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The mode in which the world access online services today have drastically changed, this is actually due to the coming of the wireless internet. As a result of this dynamic technology, it’s possible that you might go online and make use of high-speed internet accessibility, this deprives you the boredom of being tied at your home so that you can reach the internet without cable.

The truth is that wireless internet has brought freedom to the people who surf online far away from the desktop, on their laptops or other mobile devices.

You will be astonished by the charges that will be quoted by the internet without cable service providers you might contact. The charge will not be fewer than $40-60 monthly for connecting high-speed internet. With the high-speed at which the internet is getting, many people are flocking on the web, hence making the price of the internet to go high.

It’s for this reason that a lot of people today are taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi to every place they move to, such as airports, hotels, and restaurants. Such places allow you to enjoy cheap internet service without phone line.

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How To Get Internet Without Cable or Phone Line

Below are the methods describing how you can get internet without cable or a phone line.

how to get wifi at home

Connect To Compete

This is a program that was begun by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and everyone. Org as a way of making sure that people who are financially crippled in the society or the disadvantaged areas get a high-speed free internet access. It’s a program that ensures that cheap internet service without phone line is accessed by all.

  • This is a good program in that for internet connectivity to be realized no cable or phone line is required for connections to be accomplished.
  • In today’s life, the internet is becoming an unavoidable necessity as it compliments a lot in human life. Additionally, accessing the free home internet and wireless internet without cable is a course that many have decided to go by.
  • In schools the internet is needed by students for learning purposes, the tutors and teachers need it for teaching, and in general life it is used by families to send information easier, stay in touch with their professions and get regular updates on trending news. In such areas, how to get wireless internet without cable should be a major concern.
  • However, not all people can afford $50 per month to pay for the internet. Connect to compete is, therefore, a program that’s working to the advantage of low-income families to bridge the gap and make sure as many free home internet connections to homes and schools as possible.
  • The program has a well-elaborated website that you only need to give your zip code and follow the instructions that will then direct you to a user interface menu that asks you to “find offers” so that you can be able to see if there is any connection linked to your area. Through following instructions closely you will be able to know how to get WiFi without internet.
  • The chances are that you may be likely to get access to the cheap internet, or just get internet services for free. At no cost at all.
  • The key factors here to consider are your location, availability of cash and how demanding your needs are.
  • In most cases, if your income is low, you hail in public houses, and maybe you’re on any government aid, the chances of you qualifying to get free home internet are very high.
  • In the event that you are not qualified to Connect to Compete for low-cost or cheap plans, you are then advised to consider checking reduced-price plans as given by different internet providers enshrined on the website.
  • Terms and conditions still apply here too, but you might find yourself qualifying for one quite easily and be advised on how to get WiFi without internet.
  • There are programs that offer free internet for students in particular schools or even districts.

All Free ISP

All free ISP is one good program that enables individuals’ access cheap or even free home internet services in their localities.

  • They have a very simplified website that allows you room to search for your area code and then lets you access both cheap and free internet service providers within your area of residence.
  • This one good platform has added to the value of technology by making sure it talks much about how to get internet without cable or phone line.
  • Additionally, the website has a platform that rates every internet provider in regard to client satisfaction, price quotient, and customer care services.
  • There’s no internet access provided by All Free ISP itself, however, it has a modified database with the best offers throughout the United States.
  • It has an FAQ section that reiterates that majority of the free offers are indeed 100% free with no disguised setup or charges.
  • These internet providers make their cash through the ads that are displayed just before you get connected to the internet. This is an elaboration given by All Free ISP.

You need not to mind about seeing the adverts prior to your connection as this is the prettiest way setup for you to use the free internet given that you live in the area that’s within its boundaries.


FreedomPop is a platform meant to give free internet access to people who use mobiles and computers.


  • They covers widely the ideas on how you can get internet without cable or phone line.
  • They Also share free internet hotspot devices to its potential consumers, hence enhancing access to WiFi without internet easily. With the use of a hotspot, you can use the internet freely and fast without any cable connection or phone line.
  • During your first month, you’ll be granted 10GB of data free of charge.
  • In the next months, you can have not less than 500MB of data for free.
  • These are just a few of the plans offered and a proof that when it comes to the question of how to get internet without cable or phone line you are fully covered.
  • Depending on your needs and interest, you can decide to buy other plans if you deplete your free offers. A good way for you to access the cheap internet.
  • The only requirement that must be observed and adhered to when dealing with FreedomPop is that it’s mandatory for you to give a deposit for it. This is to ensure that the device gets returned back immediately you are done with the service intended.
  • After using the device and send it back before the end of a year, you get your money back-the money you had given as the deposit.

Other than the deposit fee, it’s entirely free. When given 500MB free data is a good way to save your money, though the 500MB is not much data, it can help you save a lot especially when you’re obsessed to mobile data if you use it occasionally.

Google Fiber

Google fiber is among the greatest methods how to get internet access without the use of a cable or phone line. The similarity between the google and the internet makes it a great idea in that they will want to provide the best ever internet services for customers who want to minimize on their internet expenditure.

Google Fiber

  • Google fiber basically offers 2 purposes: the internet and television.
  • They have various plans which are different based on where you stay.  Some locations will even require you to have a TV package so that you can get higher tier internet packages.
  • Google fiber is the program that highlights how you can get internet without cable or phone line.
  • Google Fiber has five common plans. None of these plans has a contract attached to it.
  • However, there are only two plans that don’t require you to have a TV package for you to enjoy them.
  • These plans are:
  • Fibre 100: costs $50 a month, and has 100 Mbps in speed.
  • Fibre 1000: this plan costs $70 a month with a speed not less than 1000Mbps.

These plans ensure you have a stable free home internet and cheap internet service without phone line.

WiFi Free Spot

There could be areas in your location such as business ventures that have free WiFi. Therefore free WiFi Free Spot gives a chance to locate them easily.

  • You need to be a regular visitor to such businesses so that you get know of them because most often it’s not advertised. This is a great way to show you how to get WiFi without internet.
  • Due to this reason, WiFi Free Spot becomes very crucial in identifying these areas. This has seen many people get connected to free home internet.
  • You just have to locate your country or state on the website then click on it. The site usually has a database that has many countries captured there.  You then browse through the cities till you come across yours.
  • In case you live within the locality in which the business is found, you’re likely to access its public WiFi at your home.
  • Additionally, when you want to search for any available public hotspot when you’re travelling, you will then be required to download WiFi Map-a necessary app for iOS and Android.
  • Basically, it serves the same purpose as it works just like WiFi Free Spot website only that it works in app form. This helps you know you can get WiFi without internet.
  • The app helps you browse through your current location to see open hotspots so that you can join when you are not at home.

You might also be lucky enough to be notified of real-time updates of neighbouring hotspots within your home area to access the internet there.

Create a Hotspot Using Your Phones Data

This is commonly known as tethering. It allows you to tether the data of your phone connected to your computer using both iPhone and Android phones. This method is a typical display of how to get internet without a cable or phone line because as long as there is a hotspot created your internet will be accessed.

Mobile Hotspot

During tethering, data charges do apply, so you only do it when you are working on an unlimited data or if you’re in an emergency that requires internet urgently.

It’s worth noting that some carriers do not support tethering away from the box. If you search and don’t see tethering in your phone settings, then it will be prudent for you to contact your carrier help you locate it in your phone.

Enquire From Your Internet Service Providers

There is one fact that many internet service providers will never tell you whatsoever. They will never tell you that they offer free internet services unless you ask them. However, they’re the best persons to advise you on how you can get internet without a cable or phone line.

  • There is some ISP that has decided to discount their internet services as low as $10 per month or even lower than this.
  • The disadvantage is, however, that they mostly subject you to a higher speed that you cannot maintain its pace. The speed then becomes unnecessary for you.
  • It’s therefore advisable that you first enquire about the offered options if they suit your options too then you can go ahead and sign up with them. In the event that you’re a potential customer, you need not hesitate to call them and ask as per your requirements.
  • When you are a customer who bundles services with the provider, then you can be the favourite to be granted free internet.
  • Majority of huge ISPs have begun to bundle phone, internet and TV services together as one entity in order to save the customer funds.
  • In most cases they have offers running as from 1 year of the free internet if you decide to bundle different services together.
  • Any successful business values customers before anything else. Therefore many companies will be willing to switch you to other superb offers in the market as bait to maintain you as a future customer rather than denying you the offer and risk losing you to their competitors.

Bookmark Cheap internet

This can form a very crucial idea especially if you have searched and found no internet connections within your area.

  • You can, therefore, opt for keeping the cheap internet bookmarked so that you can refer to it later to confirm its progress.
  • This is a website that has the best-updated database in terms of the cheapest and free –internet plans so that you can have a look at the current offers in the market.
  • Actually, you might fail to get free offers but am pretty sure you can’t miss a deal that’s not more than $50 per month.
  • It has a well-stipulated procedure that directs where you can access the offers. You will be directed to browse the offers in your state just by making a click to “plans by state”. This is normally found at the top of the site.

Here is where you’ll get all offers both for the low-income families or other low- cost plans. It’s one area that entails a lot concerning how you can internet without a cable or phone line.

Charter Spectrum

Charter spectrum is a standalone cable-free internet provider that is widely used. A great program that’s depicts how to get internet without cable or phone line.

For them, they only have one common plan ($ 39.99 monthly for 60 Mbps) listed on their site.

This plan comes with accessories such as a free modem; however, it calls for 100% commitment for a whole one year. Charter spectrum is a good program talks much on how to get wireless internet without cable.

DSL Extreme

DSL Extreme is among the best companies that have more information on how to get internet without cable or phone line.

  • The main reason why DSL is categorically found among these good performing companies is that their performance on the AT&T U-Verse network, making them give the fastest speeds in the industry.
  • The plans offered by DSL come in different capacities depending on the region.
  • They have a $ 52.95 plan that gives 24Mbps monthly and 45 Mbps for $62.95 per month.
  • It also requires 1-year commitment.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is a branch of telecom huge Verizon that gives access to internet oriented plans.

Fios is most common among the states mentioned below:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Washington
  • Virginia

Internet service provision from Verizon Fios is only can only be enjoyed by the people who live on the East Coast. If you want to know how you can get internet without cable or phone line then try Verizon Fios.


The term Comcast is not new among the cord-cutting community. As this the region in which they give cable services in plenty of the country.

  • Comcast has quite a number of plans depending on factors such as your degree of demand, locality, you have a cable or not.
  • The plans offered by Comcast ranges from as low as $ 29.99 a month. Up to $ 50 a month for 1000mps.

How To Get Internet Providers In My Area

If you want to find internet providers in your area, then we recommend you check with the FCC’s site.  You only need to share your address and it will display the best internet providers in your area.

Space has offered us with so many skilled internet service providers. So just be sure to go for the 1 that will advise you best internet without cable.

Precautionary Questions That You Must Ask Internet Service Providers

We personally operate businesses and companies from home that largely need fast internet. It’s therefore obvious that we must take great care of it by observing the right measures during our internet purchase.

The list below contains questions to ask internet service providers so that you safeguard your internet connectivity:

  • What Downward Speed Should I Expect?

This could be the most crucial question to ask your internet provider. Don’t just stick to the ads you saw on the search engines. When you saw them advertising that they offer up to a certain level of speed. Don’t just be convinced that you will be given that speed.

You should inquire how you can get internet without cable or phone line and what speed they can guarantee you. In case it doesn’t meet your expectations you can look elsewhere for the right one.

  • Do You Own a Data Cap?

You don’t want to commit yourself to a deal where you will be charged in a crazy manner for.

You need the surety of awareness of the data caps they are offering; in case it has extreme instructions that won’t please you, then consider looking for another provider. Still, you must emphasize on the issue of how to get internet without cable or phone line. So that you are sure with your moves.

  • What Occurs At The End Of Your Introductory Period? 

Many providers of how to get internet without cable or phone line most often will quote a low price. When marketing, during the introductory price.

You don’t want to see pricing double increase in double standards in 12 months’ time simply. Because you never enquired about the introductory price.

  • Do You Have Any Additional Fees?

Internet service providers, especially the ones that deal with how to get the internet without a cable or phone line. In one way or another are like cable companies, they are free happy.  Once they have quoted their prices often it doesn’t include extra costs. Such as taxes, equipment fan installation charges and the service charges.

When you want to choose the best provider. You need to know what your upfront cost will appear like with your total monthly charges.

  • Is It Possible To Cancel My Service? 

It’s well-known how frustrating it’s like when trying to cancel a service with an internet service provider company. It’s normally very expensive and difficult to reach an agreement. Especially internet providers who specifically deal with how to get internet without cable or phone line.

Just ask them how much you will spend in case you want to cancel your service with them.  You also need to remember to ask your provider. What you should do with any equipment that you have from them. The equipment is returned during cancellation. Make sure you enquire fully and what they expect back to avoid being charged heavily.

  • Is It Necessary For Me To Purchase My Own Modem or Router? 

This is a question you must not assume.

  • Majority of the providers will come along with the required equipment; however, it comes with a cost of $10 and $20 a month. This has a tendency to increase as time goes by.
  • You can buy your own modem or router. But confirm from them to what kind of the modem or router will be compatible with their equipment and services.
  • The advantage of buying your modem or router it will save you lot of cash in the course of time.
  • The best recommendation given in most cases is to purchase the newest products on the market. So that you can get the best and highest speed possible.  This also helps supplement the lifespan of your accessories.

There’s too much work for you to do. If you want to know how to get internet without cable or phone line.  The fact is that there are a lot of internet providers to search through. And most probably you want to have the best plan for the business.


When discussing how to get internet without a cable or phone line, there are numerous methods to apply. However, it’s upon you to choose which one suits you the best. You need to play your cards well and be sure to find the lowest-cost. That will suffice your TV and internet needs.

It’s very much possible to access internet without cable or phone line. It only requires you to find the best match and it will help you save money significantly.

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