10 Best Quality Cheap Vlogging Camera Under 200 Dollars 2021

An online platform is a place where someone may get popularity to represent themselves in a unique way. Most of us may think that it is not possible to be a great one on this platform as thousands of people have already taken a strong place here. The fact is completely wrong because creativity is different from people to people. So you can show who you are by vlogging with cheap vlogging camera.

What Is Vlogging?

Vlogging is like a video content through which you are sharing knowledge, showing techniques to a complex problem, online marketing and representing your country. It has been so trending and it is growing continuously day by day. Youtube is a US-based video sharing site where millions of people visit here to get knowledge, know techniques and know unknown.

Vlogging with has been one of the popular ways through which it is possible to show someone’s creativity who are still standing behind the scene and earn when your vlogging is getting viewed and popularity. So there is a clear connection between your vlogging and earning. Most of the people may view your video to buy products, to be the member of any group or know some knowledge. So cheap vlogging camera may give all opportunities in this platform.

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How To Make an Online Earning From Vlogging

Google has paved the way to earn money for millions of people who are earning money from vlogging. For example, you made a vlogging content and uploaded to YouTube. Increasing viewers of your vlogging will be the positive step because you vlogging will be the centre for selling products. Google AdSense is one of them. If you add any advertisement for any product on your vlogging content, the visitor may visit that add and buy products. So the products sold through your content can be an option to gain percentage revenue from the products produced by the company. So it has been so simple to earn money online with the knowledge of content preparation.

The Necessity Of the Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

When you are professional in vlogging, then you need a cheap vlogging camera to capture content which is going to be viewers friendly. So it is important to consider your need for having cheap vlogging camera. Vlogging content with good quality can also enhance more viewers.

Vlogging Camera

Which Features Is Most Important For a Vlogging Camera?

You need a camera which is best in quality and viewers friendly. Most of the time, you may not consider choosing flash and zoom when you are creating a vlog at home where your home studio is fully equipped with light and position.

A vlogging camera may be different in its features. When you have an own studio to capture video, then you don’t need a cheap vlogging camera with a flashlight because you set up a lighting system from other sources. But when you travel and want to record important sightseeing, then you may require a cheap vlogging camera built-in flash. To record video in the low light condition with the requirement of the best quality of the video, you need cheap vlogging camera like this with those requirements.

Even Megapixels are not urgent when you are making videos at your home studio. In the same way, when you are outside of your studio, then megapixels are urgent to capture photos or videos from a remote place.

  • Vlogging Camera Lens Factor

You need to take good quality which ensures more light for good quality of the image in low light conditions. So when you are going to vlog, you need to be sure what kind of lens you are going to use. 50 mm is good to have a f/1.8 aperture for the lens factor.

  • Vlogging Camera Sensor

Light provides you with a better quality of video and image. When you are vlogger, you need to take it into consideration. A larger sensor will provide more light to capture your vlogging contents. Most of the camcorder may have a small size of censor. DSLR is one of the latest version of the rich sensor. They can perform well to ensure good quality of image and videos for your vlogging works.

  • Vlogging Camera Stabilization

Shaking or trembling image and videos can give viewer bad impact as nobody like disruption or distraction of those contents.  Stabilization is a good feature for your video if you are a vlogger. So you need to check it out when you are buying a camera for vlogging purposes as you may not capture your videos in your studio but you may also capture videos outside of your studio.

  • Vlogging Camera Wi-Fi Facilities

In the age of constant uploading vlogging features, you need to Wi-Fin built-in camera for vlogging works. When you are not staying at your studio but need to upload videos instantly, then you need Wi-Fi heavily. If you get it, you will have a chance to upload your taken videos instantly on Youtube and more online platform.

  • Vlogging Camera Microphone

For better sound quality, a camera needs a microphone port. Obviously, you want your viewers to like your videos. If sound quality is not good, then they will leave your site. So you must check it out when you are in the process of buying a camera for your vlogging works.

10 Cheap Vlogging Camera Under 200 Dollars 2021


Canon Powershot Elph 360 HS is one of the best cameras according to its good features among the vloggers. When you are a starter for vlogging and have a limited budget to own a camera for vlogging, then it is going to be your good choice. 1080p Full HD video with good quality is possible for this cheap vlogging cameras. The format of the video is MP4 which carries good feature with high definition.

For vlogging, it is so difficult and uncomfortable to capture video when your camera is big in size and overweight because when you are travelling or visiting any place you may not carry a big and overweight camera. This camera is very light, small in size and slim and you can keep with yourself whenever you stay at home or outside of the home.


The focus is the important factor to ensure a better quality of your vlogging. When your focus is not fixed and can’t perform according to your need, then your vlogging is not going to be good quality. This cheap vlogging camera has an automatic focus function through which you can capture your target content flawlessly. Even the focus of this camera may not be displaced if you don’t change the place where you are standing with this camera.


Wifi Connection Supported

Canon Powershot Elph 360 HS has brought latest version and it is Wi-Fi built-in. When you are outside of your studio and you don’t have any connection, it may be little weird to continue your vlogging. There is a good facility that is built in Wi-Fi through which you can upload and share your video content at any time and anywhere with the connection of Wi-Fi.

Another good feature of this camera is it is low light supported. When you are professional in vlogging content, then you need to carry your camera wherever you stay. You are in the place where there is a shortage of daylight or a little dark. You can use this camera in those places.

This device for your vlogging with Home Security Cameras purposes may not fulfil you all requirements because a camera device below 200 dollars may not be equipped with all the latest facilities.

Camera Pros:

Some good features you can enjoy while using it.

  • HD Video which is 1080p
  • Wifi Built-in
  • Needs low light to get more transparent video contents
  • Manual focus

Camera Cons:

Some features that can’t satisfy you.

  • A lower lifetime of the battery.
  • Updated without a touchscreen.

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2. Canon Vixia HF R700 Full HD Digital Camcorder

In $200 dollars, it seems to you that you need a camera which will be better to ensure a better quality of video and audio, then it is a smart choice. Vlogging is one kind of profession through which vloggers want to catch popularity of content from the viewers. So the quality of your video content really matters.

Flip Screen is the most beneficial side for vlogging and if you use this camcorder, you can use the flip screen which is a separate monitor to capture your videos according to your need. Easily you can detect the most valuable context of your vlog.

Canon Vixia HF R700

Video quality

Video quality is very good in this camcorder as quality is first in every business. Quality of your video defines you are getting 1080p with 3.28 megapixel which ensures viewers friendly.

Long Battery Life

When you have a camera to capture your scene, you may face the problem of lower life of the battery. It makes you so embarrassed and leads you to miss out some important contents. Canon Vixia HF R700 Digital Camcorder has good feature like long battery life and it lets you capture longer content.

Even It is an automatic camera through which you can select audio mode for ensuring better sound quality. Even there is also another feature that is a change of mode like the cinema look. It is so easy to take a snapshot from this camera which may be a good benefit for you as a vlogger.

So in the range of $200, vlogger should have this kind of camera if they think their budget capacity.

Camera Pros

  • Long battery life
  • Cheap

Camera Cons

  • The small size of the sensor

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3. Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder

Canon Vixia HF R800 is also very popular among those who are involved in professional vlogging. Vlog’s success depends on not only content quality but also the quality of video creation. When you are going to capture some video contents, they should be good quality for the viewers. If you think that your budget is limited and expect a better quality of the video, then Canon Vixia HF R800 is going to be perfect with low price. It is one kind of camcorder which captures your family memories and some contents which will boost your contents among the viewers.

Video quality

Your video needs to be viewer friendly and 1080p quality recording is possible with this camera device. 1080p recording maintains good performance and quality of your video. To gain this benefit with the low price of the device, it is going to be a good one.

Canon VIXIA HF R800

Video content captured may not have clear sound and fault in sound may be a problem for your viewers and viewers may switch from your video contents. So there is an important option that is you can add jack of microphone with the external microphone port of this camera.  This external microphone port provides your better sound quality for the viewers Then sound quality becomes so hearable among the viewers.

Flip Screen Facilities

The Flip screen is a very helpful function of cheap vlogging camera through which you can capture your video content without any help from any person. This Flip screen is a separate and articulating monitor which is built into the camera as user-friendly. Flip screen is effective for a better quality of the video. This has a flip screen and it is one of the needed requirement of ensuring a better quality of the video.

However, there may be some inconvenience in using this cheap vlogging camera because it has a small sensor and no chance to upload a video on the instant basis as it is not Wi-Fi built-in.

Camera Pros

  • Better quality of video like 1080p
  • Comfortable video capturing with Flip screen
  • Microphone port of better quality of sound
  • Slim and thin to carry easily.

Camera Cons

  • Small sensor
  • No Wi-Fi facilities

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4. Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS

Canon is one of the best technology for video and photo category. They change their feature day after day considering the increased and modern requirement of vloggers. Vlogging always want to find a camera which will satisfy not only vloggers’ need but also viewers. Canon provides extended facilities in every generation of their product. Even they introduce different colours according to the choice of the customers.

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS has a different colour like black, blue and pink. As a blogger, you may opt for according to your choice. When your budget is limited to $200, canon will provide you less popular colour within your budget. It is a big benefit because you are enjoying the same feature of this brand when you are going to like the less popular colour.

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS

So this camera has a flip screen which is a good benefit for vloggers. A vlogger needs a flip screen to capture video in an easier way to catch right direction of the scene to ensure a better quality of the video.

Video Quality And Sound Quality

Video quality is good and 1080p is sure to gain when you are using this camera. It has also an automatic stereo sound that ensures good sound quality to make your viewers more understandable. It has also 16.1 effective megapixels which are a good feature you may expect.

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS is providing 3 inches pure TFT pure colour system to ensure that you can capture your scene in wide range way. Even Dedicated movie type video is possible when you are using this for vlogging purposes.

Digital Zoom Capability

Stabilization of image or video is a big concern for the vloggers. If you use this camera, then it is going to be a few good facilities for stabilization of image or video. Also, 24mm wide-angle lens that contains 5x optical, 4x digital zoom are good features of this camera.

It is going to be the best deal to buy this cheap vlogging camera if you need those features for your vlogging works.

Camera Pros

  • Built-in wireless
  • Image Stabilization
  • Touch Screen
  • 24 wide angels lens

Camera Cons

  • Low-resolution sensor
  • Low battery life

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5. YI 4k Action Camera

YI 4k Action Camera is very cheap at price. So with the cheap price of this camera, you can fulfil your requirements like vlogging. Most of the people who are vlogging can opt for this cheap vlogging camera for the vlogging purpose to gain good quality of video content at a lower price.

YI 4k Action Camera

The good feature of this camera good battery backup because you can record video up to 2 hours of 4k30 video and the quality of the video is very good. It is possible to capture your video content as 1080p with slow motion. It is also featured with attachable to your body. So you don’t have to be worried about carrying concern.

It has also another feature that is Wi-Fi built in so whenever you stay and record your valuable video contents, you can share and upload instantly. But the difficulty of this camera you may face is there is no zoom. It is a little bit awkward to capture any video when you are not at your studio. Audio may not be how you want to expect audio quality.

Camera Pros

  • 4k recording
  • Fitted with your body
  • High-quality battery
  • Wi-Fi facilities

Camera Cons

  • Updated without zoom
  • Audio quality not good
  • Need more device as an action cam

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6. Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Digital Camera

If you think that you need a faster lens, Canon Powershot ELPH 190 IS may be a good choice. Even it is also low in price which is under 200 dollars. It is featured with remote control with a smartphone which may work for the better quality of your video.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190

Like another camera, it has also Wi-Fi built-in through which it is possible to upload video contents from anywhere. But there is a difficulty that is low battery life.

The great facilities of this camera are you can get same features as ELPH 360 when your budget is limited. In the market, it is a tough decision to buy a good one when you have a limited budget. You must want good features at lower prices. However, it can be best at a lower price.

Camera Pros

  • Smartphone and remote control
  • Wi-Fi built-in
  • Lower price
  • Small and light

Camera Cons

  • Low battery
  • Updated without a touchscreen.
  • Lack of manual exposure

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7. Sony DSCH300/B Digital Camera

Sony is the really good brand for cam technology which may meet up your requirement when you are involved in vlogging work. In the range of $200, Sony DSCH300/B Digital Camera has good features.

Sony DSCH300

Zoom Capability

Zoom is an important factor for vlogging works as you are trying often to catch the scene from a closer view to provide and ensure the main theme of the video. This camera is great to have an outstanding zoom capability that is 35x optical zoom by using the latest version of the lens produced by Sony technology.

If you want to capture a gorgeous and authentic image or video for your vlogging works, then you can get powerful 20.1-megapixel super HAD CCD image or video.

However, you can satisfy your vlogging need by using this cheap vlogging camera as you have a limited budget.

Camera Pros

  • Image stabilization
  • Long battery life
  • Manual exposure
  • 20mm wide angels lens

Camera Cons

  • No touchscreen
  • Heavy body
  • No wireless connection

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8. Fujifilm Finepix S8600 16 MP Digital Camera

Image or video quality, Fujifilm Finepix S8600 16 MP Digital Camera has a significant role from its very inception. At your limited budget, you may seek for Fujifilm Finepix S8600 16 MP Digital Camera for a better quality of your Vlogging content.

Fujifilm Finepix S8600

Lens factor can ensure good quality of your video vlogging. It has a powerful 36x zoom lens which is an important feature of any other camera. It has 3.0-inch LCD monitor which may meet up your wide range of video content.

There is another feature that is FinePix S8600 and it ensures a wide range of the versatile camera. Also, it is one of the cheap vlogging cameras which is possible to buy in the range of $200 dollars.

Camera Pros

  • Long battery life
  • 25mm wide angels lens
  • Face stabilization
  • Face detection focusing

Camera Cons

  • None of the touchscreen
  • Heavy body
  • None of articulating screen
  • No manual focusing

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9. Sony W800/S 20.1 MP Digital Camera

Sony W800/S 20.1 MP Digital Camera has lots of feature for those who vlog. Megapixel is a big fact for ensuring quality that has powerful 20.1 HAD CCD image sensor. However, it is possible to capture smart and viewers friendly image.

Sony W800 20.1 MP

If you think that zoom is one of the requirement, then you can get a 5x optical zoom with your limited budget like $200.




Camera Pros

  • High-resolution sensor
  • Image stabilization
  • 26mm wide angels lens

Camera Cons

  • Articulating screen – No
  • Wireless connection – No
  • Touchscreen – No
  • Small screen

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10. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS30 Digital Camera

Panasonic is also forwarded to produce a camera and recently Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS30 Digital Camera is providing good features. So vloggers can get this for vlogging purposes this cheap vlogging camera.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS30

It may be a unique camera through which you can shoot photos and HD Video in different condition like cold weather and underwater being waterproof. However, Low light is a key factor to consider and this camera comparatively good to use in low light condition.

There is a good feature like a 16.1MP CCD sensor which ensures clear and high defined images and videos. Video quality is 720p which is really good quality with a limited budget like under $200 dollars.

Camera Pros

  • Waterproof
  • Useable for any environment
  • Image stabilization

Camera Cons

  • None Of the wireless connection
  • Touchscreen None
  • Small LCD screen

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However, none wants poor performance in their creation which may have public disengagement. Everybody wants their creation to be accepted and appreciated by the public. Vlogging is like a creative task and as a blogger, you just want a better quality of your creation. So this cheap vlogging camera under $200 can provide you with some better feature of your creation.

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