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The government is currently running a lot of social welfare programs to aid in economic empowerment of low-income citizens. One of these programs involves issuing out of free cell phones. This is the Lifeline Access program. Through this program, beneficiaries can get free government touch screen cell phones and free monthly subscription plans.

Verizon, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the country, is currently offering this free service. Below is a detailed description of their involvement in the Lifeline Access program, and how you can get a Verizon wireless free government phone.

Usually, a free phone comes with plans, packages and hassling customer agreements that you have no choice but to adhere to. As human beings, we must complain though, but as we all know there’s nothing good that comes without a disadvantage and that’s what makes life fun. In every business, terms and conditions apply. Therefore, with Verizon wireless free government phone other than their hassling customer contracts, you will be lucky to purchase a high-tech phone at a low and convenient price. This is an offer that is rare to find so be happy for it.

When purchasing a free government phone, you need to choose a free phone company that’s reliable and trustworthy, secure and so that you’re not manipulated.  Verizon Wireless is one such company that millions of the US citizens trust for free government phones. Verizon wireless is reliable, has excellent data performance with high speed. For close to a decade now, Verizon wireless has been rated by RootMetrics as a free government phone company with the broadest market in the US.

Below is a detailed description of premier phones provided by Verizon wireless, their involvement in the Lifeline Access program, and how you can get a Verizon wireless free government phone.

What is the Lifeline Access Program?

Lifeline Access is a project run by the federal government to aid the economically challenged citizens to afford communication services. It is part of the larger Lifeline program that has been running since 1985. Until 2012, the program only offered subsidized landline telephone services. It was later upgraded to include cell phones due to the growing popularity of mobile phones, and the irrelevance of landline services.

So why provide free government cell phones? Well, according to social and economic analysis, telephone communication is not a luxury, but a necessity in this modern age. Everyone needs a cell phone to access emergency services, to communicate with utility companies, get information on available job opportunities, and even communicate with family members. Without access to all this, it would be very difficult for any person to be a functional member of the society.

How Does The Lifeline Access Program Work?

It is a partnership between the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and mobile network companies. The government pays these companies $10 a month for every customer they offer free mobile services. The companies therefore only invest in providing free cell phones to new subscribers. Verizon is one of these free government cell phone companies.

The program is funded by the Universal Service Fund (USF) and gets administrative input from the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). Using their vast data on income levels, cost of living, and personal expenditures, they provide guidelines on who qualifies for the program. USAC also helps work out cell phone plans that would satisfy beneficiaries.

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Who Qualifies For Lifeline

The program is limited to individuals with low income. The inclusion criterion, therefore, focuses on income levels. Anyone with an income that is below 135% of the poverty income line qualifies for the program. The poverty income level varies from state to state and even city to city. Therefore check to ensure that you truly qualify for it. Also, anyone who is a beneficiary of any government welfare program is eligible for Lifeline Access. These programs include:

  • Food Stamps and Supplemental Nutrition Program
  • Medicaid
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF)
  • Child’s Health Insurance Program
  • Supplemental Security Program
  • Housing Assistance

There may be other requirements that vary depending on the company offering the service.

Know About The Verizon Program

Verizon was one of the network companies that were selected to offer this free service from its onset in 2012. It is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the country. it holds the record for having the largest network coverage in the country, thus making it a convenient option for customers seeking to benefit from their free cell phone service. However, their package entails a Verizon wireless free government phone and a free monthly cell phone plan to all beneficiaries. 

verizon wireless Free government phone

Verizon has various subsidy companies in addition to its 11 rural wireless service carriers attending to about 2.1 million subscribers.

Verizon wireless is prominent of 4G LTE network coverage for its customers through the company’s mobile data. Plans are underway to advance to 5G LTE as a strategic hint of improving mobile internet for reliable and fast communication.

The company has 2,331 stores spread all over the country for quick and easy access by its subscribers. Alternatively, you can opt to visit the Verizon wireless website to know more about its plans and service packages. There’s also a Verizon wireless app that’s downloadable from the google store for all the Verizon customers nationally.

Why Should You Choose Verizon Wireless?

Here are the tagline and proofs that should make you move permanently to Verizon wireless lifeline company;

  • Unlimited data plans

The Verizon wireless has two premiere unlimited data plans for its subscribers that costs around $80 and 90$ respectively. The two plans are familiar to customers as Beyond Unlimited Plans and Go Unlimited Plans.

With Verizon Wireless, you can stream through your favourite videos at very high speed without being worried about running short of your mobile data.

  • Messaging App

Verizon wireless has messaging app that the customers use for making calls by choosing the option of advanced calling and sending texts.

Additionally, with this app, you can share data with your loved ones or share any gift by a click of a few buttons on the app. This excellent app has given Verizon an edge against its competitors.

  • Protection from Virus and Malware

Verizon support and protection app are designed with powerful anti-virus tools that ensure to keep you safe at all times. So, when browsing through various sites on the internet, you will ultimately be safe and secure from all kinds of virus attacks.

  • Domestic and International Calling

Verizon wireless provides the unlimited calling plan for its customers to Canada and Mexico at $5/month. You can make calls to other overseas countries other than Canada and Mexico for as low as $15/month. You can Subscribe to all the Verizon wireless overseas plans via the Verizon Travel Pass at $10 only.

  • Wide Range Network Coverage

Verizon is the dominant carrier of 4G mobile data compared to other players in the industry. The company is the leader covering a wide area of about 81% of the total area covered in the US. It is found nearly in every state with abroad and efficient signal strength all through the United States. The Verizon network coverage also extends to the company’s a few MNVOs such as the Straight Talk and CREDO.

  • Fastest Speed

Through speed tests contacted by Better Business Bureau and RootMetrics, it was proven that Verizon wireless company has the fastest speed of 12Mbps. The company incorporates this fast speed with its 4G LTE network, and this puts Verizon wireless much far ahead of other telecommunication companies offering free government phone services.

  • Limitations of Verizon Wireless

As stated earlier no good deal has no side effects, and the same applies to Verizon wireless Verizon. Likewise, with such lucrative plans and offers from Verizon Wireless, the company also has one disadvantages that the customers lament about as discussed below.

  • High Price

There’re costly monthly payments that you will incur on Verizon wireless. However, when compared to the impressive and reliable services offered by the company, you will notice that even the prices are much fair. There are cheap family and group plans that you can enjoy without spending much money.

The bottom line is that the Verizon wireless is undeniably the king wireless network in the USA. It provides the best customer services, fast speeds, and excellent network coverage. It’s the only company with an intuitive app and numerous plan options that many Americans yearn for.

Although the cost charged by Verizon for their standard plans might be a bit expensive compared to its counterparts like the T-Mobile and AT&T, the cost is quite reasonable with the exceptional speed and comprehensive coverage you will enjoy with Verizon wireless that you can’t find anywhere else.

What About Verizon Wireless Free Government Phones?

It’s regrettable for Verizon subscribers because Verizon Wireless currently does not offer this service despite it having the fastest internet speed in the USA.

By not having this plan on board, doesn’t mean that Verizon Wireless doesn’t care about low-income subscribers. The company gives the low-income customers the priority, and that’s why it has plans catering for customers who are unable to pay for monthly upfront costs.

Other than this offers, there’re existing discounted phone plans by Verizon wireless upon availing your chosen smartphone.

Continue reading below to know more about these plans and offers by Verizon wireless.

Lifeline Program by Verizon Wireless

Lifeline assistance is a program run by the federal government in ensuring that all Americans who live below the poverty line can access quality telecommunication services. The program is mainly for US citizen who earns a low income, the disabled, senior citizens, American Indian citizens, and ex-veterans.

The program has been rolled out, and various telecommunication companies have registered more families with low income. The citizens can benefit from low-cost text and data plans going as low as $1.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, the Verizon wireless doesn’t offer free phones for its customers. But for such customers who are benefiting from this program, they can enjoy many discounted prices. After subscribing to the program, you can save about $9.25 to your Verizon bill per month. Additionally, Verizon wireless provides individual attention to customers who benefit from Tribal Link up by giving 100% instant customary fee to the new subscribers.

However, the discounted monthly offers are not applicable to all the states apart from the states of Wisconsin, New York, Iowa, and North Dakota.

Lifeline Monthly Rate Options for Verizon Wireless Customers

Generally, a lifeline beneficiary can choose from either the home phone connect plan or the Lifeline plan. The wireless (no DSL or cable) lifeline plan costs $15.75 offering nationwide 750-talk time and unlimited text. Any other additional minute can cost the subscriber up to 45 cents with a single payment of $35 for activation.

You also need to know that the installation, roadside assistance, and maintenance fee is not included in the monthly charges.

How Much Does the Free Verizon Cell Phone Plan Save You?

Every free government cell phone Verizon plan comes with a fully paid monthly package of $9.25. This is a comprehensive plan that includes both local and domestic long distance calls, as well as text messages. The plan is often sufficient to cover your monthly communication needs, therefore saving you the need to pay any phone bill. In case you go for a higher plan, the free government cell phone plan will cover only $9.25 of the bill, while you pay the rest. So in brief, you get almost $10 knocked off your monthly phone bill.

Free Government Phone

Locations Served By The Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone Program

Despite being a nationwide company with coverage in all the 52 states, the Verizon wireless free government phone is only accessible to residents in four states: Iowa, North Dakota, New York and Wisconsin. However, the reason why Verizon has not expanded to other states is not clear, as other free government cell phone companies offer their services almost nationwide.

Also, the Verizon wireless free government phone service is not available in all areas of the above-mentioned states. It is limited to various counties. So check up to see if your location is covered before attempting to subscribe.

Qualifications For The Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone Program

Apart from fulfilling the USAC provided guidelines for income level, there are additional requirements that one must meet before being signed up for the Verizon wireless free government phone program. These include:

  • Provide documentation to certify income level
  • Provide a physical address that falls within the area covered by Verizon’s free cell program
  • Notify Verizon of any changes in locality

Tribal Land Residents Automatically Qualify

Verizon Wireless USA and the Lifeline Access program, in general, is largely committed to improving the living standards of Native Americans living in tribal lands. For this reason, anyone residing in a tribal land covered by Verizon’s free cell phone program automatically qualifies for the program, regardless of all their other details.

Restrictions On The Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone Program

Getting a Verizon wireless free government phone does not necessarily mean you have full autonomy of your plans and access to Verizon’s services. There are certain restrictions that may limit your use. These include:

  • Only one user in a household can benefit from the program. Also, this means that families have to pick one member to get the phone.
  • Must sign a contract of service, which includes a minimum duration in which you will benefit from the program. Any termination of the contract before expiry will attract a termination fee.
  • Participants need to provide two different documents to certify their identity and sign under penalty of perjury that they are eligible for the program.

Violation of any of these terms will most likely lead to you being kicked out of the program, or even fined. You are also required to re-apply for the free cell phone service every year, where all the parameters are again re-assessed.

Verizon Wireless Lifeline Plans

There are two planes available in the Verizon wireless free government phone program. These are:

  1. The Lifeline Plan, $25
  2. The Home Phone Connect (HPC) Plan, $19.99

#1 The Lifeline $25 Plan

The Lifeline Plan requires a compatible Verizon wireless free government phone. This is either provided by the company upon signing up or can be bought separately. Of the $25, the government pays $9.25. Verizon Wireless, therefore, bills you the remainder, that is $15.75 a month.

The package is comprehensive and covers both calls and text messages. It includes:

  • 750 talk minutes. These can be used at any time, any day.
  • Unlimited local mobile to mobile call minutes
  • Domestic long distance calls
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Free night and weekend talk time

The Lifeline Plan also charges a one-time activation fee of $35.

#2 The Home Phone Connect Plan

This plan requires a Verizon Home Connect Phone Device. It is a wireless device that serves as an alternative to the traditional landlines. It allows you to connect two phones on the same line. The device features 3-way calling, TTY, voicemail, and free access to emergency numbers. You will most likely be required to purchase this box upon enrolment to the plan. A decent second hand Home Connect Device cost about $30.

As for charges, the Verizon wireless free government phone program knocks off $9.25 off your bill, leaving you with only $10.74 a month.

The plan is more or less similar to the Lifeline Plan, with the major difference being the devices. It includes:

  • Unlimited anytime talk minutes. This is the outstanding difference
  • Unlimited local mobile to mobile call minutes
  • Domestic long distance calls are included
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Free night and weekend talk time

The one-time $35 activation fee is also applicable to this plan.

Verizon ‘S Plans for Seniors

Verizon Wireless once again proves itself to be caring for all customer groups. They offer specially designed easy to use phones for the elderly. If you’re aged 55 and above you benefit from this discount. This is an audacious move, as most companies distance themselves from any product that is termed “for the old.” It is almost a suicide move in the technology industry. However, Verizon has been courageous enough to create a phone for this niche that is mostly ignored.

The reason behind this is that most elderly individuals are not well conversant with operating hand-held devices. Using free government touch screen cell phones is a nightmare for them. That’s why Verizon created free cell phones for seniors Verizon for the Lifeline Assistance program. This way, the elderly benefiting from this program get to use a handset they are comfortable with.

Free Cell Phones For Seniors

The seniors are free to enjoy a $15 by paying $60 for the unlimited monthly plan after being discounted from $75 per month. If you adjust a little and buy the two phone line services, you will enjoy as much as $50 by paying a discounted amount from $130 to $180.

The seniors are not only limited to enjoy unlimited data on Verizon, but they can also benefit from unlimited call and text with the overseas calling to Mexico and Canada. You can stream HD videos on the internet using the unlimited hotspot for 60 kbps.

Verizon Veteran and Military Discount

The Verizon wireless company recognizes the efforts of our military men who commit their lives to protect our nation. Verizon is currently offering discounts to soldiers and their family who subscribe to Verizon wireless phone line services.

This discount extends to all the government employees more the ones on reserves, active duty and national guard can qualify for the program. The retired military men and their families can also benefit from the program.

This group of citizens enjoys a 15% discount on subscribed plans per month and 25% discount on any phone accessory purchased from Verizon. If you purchase the two lines and above, you enjoy a discounted price of $35 and $40 off consecutively.

International Calls Not Covered

The free government cell phone does not cover international calls. This is because the program focuses on providing essential service, and international calls do not qualify as necessities. To make such calls, you will have to incur the market charges of international calls.

Additional Benefits for Tribal Land Residents

As already stated, the Lifeline Access program offers greater support for residents in Native American tribal lands. If you live in one of these areas, you’ll be accorded additional discounts in the Verizon wireless free government phone program. For starters, you are not required to pay the one-time activation fee of $35 charged in both plans. The second, and probably the most substantial benefit, is that you won’t be charged a penny for your monthly subscription plan. The government covers the entire cost of the service, that is $19.99 for the Lifeline and $25 for the HPC. Unlike other individuals who receive a $9.25 monthly relief, you get the full cost covered. The service is therefore 100% free to anyone residing in tribal lands.

Best Verizon Wireless Phone Deals

After the abolishment of the two-year contract deals, many wireless phone companies decided to offer great phone deals to their customers. These phones are hi-tech smartphones from the best manufacturers such as Apple, LG, Samsung, and Motorola.

Below is a list of the best phone deals of the current models that are offered at low cost on Verizon wireless.

#1 Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

S9 plus is the latest release from Samsung. The phone features 6.2’’ embodied with a curved screen weighing about 188 grams.

S9 plus has two cameras, an 8MP front camera and 12MP rear camera with dual aperture technology.

It’s ranked as the world’s first f/1.5 having an aperture included into premium DSLR cameras.

The phone supports 64GB or 128GB storage with 6GB RAM.

The phone has a 350mAh battery capacity able to charge fast about 90 minutes to full charge.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Verizon


  • Impressive camera specs even in poorly lit areas
  • Loud and clear audio system
  • Fingerprint sensor


  • Expensive
  • A so-so battery performance

Verizon Price

In Verizon, the phone goes at a reasonable $ 929.00 plus other prepaid deals. With this phone, you will save 50% when you select the trade in option on Verizon.

#2 Samsung Galaxy S9

  • This phone is the predecessor of S9 plus.

Samsung Galaxy S9 features 5.8’’ double curved screen.

The phone has a fantastic rear camera with a 12MP and 8MP front camera with high quality capturing tools.

Has an incredible speaker for quality sound?

Samsung Galaxy S9 uses Snapdragon 845 processor which is capable of delivering fast browsing speed. It supports wireless charging system that’s waterproof. The battery features 3000mAh that last for 12hours.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Verizon


  • Faster speed
  • Wireless charging
  • Water resistant body
  • Loud and high-quality sound
  • Greatly improved design


  • Expensive
  • Average battery life
  • Weak camera quality

Verizon Price

You can get Samsung S9 on Amazon at a lower price of $799.99.

#3 Apple iPhone X

Apple’s flagship has maintained the supremacy in the smartphone business for its specs and high-quality features.

This phone is designed with a 5.8’’ OLED screen, that’s well-fit and actively build to last long.

The phone supports revolutionary Face ID recognition unlocking mechanism, a feature that is currently being eyed by many manufacturers. Has a dual camera system, 12MP rear sensor camera compatible with f/2.4 optical and image stabilization?

The phone has a great portrait capturing mode plus video recording about 60 frames/second for clear image and video shooting. iPhone X uses A11 Bionic chip engine that withstands high gaming experiences. It has a 256 GB storage. The battery takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to be loaded with the wireless charging system.

iphone X Verizon


  • Wireless charging
  • Camera features are great
  • Improved biometrics
  • Sturdy and high-end screen design


  • Shorter battery life
  • Very expensive

Verizon Price

The Verizon sells the phone at $999.00 a much lower price when compared to the price of Apple and local stores. The phone can be discounted at 50% when the trade-in option is selected.

#4 LG V30

The LG V30 is enticing with a 6-inch OLED design, lightweight and durable. The phone’s body is water-resistant. It has a great camera empowering 16 MP back camera with f/1.6 aperture that can take photos in areas with poor lighting.

There’re another particular lens supports 13 MP standing at f/1.9 aperture. The front camera though nit impressive at 5MP but still efficient for photography. The capacity of the battery can serve you for 24 hours with 3,300mAh.

LG V30 verizon


  • Camera specs
  • Speedy processor
  • Waterproof display
  • Wireless charging
  • Headphone jack capability
  • Easy use design
  • Wireless charging


  • Expensive
  • Slow camera autofocusses

Verizon Price

The LG flagship goes at $840.00 retail price. You can also buy in instalments and pay in 24-monthly instalment at Verizon website.

#5 Google Pixel 2 XL

Considerably the phone with the best camera in the market measuring about 3’’ by 6.2’’. It has a 6-inch widescreen display. Google pixel 2XL operates on Android Oreo plus Poled display supporting high-quality screen resolution of QHD+ 2,880 by 1,440 resolution.

It has excellent camera specs supporting 12.2MP camera lens with a f/1.8 aperture able to take photos even in darkness. The device has a fantastic front camera with 8MP supporting an aperture of f/2.4. The video capabilities are also fancy. However, the phone has a weak battery, 3,520mAh.

Google Pixel 2 XL Verizon


  • Smart software
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great design
  • Astounding camera features


  • Expensive
  • No 3.5 headphone port

Verizon Price

Verizon sells this device at the retail price of $849.99. The phone can be bought on 24-month instalments of $35.41.

What Happens When You Exhaust Your Plan Early?

Although the provided call minutes are often enough to last most people for the whole month, you may occasionally find yourself burning through them quickly. Should this happen, you always have the option of buying extra talk minutes from Verizon. The charges will, however, come from your pocket, as the Lifeline Assistance program does not cover any extra charges incurred by beneficiaries. Verizon, however, offers extra minutes to beneficiaries of this program at a rate lower than the standard market price.

What Kind of Phones Does Verizon Offer?

Like all other free government cell phone companies, Verizon Wireless does not offer high-end devices for free. You are most likely to get a refurbished old model phone. This is because the company is trying to minimize the cost of purchasing phones for every new client. The phones are however decent enough to meet your needs; that is calling and texting.

Verizon, however, offers subscribers the option of upgrading the phone at an extra fee. This way you can get a device that can even connect to the internet, or even create a WIFI hotspot. Additionally, you are always free to bring any phone of your choosing to the program.

What If You Are Already a Verizon Wireless Customer?

For customers already subscribed to regular Verizon plans, it is much easier to switch to the free government cell phone plan. All you have to do is confirm that the program covers your locality and that you meet the qualification requirement plans. You can then easily transit to the free plan. There will be no need to get a new device, as your current one will be compatible with the network.


Verizon Wireless USA is one of cell phone companies, they offering free cell phone services under the Lifeline Assistance program. Beneficiaries of their free cell phone plans stand to benefit a lot not only from their wide network coverage. You can look up if you qualify for their program and get yourself a Verizon Wireless free government phone.

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