Top 20 Free Cell Phones No Money Down No Credit Check

Any time you enter the stores of Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, you’ll see various phones displayed for customers with different tastes to select the best phone of their choice. Interestingly, these phones are free. These free cell phones no money down no credit check are the best choice especially for citizens living on a stringent budget because in this modern world today, a phone is a basic necessity for daily living.

Today, we’re going to cover in-depth the top 20 free cell phones no money down no credit check offered by various cell phone companies.

What Is The Meaning Of Free Phones?

By saying free phones, we don’t mean that you’ll spend a $0 to acquire these phones. Not at all! When we say free cell phones, we mean cell phone units you can purchase with no single credit check and deposit or down payment.

With these free phones, you can get a chance to own a cell phone without the hassle of having bad credit or making any down payment. The method is just an entrepreneurial strategy by telecommunication companies to cell phones to citizens living on a strict budget so they can also meet the basic needs of communication.

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Free Cell Phones No Money Down No Credit Check Locations in the US

If you are interested in availing these phones, you can check your eligibility from the following states across the US and have a chance to enjoy their service.

New York, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Chicago, New York, Utah, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Missouri, and Mississippi.

20 Best Free Cell Phones No Money Down No Credit Check

More often these free cell phones are termed as $0 phones. Although these phones are looked at as low-class phones, they’re essential with thoroughly impressing features, Bluetooth and data connectivity. These free cell phones also have fantastic accessories. Despite the phones being labelled as low-class, if you’re a thorough searcher and a picky buyer, or you make a detailed inquiry before going to shop these phones, there’s a probability that you might land a high-quality device from these free cell phones. Some of these free cell phones are manufactured in good and classic quality.

Some telecommunication companies give numerous privileges and discounts to their customers concerning the free cell phones. These telecommunication companies offer free cell phone no money down no credit check a year after the companies have dropped the price of the phones after their release.

Other companies use this method of selling phones mostly if the phone is not popular among the customers. So, the plan is used as a way of creating awareness about the units.

HTC One M8 Windows phone

HTC One M8 for Windows is one of the latest trends found in a modern cell phone unit. This phone will ultimately bring you the satisfaction and enjoyment you need.

The phone has a charming look which attracts many customers to purchase the phone. It’s uniquely designed and doctored with refined plus an elegance touch.

HTC One (M8) For Windows

Basic Features of HTC One M8 Windows

Most of its features resemble those of its predecessors. This smartphone is designed in an enticing style which makes it a big threat to its competitors. Its well protected using a durable and reliable metal body.

Concerning the phone’s display, HTC One M8 for Windows has high-quality display facilitated by its 5-inch screen. Although the phone isn’t capable of producing AMOLED or high vibrancy display, it provides a first display that’s reliable and great for standard use.

Talking about the HTC One M8 components, this windows phone borrowed most of its components from its original model. Its specs and the hardware are exactly as those of the original HTC One M8. The phone is rich in essential applications and features like the Xbox, Skype, Office, and Outlook. It has a superior OS as its incorporated of both the iOS and Android operating systems a feature that makes this phone to have great software elements.


The phone can match the tastes of people from all walks of life especially for the lovers of Windows operating systems. The ability to last long and firmness of purpose of HTC One M8, plus its vital features makes it have a firm grip and high sense of dependability to the users. The phone has a remarkable mechanism that enables it to have an essential viewing angle for adjusting brightness and color.


Well, you will ultimately enjoy the service and capability found of HTC One M8 Windows but similar to other products, this phone is not perfect; it has some flaws. The common flaws include an inbuilt battery and a confined app store. If the battery is a defect, you cannot change for a better one easily. Another disadvantage is that the phone also has poor photographic features when compared to its competitors in the market. Although it’s a minor issue if you’re not a photoshoot and selfie fanatic, to some, it’s a real bother.

Despite the flaws, HTC One M8 smartphone is a good cell phone with the modern architecture of fantastic design style. You would instead buy HTC One M8 than purchasing a phone like Nokia. Though both the phones operate on a windows system, HTC One M8 is much far important.


This is another excellent free phone. It was launched in 2013.  The LG G2 is efficient, and its performance is at its best despite the phone unit having been launched several years ago.

The time taken to release this phone ready to use by customers was long enough about six months. All along this time the phone was being tried and tested, therefore it’s such a reliable phone concerning performance. Just a year after its introduction in the market, LG G2 was accredited with the award from TIME’S Editors as the best smartphone of the year 2014.

The LG company for quite a long time has posed threats to other phone manufacturers because of high-quality and end-user phone units they produce. You will be surprised at the operating standards showcased by LG G2 they are very close to those of your phone.


Basic Features of LG G2

Presence of duo buttons the control keys buttons and power buttons make this phone the best of its time. The buttons are incredibly convenient to users. Its hardware is much engaging because of the impressive features. LG G2 processor is made of Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800. This processor supports a speed of 2.26 GHz. This feature makes this phone one of the most powerful phones in this modern era.

LG G2 is designed to support expansive network connectivity that users can depend on even those living in remote areas. LG G2 also features an infrared port, Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity. Additionally, the phone is compatible with 4G LTE network coverage. Hence you can rely on its network connectivity.


LG G2 has a user-friendly interface. It’s a cheap phone that you acquire without draining your pockets. It’s very basic, and its functionality is up to date.


The control key and power buttons are considered an advantage by other users but to others its seen as flaws. Some users complain that the keys are wrongly positioned and hence they bother the users so much. The phone also has limited storage because it lacks a slot for microSD. About the durability, the phone is less durable when compared to other cell phone units in the market. The phone is made of plastics one of the key reasons it’s less durable.

Although the flaws might be of much concern, the phone is worth having because of its big size and elegant features associated with it. The phone can suit the lovers of web browsing and social media fans. The phone is also lovely for calling and texting which are basic needs of a cell phone.

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire phone is another free phone that’s worthwhile. The phone was first produced in the year 2014. It’s a good phone that has brought significant competition in the world of cell phones. You can get the phone on Amazon stores. Amazon is the king of online shopping in the USA, so when you buy Amazon Fire phone, you’ll have better and quicker access to Amazon’s online marketplace.

The phone has tried to outshine other famous smartphones in the industry with no success, but it has succeeded in fostering its popularity in the mobile world.

Amazon Fire Phone

Basic Features of the Amazon Fire Phone

About its exclusively well-designed structure, the Amazon Fire phone is an excellent device.

On both sides, the front and back the phone has a modern trend of glass coated with a plastic casing around the edges. It has an excellent sized-screen measuring 4.7’’ which supports a display resolution of 720 by 1280.

The display of the Amazon Fire phone goes hand in hand with the current trends in the market.

The phone operates on the Android operating system. The phone comes with a tutorial to guide new users on how the phone is used and managed. The tutorial provides in-depth guidance concerning the use of two powerful features on the phone; the Firefly and Dynamic Perspective.


The phone has excellent quality, and its performance is something you can bet on. It has a durable battery compared to other units in the market.

With Amazon Fire phone, your shopping at Amazon is brought in your hands. You can access all the Amazon stores through online platform supported by this Amazon phone. So, you can do all manner of online shopping other than enjoying making calls, receiving and sending text messages.


The phone doesn’t have back, and menu buttons and this makes it a more disadvantaged cell phone to other famous phones of its class. The back and menu buttons are features that are common with many Android phones, now that Amazon Fire phone doesn’t feature these elements it’s a drawback indeed.

Amazon Fire phone first-time users can get 24/7 help from the able support team ready to take you the functionality of the phone. This makes the process of using the phone engaging.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha falls on the top list of free government phones. If you love free phones here is a good selection for you.

The phone was launched in 2014. This phone’s introduction to the market led to an actual mileage for the realization of many customers transforming into purchasing Samsung mobile phones.  This was due to enticing features that come with Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Basic Features of The Samsung Galaxy Alpha

This phone is populous in the cell phone industry because of its pretty impressive performance. The phone supports a 720 HD display enabled by its big screen measuring about 4.7-inches. Its display shares the same qualities as those found in superior Samsung cell phones. The front camera produces photos with a 2.1 megapixel, a quality that’s worthwhile for selfie lovers. It operates on a 1.8 GHz octa-core processor.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the ultimate enjoyment to use. The phone has buttons placed in the right positions for convenient pressing. Since the introduction of Samsung Galaxy Alpha into the market, Samsung company has recorded an increase in the number of customers in the USA. What was the reason for rising in number? This Samsung Galaxy Alpha was the very first phone from Samsung unit to have a metal casing. All edges have a metal layer, and the back cover is only plastic.

Advantages of Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The phone is lightweight and has a slim design, the reason for the phone’s remarkable performance. The camera has quality features to offer you fantastic photos.

It is durable, and you can depend on its performance. Its sleek design is an amazing advantage for those who are forever on the go.


The only drawback with Samsung Galaxy Alpha is that it’s expensive for many people.

Other than this phone being expensive to get, is among a must have phones given that it has all the qualities of a standard phone meant for essential communication.

LG Optimus F3

LG Optimum F3 is a smartphone of a screen size of a phone. It has an elegant design, and compact easily fits in the pocket.

LG Optimum F3

Basic Features of LG Optimum F3

The phone works on a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor. This smartphone has a 5MP camera systems for capturing different colour effects.


The phone has a low processing speed when compared to the cell phones of its type in the market.

Although this phone has its flaws, it’s still an excellent free phone for communication

LG G Flex

This phone entered the market for the first time in 2014. It has a big screen size measuring around 6-inches. The phone has a unique feature not common among many smartphones as it has self-healing property.

LG G Flex

Basic Features of The LG G Flex

Many people go after this phone mainly because of the unique self-healing property. The feature is widely sought by customers looking to purchase this phone unit. Additionally, the phone has more special features like a hydrogen finish which heals the phone when it encounters scratches or other physical harm.

The LG G Flex uses 2.2GHz quad-core processor. It has an adequate storage space featuring a 2GB RAM plus 32GB internal storage space.

The phone has a duo camera with the front sided camera having 2.1MP while a rear camera has 13-MP. This LG G Flex is good at taking selfies.


The phone is designed with properties which allow it to eliminate all scratches of all kinds. The phone can last longer compared to its competitors, so the buyer is sure to get the value of the money spent on purchasing the phone unit. The brushed metal appearance and self-healing finish supported by hydrogen coating make the phone a high-end smartphone unit. You can see how great and amazing LG G Flex can make improving your phone experience. It’s such a cool phone to have.


The phone is a disadvantage to users who have small hands as its extremely huge. The phone’s camera is a big disappointment. It takes very poor-quality photos.

However, the LG G Flex phone is an impressive phone for a serene lifestyle because of its user-friendly, has buttons located in good positions for convenience while working with the phone. This phone is a great one for the lovers of free phones.

The self-healing features evident with LG G Flex is a great feature that attracts many customers and will make you see the value of money you invested in the phone.

Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy J5 was launched, and up to date, it has gained fame due to its high performance.

Samsung Galaxy J5

Basic Features

This free phone comes with a great AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. It features an extra-fast processing speed supported by the quad-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A53 chip. This Galaxy J5 has a replaceable battery that can work for 18 hours of service. It has a selfie camera of 5MP with a LED flash.


The phone has a longer battery life for making calls and listening to music, and it’s lightweight.


Samsung Galaxy J5 is an only-plastic phone, so it’s susceptible to breaking and bending.

iPhone 5C

The coming of the iPhone 5C brought a big relief to the total Apple fans. This is because the phone is the only affordable phone from the iPhone family.

iPhone 5c

Basic Features of the iPhone 5C

The phone has a sleek design and modern trends features. Its compounded with a metallic body that attracts the attention of many shoppers.

Regardless, of its small size, the phone is heavy while in the hands. It also comes in a variety of colours including green, pink, blue and yellow. iPhone 5C is an upgrade of iPhone 5S and older version of 5C featuring many aspects from its predecessors.

It has two cameras the front camera allows the users to have real face time video chats. The front-sided camera is 1.2MP and produces a video of 720p HD resolution. For the back camera, it has 8MP and delivers 1080p HD video. These are very high-quality videos that you can’t strain your eyes while watching them.


iPhone 5C is a high-quality device with one of the best camera features. The screen of this phone quite impressive. Although the phone is acquired on big bucks of money, it’s worth the value.


This phone has only one disadvantage. You cannot access the phone’s body parts such as the battery unless you take all the pieces apart.

The iPhone 5C is a cell phone that’s worth the investment of your money. If your elegance and professionalism while dealing with your folks, clients or customers, here is a classic phone for you at a reasonable price.

LG Aspire LN280

This another great phone that supports Bluetooth, ringer ID, and picture ID. With this phone, you can identify all your callers.

LG Aspire LN280

Basic Features of LG Aspire LN280

The phone comes with a 256MB ROM plus a RAM of 512MB. You can enlarge the phone storage with a 32GB microSD. LG Aspire Uses a Qualcomm QSC6155.

Advantages of The LG Aspire LN280

Has excellent network connectivity. It can read the caller ID so that you will know your caller’s identity.


Has poor camera qualities.

Motorola DROID Maxx

The Motorola Droid Maxx is another superb device at 0$. The phone was launched in 2013. The Motorola DROID Maxx is a sure bet when it comes to performance and functionality.

Motorola Droid Maxx

Basic Features of The Motorola DROID Maxx

This phone has ultimately impressing performance which always begins at an exciting point. The storage features of Motorola DROID Maxx are great having 32GB external storage, which is an edge for this phone. With this phone, you no longer have to worry about computing, connectivity, operating system, and displays.

Motorola DROID Maxx has a Snapdragon 600 processor which helps it to offer high-quality services to the user.

The phone has all it takes concerning structure and design. This phone has well-designed software having touchless controls a feature commonly seen in many modern trends of phones.


The most significant advantage of this phone is its ability to swap the battery. This feature is an edge to this particular phone because you can easily find its battery unlike many expensive has hard to get battery replacement accessories.


Motorola DROID Maxx is only limited to offering a resolution of 720p, unlike other modern phones that are currently offering 1080p.

But this phone has nicely outlined RGB with very bright colour effects that make the user applaud the spectacular performance displayed by the phone.

LG 221C

LG 221C is among the best free no money down phones no credit check. It’s efficient for making calls and composing texts aided by the numeric soft keys. The sound features are great for making calls and listening to your favourite music.

LG 221C

Basic Features

The LG 221C comes with a removable battery that’s chargeable. Features various colors and its lightweight weighing about 3.36 ounces.


The phone weighs less hence convenient to move around with. Has a good Bluetooth connectivity for transferring files.


This phone doesn’t have a rear camera and has no microSD slot.

Despite the flaws, LG 221C is an excellent smartphone that you can acquire as a free no money down phone no credit check.

LG Lucid 3

Are you in need of an affordable but extremely dependable free phone? LG Lucid is the best option for you. The LG Lucid 3 is 100% compatible with the 4G LTE network connectivity which makes the phone to offer the high speed of connectivity.

LG Lucid 3

Basic Features of LG Lucid 3

The phone is small in size, easy to carry and walk with it around. It has necessary buttons for convenience use and ports for super connectivity. All these elements are well positioned for quick access.

The phone is rich in software properties. LG Lucid 3 comes with readily installed Google apps, and you can also add your favourite apps from the Google play store. With these phones, you have the ultimate entertainment as it supports music, newsstand, movies, and the TV.


If you are a fan in downloading apps and streaming your favourite videos, music and following your favourite TV programs, this phone is your best fit.

The LG Lucid 3 is designed specifically for high-end web browsing. Therefore, this is an advantageous phone suiting all your desires.


LG Lucid 3 has a poor camera quality because its only limited to taking photos in well-lit environments. You cannot make a picture while in your house, you must go out for proper lighting. Even under well-lit paces, the photo quality is a disappointment.

In conclusion, LG Lucid 3 offers the best network connectivity, and it’s a full entertainment device. If you are a user who is more concerned about network and worry less about taking photos, this is an excellent choice.

Motorola DROID Mini

Motorola DROID Mini is one phone with numerous essential features meant to assist the user in daily living. The phone is affordable as well.

Motorola DROID Mini

Basic Features of the Motorola DROID Mini

This phone is an excellent selection for users who want an affordable, sleek design and compact. Much of this phone’s features use the same technology as DROID Ultra. It has a long living battery life. The phone Offers quality communication through proper connectivity. Motorola DROID Mini processor is fast.

The screen of this phone is 4.7-inches long to give a comprehensive display.


The phone has a desirable size and comes at a reasonable price. It easily fits in a pocket. Its powerful processor is the reason for the phone’s excellent performance.


The Motorola DROID Mini has a poor make and design.

Although the phone has an unpleasant design, a long battery life, fast processor and affordability are among the best features that add value to the presence of this phone.

Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10 has won a lot of popularity in the market because of excellent service and quality features of the phone. This trust and confidence from the public brought tremendous evolution in the entire Blackberry company, and the subsequent phones got a broader market.

Blackberry Z10

Basic Features of Blackberry Z10

The phone is designed in a much professional manner. It is more of a business phone that you will love having in your office.

The battery is removable so changing a worn-out battery with a new one is much easy. It has slots for microSD and micro sim.  Blackberry Z10 cannot fail you when it comes to resolution. It supports a resolution of 720 by 1280 pixels. This resolution is the best so far in the market that a free phone can offer.


The phone’s large size makes it look appealing.


Blackberry Z10 has poor lighting properties.

Nevertheless, the advantages outshine the disadvantages due to the efficiency of this phone. It’s a practical phone that can suit anybody.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime is built in potent quality with various colors such as gold, white, and black.  The phone is able for multitasking as you can run more than one application simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

Basic Features of Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

The phone has a 5’’ display screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. Samsung J3 has a powerful 1.4GHz quad-core processor that supports 1.5GB RAM. It has big storage of 16GB internal space plus an expandable 128GB by use of a microSD card to allow the user store videos, songs, and photos. It has a powerful battery that can work for 408 hours and a talk time of 23 hours.


The phone supports WIFI, Bluetooth and USB and it connects with both 3G and 4G.


Samsung Galaxy J3 doesn’t work with Java software. The phone battery is an average, pixel and resolution density. Samsung Galaxy J3 is not water and dust resistant.

Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928 specially meant for music lovers and other necessities of a phone such as calling and texting. It comes with an app for choosing mix radio and genre of your favourite music.

Nokia Lumia 928

Basic Features of Nokia Lumia

Uses a micro-SIM and has AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The phone screen measures 4.5-inches with a possible resolution of 768 x 1280 pixel with protective gorilla glass. Has large music properties so you can create your favourite playlists. The Nokia 928 has an 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, pure view, panorama, geo-tagging, and xenon flash.


Best for listening to music, video streaming and taking photos.


The phone has no expandable memory space.

Though the phone has no slot for memory, it has an adequate storage space of 32GB and 1GB RAM. This is the best free phone for those who love entertainment.

Apple iPhone X

This is a free phone that’s high-end and comes with exciting phone plans. You can unlock it by use of it face ID recognition feature. This is the modern method of unlocking smartphones.

iphone X Verizon

Basic Features of Apple iPhone X

Uses wireless charging features so no need of so many cables. You only need an inductive charging mat for the phone to charge.

Uses a very secure method of unlocking smartphones which are through face ID recognition. This provides maximum security on your phone.


Apple iPhone X has a big intuitive screen than any other iPhone. iPhone X features OLED technology and a full HD True Tone.


Apple iPhone X is provided as a free cell phone no credit check but be sure to pay some deposit.

The Apple iPhone X is expensive because is a high-end phone but the service of the phone will give you ultimate joy.

HTC Desire 626S

HTC Desire 626S is among the latest trends cell phone brands in the market today. It has an exceptional design of slim and sleek characterization.

HTC Desire 626S

Basic Features of HTC Desire 626S

The phone features a 5-inch LCD screen display of 1280 x 720 resolution. It’s powered by a 1.1GHz quad processor. HTC Desire comes with 2000mAh removable battery.  This phone supports special features such as multiple sensors, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, compass, and accelerometer.


The phone has a replaceable battery and has a slot for microSD to expand your memory for storing apps and all your media.


This phone has minimal storage space of 8GB internal space when compared to the current phones.

However, you will enjoy the amazing and unique features of HTC Desire 626S plus its well-performing processor.

OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 is designed with a big screen in its compact body. The phone’s processor is powerful to boost the service of the dual-lens camera.

OnePlus 6

Basic Features of OnePlus 6

The phone uses fingerprints sensor. Has a superior camera combined with 16 and 20 megapixels? This is a powerful effect that blurs the ground shots. The phone produces high-class selfies. The OnePlus 6 has a resolution of 2,280 x 1080 pixels.

The phone supports a Bluetooth 5, for quick range and proper connectivity. The OnePlus 6 has a 3,300mAh battery capacity.


Has an ample storage space ranging from 6GB, 8GB to 128GB for storing your videos, audio, and photos.


The OnePlus 6 front camera is not good enough for selfies.

HTC U11 Life

This is a well-rounded smartphone covering various aspects of life. The acrylic features of the rear side of HTC U11 makes it stand out among many phones.

HTC U11 life

Basic Features of HTC U11

The phone operates on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chip. This phone comes with a 32GB storage which can be expanded with an external microSD. The 5.2-inches LCD screen display of 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution.


The phone can be acquired as a free cell phone no money down no credit check.


Has poor camera qualities


You’re now equipped with the right information about features of the best free phones. The phones discussed above are the most popular in 2018. Some of them are high-end phones to give you an excellent mobile experience. Have a happy shopping moment.

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