10 Best Wifi Hidden Home Security Cameras Under $100 in 2021

With the help of modern technology, a traditional form of security system like deployment of the guard at your home is going to be replaced by the technological device. Now we can use hidden home security cameras which ensures security at every corner of our home. If someone has a home under the cover of a security camera, it is possible to move without fear as they can watch over the android phone or monitor about what is happening at home. So this technology has ensured security and reduced the risk of loss or theft related activities.

There are different brands of different cameras in the market and you may have hesitation which brand may be a good one. Even if you have a limited budget, then you also think of some good features under a limited budget. You also need to be informed of some features which will be perfect for the nature of your safety at home, shop or office. These features are a Wifi connection, two-way audio, waterproof, crystal clear view, easy operation of the android phone and cloud storage of safety of your data like footage.

Here we have discussed some good and cheap security cameras if your budget is under $100. You may get a comparative review of these cheap CCTV cameras which may be effective and perfect for your total security partner.

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10 Best Wifi Hidden Home Security Cameras Review

1. Vimtage P1 Ultra IP Wireless Camera

The camera is one of the important need for modern life to make sure safety and security. When you are staying at home, you may be so anxious about what is happening at your home or your office. This camera has reduced the anxiety of life because you can watch your home where your kids are playing, your pet is safe, your office is safe and everything may be very pacifying for safety that is on your hand by using hidden home security cameras.

When you are planning or thinking to set up the camera for your home or office, you must be thinking about best quality or best technology. Vimtage P1 Ultra Wireless Camera is giving you best technology under $100. This is cheap security cameras and fair deal to have a camera at this price.


cheap security cameras


You are getting stunning video quality because a camera’s good quality is Hi-definition video which will be clear to detect what has been happened. This camera’s unique feature is a good quality of the video which is 1280 x960p. Even there is super night vision and 4x digital zoom which reaches every corner your needed coverage. Two-way audio is possible to get them as a good feature of this camera.

The latest technology makes people far away from staying with the device all time. It means you have a smartphone and this device ensures all works. This camera has Wi-Fi connection and it is possible to watch what is happening on your smartphone.

It is obviously smart as it has remote pan and tilt with motion detection. Even there is the latest technology in relation to IoT sensor which ensures complete coverage your office or home.

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2. YI Outdoor Hidden Cameras For Home

Security is first and if you follow this principle you are going to avoid 99% danger from your life. Our life is full of uncertainty for loss induced by theft. Even any danger happens, then the record is the biggest weapon to beat that danger. So camera can record and this record may have lifesaving power.

YI Outdoor Hidden Cameras for Home is one of the essential need in your safe life because it is technologically advanced and has a good quality of recording video. 1080p resolution video is really stunning and the 110-degree lens has the good feature of transparent view from every direction.

Outdoor Security Cameras

There is another good feature of this camera which may be unique in an operation like it is waterproof and this camera may be installed in the outside and it is effectively recording in any weather like rain, fog and shine. Two-way audio is very helping you because you can communicate with the unknown people after detected by the camera and it also provides you alarm to make you alert for unwanted people.

This camera also contains another important feature like night vision which works good enough to view from up to 50 feet clearly. Cloud service is very safe for you because there is no possibility of damage data and you can avail cloud service with this camera device. This can be used as one of the best hidden home security cameras.

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3. Funlux Wireless 720p HD Outdoor Hidden Cameras for Home

Your family’s protection or your asset’s protection is very important to your life. You don’t have any security personnel and it is also embarrassing to have this kind of personal. So you need a surveillance device like hidden home security cameras which will work for 24/7 to ensure security.

Funlux Wireless 720p HD Outdoor Hidden Cameras for Home is obviously your security companion. The crystal clear view makes you happy about what is happening or what has happened. 720p HD video is good for this camera which ensures crystal clear view.

wireless cctv system

There is another good feature of this camera which is you can set up this camera indoor or outdoor and can work better in any weather like raining or snowing. Night vision can be an outstanding feature of this camera as you can detect what is happening in the dark night even if far from up to 65 ft. (20m) away.

Obviously, you have a smartphone and you want coverage on this mobile device and you can set notification system by installing the app and customize motion detection areas and schedule for alarm at any moment.

It is so easy and quick to set up with your tablet pc mobile device and desktop. You just need to follow some guidelines of the app supported by this camera. This camera is available for only $59.97 which is Hidden Cameras for Home.

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4. YI Dome Hidden Home Security Cameras

If you want a relentless and 24/7 security service with modern technology like a security camera, then you must want best hidden home security cameras within your budget. It is tough to get good quality of camera with a limited budget like under $100. YI Dome Camera may be a good option for your within this budget.

The good feature of a camera is a good quality of video with high resolution. SO this camera is giving you good quality of video like 1080p with 112-degree wide angle advanced glass lens combined with 345 degree and vertical and horizontal rotation system.

Night vision of any camera is an essential factor to capture video of the night from a little bit far away. This camera is perfect for good night vision which ensures good quality of video in the dark night.

cheap cctv

The sound is so important to consider and this camera is giving two-way audio feature which is possible to talk and listen audio from people standing in front of the camera. Even this camera is compatible with any kind of device like Monitor with iOS and Android app.

However, there is a big possibility of damaging data from SD card if your camera device is SD supported. But there is an option like cloud service where you can store your recording video in this online drive for the safety of your data to avoid any kind of loss or damage.

This latest technologically advanced camera is built-in Wi-Fi and useful for use with your mobile device is not very costly in spite of having lots of features. It cost only $59.99 which is under $100.

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5. Zmodo Mini Wireless Security Camera

Safety for your family or your asset is a big concern for any danger or damage. You need a security system which will ensure safety always. There are different kinds of hidden home security cameras in the market but you need a good quality of limited budget like under $100.

Zmodo Mini Wireless Security Camera is one of the latest version of its feature. When we think about the camera, then we also get serious about image or video quality. No one wants a lower image or video content which is invisible. This camera is providing crystal clear footage quality which is 720p. You need surely obviously Extended view to make sure what is happening. Excellent night vision feature can record good quality of footage in the dark night with its 24 automatic infrared light. 65 ft. (20m) can be covered with this camera in the night.

Wireless Security Camera

This camera is usable in any weather rain, snow or shine. This camera can be set up even indoor or outdoor. It is weatherproof which can be used in any weather.

Cloud service can be used in this camera and if you use this camera, then you are getting 1 month completely free. Cloud service is a safe option to save your footage from any kind of damage or loss.

Notification about the maintenance of this camera during recording footage is really good side. If you download a free zmodo app with the plugin in the Wi-Fi mini wireless camera, you can get service from amazon message option.

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6. Wansview Small Wireless Camera

When you are planning about the security of your house and property that can cover every inch of your house and property with hidden home security cameras, it is right time to think of a small wireless camera with Wi-Fi. You can face different kinds of small wireless camera in the market but those may not be your choice for the affordable price. Wansview wireless camera is affordable and you are going to get it at $49.99.

We all want the clear and crystal footage to detect what is happening very clearly. This camera has a good feature in giving high quality of video like 1080p. this camera is also accessible with iOS, Android, PC and apple mac software. SO you can monitor what is happening like your baby’s movement on your smartphone. It is making you so safe. The two-way audio system is a smart feature and this camera is featured with two audio through which you can talk and listen to what is happening with the help of this camera.

Surveillance Camera

Wi-Fi connection is a good feature in this technological age because you are not staying home but you need to watch all the happenings wherever you stay. When you have an Android smartphone, then it is possible to watch as it Wi-Fi connected.

It is one of the popular cameras for zoom facilities like you can zoom with a wider view of horizontal 350 degrees and 76 degrees vertical. You may need to capture any video for the close and clear view and it is possible to do with this camera. In the dark night, it is going to make difference because this camera can capture ever scene in crystal clear view. You may also consider Eufy 11s vs 11s max.

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7. YI Dome Camera Pan

When you are planning a camera with a limited budget and want to get some features like good quality of the footage, then you can think of YI Dome Camera Pan at only $39.99. It is really cheap and smart in operation which will ensure full security of every corner of your house and property. This one of the well hidden home security cameras that you can try.

720p high definition video quality can gained from the feature of this camera. There also an advanced glass lens combined with 345-degree horizontal and 115-degree vertical movement. Night vision is also another good feature and you can get an extended view of footage in the dark night.

Wireless IP Camera

We want to talk and listen to coverage then it is possible to talk and listen as it has a two-way audio device which ensures good quality of sound.  Both of you can experience communication of speech smoothly.

As it is Wi-Fi connected and it is possible to use cloud storage system that means you can store data of footage on cloud storage and there is no risk of losing data from this online server.

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8. Zmodo Mini Wireless Camera

If you think that your house should protect from any kind of loss or theft. Then you may seek a better solution from hidden home security cameras which will guard your house. In the market, you have already visited and checked different kinds of the camera but you can’t find any good one. Zmodo can be a good camera for your security service and price may be at $99.99 but also may be high but there are some excellent features of this camera.

Still, the camera records only still footage but you need to add a little bit change from the traditional system. This camera Wi-Fi connection supported, which you can connect to this device and get instant notification from anywhere you stand or stay. Even you may need to talk the guys who are undercover. And you can smooth talk and listen with the two-way audio device of this camera.

Security Camera

Invisible footage can be a big problem. Because you spend money on buying a camera but this camera can’t give any clear view. It may be like nothing is better than anything that doesn’t work according to your requirement. So 720p video quality is a good feature within this budget. And this camera is giving a better quality of video within a limited budget.

Cloud service is one of the important factors for the safety of your data like footage. If you use this camera, then you can store data like footage on a cloud server. And it is one of the safest ways to store data safely.

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9. Wansview Outdoor Hidden Cameras for Home

Security of your house, shop or office is a big concern. Because you don’t want to pass every single moment of anxiety. So your choice should hidden home security cameras and wansview. Maybe one of the good choices to safeguard your house, shop or office as Hidden Cameras for Home. This camera is very cheap which may be under affordability. It costs only $39.99.

Outdoor Security Camera

There are some cameras which can’t used in rainy, snowy or shining weather. You are lucky that this camera is usable in any condition of weather like rainy, snowy or shining weather.

This is wireless and connected to Wi-Fi and it is going to be a great advantage for you. Because you can monitor the coverage of this camera wherever you stay through your android smartphone. So it is the best deal to have a camera with good features with this price.

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10. Ebitcam Security Camera

Technology has paved the way to make our lives more secure and protected. With the help of technology, our life is so safe because we can use a hidden home security cameras. To monitor what is happening at our house or office. Ebitcam is one of the latest technology to make your life secured and protected.

This camera is perfect for your entire home security because you can setup this camera outdoor or indoor. And you don’t have to worried about raining or snowing or shining. This camera works very smoothly in this condition.

Home Surveillance Camera

Excellent night vision is the good feature which works to capture footage of the dark night from far away. Like coverage up to 20 meters with a crystal clear view. Video quality is also excellent because 1280*720p is really giving you stunning video. It is also a Wi-Fi connection through which you can monitor. And stay with the activities of this camera at any time and anywhere.

The above cameras can use as best and cheap hidden home security cameras. Which can monitor your personal life like your baby’s movement your pet’s activities and guard at dark night. To detect any activities like theft by dishonest people. They are not also costly but they are also cheap which is possible to buy for under $100. So this can be the best deal to protect your home with smart features of those smart cameras.

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