[Device Reset]-How to Hard Reset LG X5 Smartphone


The best smartphone has lots of quality. The every mobile device management company want to provide the best quality smartphone for their smartphone user. Sometimes the smartphone users faced some problems with his/her android phone. Basically, this type of problems created our mistake. The smartphone problems are mobile device hang, forgot user code, pattern lock, android apps do not work properly etc. But, while you see this problem, you can go to the nearest mobile phone service center. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go service center to repair your latest smartphone. If you try to solve this problem at home you can do it. Because we are providing you hard reset, factory reset, password resets unlocked phones solution tips. Today we are providing you How To Hard Reset LG X5 With Factory Restore. See our methods and repair your cell phone.

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Read Some Important Tips Before Resetting

There are several kinds of methods resetting. While you choice soft reset method, your cell phone won’t  delete any personal data. If you choice hard reset or factory reset or phone code formatting method  you lost all valuable data in your phone storage. So, make sure that before resetting your phone device all valuable data backup on the phone storage, like the image, video, apps, contact number, PDF file etc. We will also provide how to backup android phone smartphone data. While making sure to complete your all data backup on your PC or any alternative device, then start using mobile device resetting method step by step.

Process 1: LG X5 Soft Reset

A soft reset is a very simple and easiest process to reset LG X5. If you use soft resetting method you won’t lose any data from your cell phone. This process doesn’t solve any major problem, but it helps to solve a minor problem.

If you don’t want to lose any personal data from your mobile device storage you use soft reset. After using soft reset, your problem doesn’t solve you apply hard resetting process.

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Step 1:

Press and hold Power Button and touch Power off the menu to shut down your mobile device.

Step 2:

After complete shut down remove the back cover, battery, SIM card and SD card.

Step 3:

Wait 15 seconds and put all removable things.

Step 4:

Turn on your mobile device.You have successfully completed soft reset.

Process 2: LG X5 Factory resets using setting

If process 1 didn’t work you can use process 2 to reset your cell phone.This process only uses if your mobile device hangs, the application doesn’t work, you properly don’t use etc problem you use this process. For your kind information while your cell phone pattern locked you don’t use factory reset because if the smartphone is pattern locked you don’t go to setting menu on your mobile device. If you use factory reset process you lost all valuable data in your phone storage. Watch the factory reset process below:

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Step 1:

Turn on your smartphone and touch the menu button and go to setting menu.

Step 2:

Then go to Backup & reset menu and touch the option.

Step 3:

Now you got Factory data reset option and touch the option also.

how to factory reset LG X5 smartphone

Step 4:

Touch the Reset device option and touch it.

how to factory reset LG X5 smartphone

Step 5:

At last, you got Delete all / Erase everything touches the option. Your phone will be deleted all data and the phone will reboot. You have successfully complete factory reset.

Process 3: LG X5 Format Using code

Another process to reset a cell phone is a secret code. If process 1 and process 2 don’t work you use this process easily. You can easily format your smartphone by using the code. There is some secret code which can use for special formatting operations. If the use of secret code format you lost all data from your mobile device. So that make sure to backup all data on your PC or another device. OK, let’s go see how to format cell phone using the code.

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Step 1:

Open dial pad.

Step 2:

Just type 2945#*XXX# or 2945#*71001#.

how to unlock code LG X5 smartphone

Step 3:

Wait After few second the mobile device will reboot and smartphone is formatted.

Warning: This process erasing everything without informed you. Because, while you dial with secret code mobile device will be rebooted and format all data. So, make sure that your mobile device is fully ready to format.

Process 4: LG X5 Hard reset using Button

When you failed process 1, process 2 and process 3 then you can use process 4 I mean Hard reset using the button. Because this process has some risk. while you hard reset your smartphone you will lose all valuable data like image, video, contact number, document in your phone storage. So, before using hard reset backup all data on your PC or SD card. We are already showing you how to backup android data. Ok, let’s see the hard reset steps.


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Step 1:

Turn off your new smartphone LG X5 and remove all SIM card or SD card.

Step 2:

Now insert battery and press POWER BUTTON and VOL DOWN. When you see in mobile screen LG logo then release only POWER BUTTON.

how to hard reset LG X5

Step 3:

After pressing the button, you can see in your mobile screen Factory data reset menu, then release VOL DOWN key.

how to hard reset LG X5 smartphone

Step 4:

Now select YES Using VOL DOWN key and press POWER KEY to confirm.

Step 5:

Again use VOL DOWN and select YES and press POWER KEY to confirm.

Step 6:

After few second your hard reset is complete.

Step 7:

Now your phone will reboot and your problem is solved.


Warning: This process erasing everything without informed you. Because, while you hard reset, the mobile device will be rebooted and format all data. So, make sure that your mobile device is fully ready to format.