Verizon Free Phones With 2 Year Contract And Unlimited Data Plan

For a long time, Verizon free phones with 2-year contract were the best phone packages on the market. It was very cheap, and guaranteed users quality phone services for two years, despite changes in the industry’s dynamics. Sadly, two-year cell phone contracts are dying, and so are the Verizon free phones with 2 year contract. Below is an in-depth analysis of the contract, the events that led to its termination and alternative packages that are just as good.

About The Verizon Free Phones With 2 Year Contract

The Verizon free phones with 2 year contracts were a cheap way of acquiring a new device without incurring any upfront cost. The contract entailed receiving a brand new phone at no cost at all. The only charges one had to pay were the monthly wireless network bill. It was quite a deal. The phones offered for the contract were also quite decent. All devices from simple gadgets that retail for as low as $30 to high-end phones such as the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 were available in the Verizon free phones with 2 year contract.

The Cost Of Verizon Free Phones With 2 Year Contract

The billing regiment was designed to spread the cost, and allow customers to get a phone for free upfront. The contract involved only monthly bills and a one-time activation fee. For example, if you wanted an iPhone6 (which was the latest iPhone on the market), it would cost you only $199 monthly. The bill covered:

  • 3GB wireless network data
  • Free texts to all networks
  • Unlimited local calls
  • Cheap rates for long distance and international calls

The phone also came with a warranty for maintenance and replacement within the period of the contract. The only additional cost was a one-time activation fee of $35.

This was the best deal available in the market. You walk into a Verizon store, and walk away with a brand new phone for free, and start enjoying the services for free. At the end of every month, you pay your bill. And the bill didn’t have to be in the range of hundreds of dollars. Depending on the phone, it could be as cheap as $49 per month.

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Termination Of The Verizon Free Phones With 2 Year Contract

Sadly, all good things come to an end. The end started with other mobile network companies such as AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile withdrawing their two-year phone contracts. Verizon stuck resisted this move for a few months but finally gave in and terminated the Verizon free phones with 2 year contract.

You may be wondering why Verizon terminated a plan that was bringing in a lot of customers and revenue. The answer is simply profits. Network companies can make much more by selling phone packages that do not include a free phone. That’s why Verizon free phones with a 2 year contract, and all other two year cell phone contracts were terminated. Now you have to buy a new phone before subscribing to a phone plan. This way, the companies make double the profits; that is from device sales, and from mobile phone packages.

Verizon Free Phones

Another reason for the move was the duration of the contract. Two years is quite a long time in the tech world. A lot of devices are rolled in every month, and internet technology also changes daily. Setting a fixed payment for a given period locks out any possibilities of the company benefiting from emerging market trends. That’s why the Verizon free phones with 2 year contract had to go.

Transition To New Plans

Rather than drastically withdrawing the program from the market, Verizon decided to wean it off. For starters, new customers were denied the option of signing up for the Verizon free phones with 2 year contract. At that time, customers already enrolled in the contract had the option of renewing it. Finally, Verizon stopped renewing contracts in January 2017. Since it’s been almost two years since its happening, a good number of subscribers are getting to the end of their contract and are stranded on which way to go, since renewal is not an option. Well, worry not, for there are several good alternatives.

New Verizon Deals

Currently, Verizon does not offer any contract that involves getting a free phone. Their services require you to purchase a new phone or sign up for the program with your old phone. Just a tip, retaining your old phone will save you a lot. The current plans come in monthly packages of voice calls, texts, and data plans. Verizon additionally sells data packages at fixed prices; say 2GB for $35.

The phone packages are however generally divided into two categories: Verizon wireless deals for new customers which are much cheaper and attractive to newcomers, and Verizon phone deals for existing customers.

Verizon Wireless Deals For New Customers

For new customers, Verizon plans are amazingly cheap. Unlimited packages start for as low as $40 a month. These include unlimited voice calls, free texting, and unlimited mobile data at 600kbps. In case you are a data guzzler, you can subscribe to faster speeds for an extra $10, or go for the $60 plan that comes with high speeds with HD streaming, and 20GB of mobile hotspot data that can support up to 10 devices.

verizon unlimited data plan

Verizon Buy One Get One Free Deal

Still, for new customers, there are multiple discounts and offers on smartphones and accessories. The most fascinating one is the Verizon buy one get one free deal. This is a deal for flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S9 or 9+, LG G7 Thin Q, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and many more devices. When you buy one of these phones, you get another one free. Sounds too good to be true, but it actually is. I’m not sure how long this offer will last, but currently, this is one of the Verizon wireless deals for new customers.

Verizon Phone Deals For Existing Customers

For existing customers, the deals are countless. For starters, there are a lot of discounts for upgrading a phone. A good example is the iPhone 8. Customers who upgrade to this phone get $300 discount on the phone price. Additionally, any customer who is willing to get an additional Verizon line gets $100 slashed off the purchase price of a newer high-end model such as Apple or Samsung. Also, there are phone contracts that are available to existing customers at a reduced price.


The Verizon free phones with 2 year contract are arguably the best phone plan that ever existed. Despite its termination, Verizon still offers amazing offers plans and phone deals, both for existing and new customers. In addition, they have the best network coverage in the country. So feel free to check out their phones and cell phone packages.

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