6 Best Unlimited Data Plan For One Person 2021

A data plan is a covenant between a mobile carrier and a customer that specifies how much mobile data the user can access, usually per month, for a specific fee. Some data plans include voice ,text messaging and data up to 3G,4G LTE data. while others are deteriorated into separate charges, one for phone and text and another for data.

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Best Unlimited Data Plan For One Person

There was a time when all the carriers stop offering data. Only seniors get unlimited data. But carriers now change their data plan. Currently Most of the carriers provide their unlimited data plan from younger to older ones. I am gonna explore some of the carriers best unlimited data plans in detailed below-

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 1. Verizon Unlimited Data Plan For One person

Among all, Verizon is the top most popular carrier. It offers unlimited data for one person. It costs $70 for one line. Verizon has some appealing features like it charges less than the other carriers data plan.

 If we search the best unlimited data plan than Verizon would be the right choice. Among all this entrancing offer it has a sluggish feature. Its data speed is pretty good but not faster enough than others. But at present it’s giving the best coverage anywhere in U.S.,Canada , Mexico.

Verizon Unlimited data plan offers you up to 15 GB allowance of high speed 4G LTE data Mobile Hotspot and 500 GB of free cloud storage. On the top of unlimited talk ,text and data, the entry level start Unlimited monthly plan. You also may get Streaming Video Quality, a six month Apple Music trial.

Verizon’s network assures you great service with an affordable price. It is convenient for single person. Those who are interested can check out Verizon Wireless plan here.

2. T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan for one person

Now T -Mobile offers the best unlimited data plan in the market compared to its competitors. T-Mobile $70 is best for them who wants limitless data in every month. From this unlimited data plan you may get Stream HD video, unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data, 20GB Mobile Hotspot allowance, A Netflix subscription, talk and text in Mexico and Canada. Unlimited Wi-Fi on flights, Unlimited International data in 210 countries.

The company has also changed prices for unlimited. If you like to pay less in each month you can think about T-Mobile essentials. T-Mobile essentials plan cost around $60 a month. But you won’t get travel perks like free texting, free wi – fi on flights. And you would be unable to use your data plan when you will travel in 210 countries as what you do with T- Mobile.

For your kind information, if you want to save your $10 you can use T- Mobile essentials. But it has some limitations like – 3GB instead LTE data. Internet speed might be little slower during times of network congestion.

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3. AT &T Unlimited Data Plan For One Person

AT &T offers unlimited plan at $ 70 for a single line. But AT & T’s pricing is a little bit confusing. This plan includes unlimited talk ,text to over 120 countries and free roaming in Mexico and Canada. AT&T unlimited plan on a smartphones for $100 per month.

 AT&T has some limitations. AT&T doesn’t allow wi -fi hotspot usage, streaming DVD quality is limited.You can use data up to 22GB in a single month. If you are in a congested are your network service can be slowed down.

 AT&T unlimited data users will be pleased with its price and fees. But its speeds and network coverage make users discontented.Unless this harsh feature AT &T unlimited data plan is best for single line.

4. Sprint Unlimited Data Plan For One Person

Sprint offers unlimited data plan for one person. It will cost $60 for single line. The plan is featured with unlimited talk ,text and high speed data while on the Sprint network,Hulu service plus unlimited talk & text and 5 GB of 4G LTE data in Canada and Mexico.It also includes 500 MB of LTE data usage for Mobile hotspot.

But Sprint has limitations also. Unlimited data plan is not compatible with 5G phones. Its network coverage is also weaker than any other carriers. You can enjoy free text and data with global roaming in more than 200 countries. U.S . wireless offers free roaming on all nationwide Sprint Plans. 

Sprint offers the lowest price of data plans for one person. Though it is the cheapest plan among sprint’s all other data plan but its offer unlimited data so single person can think about it.

5. MetroPCS  Unlimited Data Plan For One Line

Metropcs offers unlimited Data plan for one person.It costs $50 for a person.This plan includes Unlimited talk ,text and 4G LTE data,streaming DVD up to 480p,100GB of cloud storage.5GB of 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot data allowance.

Additional Features;

1. Caller ID
2. Call waiting
3. Voicemail
4. International Direct Dial.

MetroPCS announced a new plan that allows its new customers to make Unlimited International calls to over 100 countries for only $5 per month. So you can save $5 every month by using MetroPCS unlimited data. If you need more high speed data you can add up extra data every month.

  • 2GB – $5 /month
  • 5GB-$10/month
  • 10 GB -$20/month.

Its price and fees is an affordable for all.So anyone can think about it.

6. Ultra Mobile Unlimited Data Plan for One Person

Ultra Mobile is a part of T-Mobile.Though it is a part of T-Mobile but it offers Unlimited data for one person with low cost. With only $49 you can get unlimited Talk,text and 4G LTE data.Users can make unlimited calls in 80+ destinations.

User can use their phone as a mobile hotspot with no extra charge on all monthly plans. By Ultra Mobile plans you can talk unlimited for domestic calls. Ultra Mobile user can use $5 for International call credit and $5 for International Roaming credit.

But you have to pay $0.25 cents  per minute for making and receiving calls while roaming Internationally.And $0.5  to send per text message from other countries to U.S. $0.20 per MB of data.You can carry your unused International Roaming balances over from month to month.

This plan is featured with –

  • No contract.
  • People can make their International call at the same cost of domestic calls.
  • You can get Voicemail Service.
  • 24/7 online customer portal.
  • Ultra Mobile alleviate the speed at which you can send and receive data over Ultra Mobile Network up to the end of applicable 30 days period.

Final Verdict

If you want an unlimited data plan for a single person then have a look of all above mentioned data plans in detail. For your kind information you can get best data plan based on your preference if you follow this detailed overview wisely.

Perhaps you can get the best coverage with 4G LTE data which maximum users look forward to.All this plan offers you unlimited data ,text messages and data with low cost.

You need no additional fees and price for servicing , activating and cancelling the plan. Those who want to save money can consider about all those plans for unlimited data.

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