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Which Online Cart Is Easier To Set Up? Shopify vs Woocommerce?

Ease of use can easily be one of the most important criteria for comparing the usefulness of ecommerce platforms. It must be easy to set up and manage your online store when you opt for an ecommerce platform. Anybody may want to set up an online cart, but not everyone has the requisite web designing or development skills required to set up shop online. People may even not be familiar with web based services. This calls for an ecommerce platform that even a novice can use and start selling instantly. The platform has to be easy to use. WordPress’ WooCommerce and Shopify are some of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there. You need to compare shopify vs woocommerce in terms of ease of use and then decide on the best one for your needs.

Ease Of Set Up

#1 Shopify


Shopify is a web based hosted ecommerce platform. You need to subscribe to it in order to use the platform to build an online cart for your business. But that is all you need to do. Visit the Shopify website, click on the “signup” button, go through the setup wizard, and build your online store. That’s a breeze. What is more, Shopify would make inquiries at every step during the process of setting up the store and facilitate your job whenever you feel you’re stuck. It will help you to take decisions step by step. It will ask you about the purpose or nature of the store, the nature of the products etc. Depending on your choice, it will also give you tips about designs, themes or layouts which are best for you. It will also guide you about how to set up the relevant parameters.

The initial wizard will give way to the main dashboard where you can create your online cart, add products to it and carry out business almost immediately. So, you don’t need to have designing skills. You also don’t need to have website development skills. You can get access to special features and options on the sidebar of the said dashboard.

#2 WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a plugin available with WordPress. It is not a hosted, web based solution like Shopify. So, to set up your online cart with this plugin you need to get a domain name and sign up for a hosting plan. But more than that, you need to install WordPress and select WordPress themes. WordPress does not have as extensive an array of themes as does Shopify, especially for ecommerce. However, being an open source software, you can and may need to customize some themes to suit your store perfectly. Once this is done, you need to set up the web server, redirect your chosen domain to the server, install WordPress and make the website operational.

Unfortunately, all of these steps call for some degree of comfort with web design and familiarity with web based services. Though you have the option of choosing a specialized WordPress hosting company to take care of the domain hosting and WordPress installation job, you need to carry out the designing yourself or hire a professional designer and front end developer. Nevertheless, as and when the WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated, the setup wizard appears. The wizard will guide you through the whole set up process through some simple steps. It will handhold you to take important steps like choosing the currency, shipping, tax, payment gateways etc.

Ease Of Adding New Products

  • Shopify

When you need to add new products to your online cart, you can get all the product description parameters in a single panel. You don’t need to visit different areas to set things like name of product, its images, price stock etc.

  • WooCommerce

You can create, edit and select product categories and tags in your online cart whenever you need to. You can add the attributes like price, stock etc for each product as well as for the entire store. To add a product you just need to go to the panel, select ‘Product’ and then ‘Add Product’. Here you can add the title and the description of the product.

So Which Is Easier To Handle For Novices? Shopify vs Woocommerce

It appears that a Shopify store is certainly easier to set up since you can do it just by a click on the Sign Up button. You can get your online cart built in minutes. With WooCommerce, you need to have some knowledge in web designing, front end and back end development, since you may need to customize the WordPress themes and work with the database a bit. Moreover, you have to select a domain, set it up and select a hosting plan from a hosting service provider. Certainly, it takes more time to set up a WooCommerce store in comparison to a Shopify store. You also need to be comfortable in working with web based services. So if you are a novice looking to get started with an online store, quick and fast, we would clearly ask you to go the Shopify route.

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