisfy your need. For 2018 this Cloud Storage For Business And File Storage Solutions is so popular. Amazon comes with 5 GB data as free when you are starting.

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