Top 10 Best Free Online Cloud Storage For Android & Cloud Backup App

Big data is the big responsibility for me in the age of enlarged information because I want to back up my data. However, day after day your internal storage of the Android device is being blocked by files, photos, videos and many other important documents. Even You may need to set external storage but they are also covered by our increasing data. you may be a little bit worried about increasing cloud photo storage as it is also a big challenge for saving, securing and using data in the more protected way. Protection of your data like photos, videos, Microsoft word data for personal or business purposes is also a matter of great concern. Everyone needs a protected and secured means of storing data for future use. So cloud storage for Android can be the excellent way of storing data in the more sophisticated way from now.

It is also so embarrassing when your Android’s internal storage is filled up with contents from online sources. You are using Cheap Internet Service Providers And Best Internet Plans on your android and day after day your storage is getting filled with contents from online. So it is the right time to take this matter into consideration. Cloud storage for Android has brought a great change to store data on the basis of online sources. This storage is an online system that is possible to share with people who are standing in a remote place. So you need to know cloud backup app through which you can store data as free online storage system without using your Android’s internal storage.

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Cloud Storage For Android service was initiated by apple inc and this service named as iCloud being popular, there are millions of users to store data like photos, images, videos, music and documents on the remote server, to share and send with permitted access in spite of being wireless. Even to manage stolen iPhone, data stored on iCloud is so important. It is so interesting for family features such as iTunes to share with 5 to 6 family members through iCloud storage plan. At present, you don’t need to buy external storage or disk for storing data because cloud storage for Android is a platform for storing your unlimited data. Yes, the limitation is not going to be a problem anymore as you can increase storage space at free of cost or paying some which are going to be a smart way for you.

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[su_heading size=”20″]Top 10 Best Free Online Cloud Storage For Android Smartphone[/su_heading]

#1 Amazon Drive App

Amazon Drive

If you are keen on unlimited photo storage on the drive then Amazon drive will be a good option. It is a fast file syncing system with the selective process. The latest version of Amazon drive is providing you 24 hours’ support. This drive is also supported by chat and email purposes. Amazon drive is also surely the good app for amazon prime, especially who are using amazon prime.  If you install this app, you can use this drive for storing photos and videos from online sources. It may be so interesting for you if you subscribe at &60 per year. The great benefit of this app maybe you are storing data unlimited at this rate whereas Google claims $100 per year for the only 1TB.

This app is so safe and automatic because you can identify your space used or unused from the app settings and also you can check your contents or data from any device. You may find it as a problem that is you do have a limit of 2GB. It means you are not allowed to upload larger than 2GB. But the desktop based device is available to upload larger files when you feel.

#2 Microsoft OneDrive App

Microsoft One Drive

There are some amazing features of one drive apps which are operating and editing office documents stored in this app, uploading multimedia files from even if the mobile device, create and share folders. If you need these kinds of facilities, then one drive can be useful to you. Even Big data is a big responsibility and to store and save data in a secure way is a big challenge. Microsoft Access can be the easier solution to this problem.  When you have official or confidential huge data works on word, excel and PowerPoint, then you may think of OneDrive app. Even there are exciting facilities of this cloud storage for Android that is sharing your files from desktop or Android.

If it is all about for personal use, then you are going to avail up to 5GB. But if your area is bigger than that space then you need to pay $100 per year. This is a yearly package which can be availed by 5TB of file storage and access to office integrated with the third party. There is another option that is if you only use it then you need to pay only $70 per year. However, the best suggestion can be office 365 is standard for use.

#3 Google Drive App

Google Drive

Business or enterprise need a protected and massive system of storage as a database. Google drive suites those requirements as it is possible to enjoy enough space for this online cloud storage system. Even it is possible to share data or prevents data from loss according to compliance needs.

Most of the people are known to Google Drive for storing data on the basis of online source. This is a drive which can be used to store data up to 15 GB of free storage. You may add up to 100GB at $1.99 per month which may be the cheapest one. Even if you need more space than 100 GB, you can add up to 1TB at $9.99. When different users work simultaneously with each one, there is a sharing process where people permitted can work together with data. So different kinds of document, spreadsheet and presentation related documents can be placed here in this app and there is no complexity about settings of this drive. This cloud storage for Android is perfect for Android, Google and third-party apps for the average users who can only store some important files.

The big facilities of Google cloud backup are for storing unlimited data and you can store data or images, snaps or photos according to your overall data quota.

#4 Dropbox App

Drop Box

If the users don’t want to face the complicated function of storing data in the online drive, Dropbox is going to be the best option. It is known as user-friendly for its simplicity. Though there is limited storage capacity that is only 2GB you the users can add up by following some activities like on-time feedback place, being an active follower and suggesting friends be the follower. It means you are promoting this company and you can get this drive at free of cost.

However, if you want to use up to 1TB of space, then you need to pay $99 per year. Even if you cross the limit of 1TB then, you may need to merge with the business plan of this company. This app may be glitch free or fast. The latest version of this app is it is possible to use this app offline which may let you use documents and files in spite of having no internet connection.

This cloud storage for Android recently is figured out to run a big business activity. So if you have a business activity and need to share files and documents in the larger way then this app is going to best though google drive or Microsoft have already taken a strong place in your business.

#5 Box App


When you are running a small business or an owner of the small business then you can think of Box drive. Box drive may be the alternative way in addition to Dropbox. It is so important to note that box drive is at no cost from google play store.

As box android app was a feature-free matter, but recent version may offer you all the requirements that you may expect like using this cloud storage for Android from offline sources. It can benefit you as you don’t have stay in front of the desktop. You can operate anything in spite of staying away from your desktop.

It is possible to use 10 GB at free cost at the range of 250 MB upload limit. Even you can cost $10 per month for availing up to 100 GB cloud storage and the upload limit may be 5 GB file. Even if you need more space, then you may interest in a business plan to pay at 5$ per month by one user. But the minimum requirement is there should at least three users subscribed here.

#6 MediaFire App


MediaFire is simple to use and it may let you upload your files and you do have access from anywhere with your tablet, pc or computer. If your concern is for photo backup, then this is apps are unique.

Media fire is the best option for those who want to gain free space from online sources. The common features of this android app are it will offer you automatic camera back up for storing photos, videos and audio files. Even you can listen to an audio song from the stored files from using this app. Even you can preview documents which may add more pleasure in using this cloud storage for Android.

However, Mediafire provides you with up to 50 GB of free space this is really good amount indeed. There is a condition to gain this 50 GB at free cost and when you begin with 12 GB, then you need to gain the rest of the amount by doing some activities like you need to refer someone in using this app. According to your referrals achievement, you may not pay any cash. But if you want to use more space like 1 TB, then you have to pay $3.75 per month after choosing an annual subscription.

#7 MEGA App


Mega is the largest file-sharing process for cloud storage. For this Mega are a great app for cloud storage with its simple using process and nice looking apps. If you want to synchronize folders on your pc, then this app is going to be best for you. There is also file versioning process and can recover files if you already deleted. This is a good feature of this apps.

Mega is one of the online drives which can use to ensure your data or files in the more secure way. Your all files and documents or data shall encrypted or decrypted according to your requirement on your device. It ensures your private data more secured and private. The privacy policy of this app is more reliable to the user than any other app may offer.

Mega has a good opportunity if you want to avail at free of cost. Sign up is the pre-condition here and when you sign up here you are going to get 50 GB just like a bonus. But if you need more than 50 GB of storage according to your need, you need to pay 4.99 euro to 29.99 euro. However, if you more focused on the privacy of your data stored in this app, this cloud storage for Android app is going to perfect and best choice.

#8 Resilio Sync App

Resilio Sync

When you don’t have the internet connection, you can use this app which works as the private cloud. The function of this cloud storage is to keep confidence in your data to remote cloud storage system. This app can use to connect your android, pc or any device or remote server to gain automatic back up. And syncing of different files without sending your files to a third party. There is an availability of free online storage limits as you don’t have to worried about space shortage with your connected devices.

There is another problem with this cloud storage app as when battery life will off, then you not allowed to use anymore. But If you are at home or office, then it is not going to be a big problem. Resilio Sync is much more useful for users to be free to download and can transfer device to device. Even if you want to add more device with this cloud storage for Android app. You need to try to use selective sync options and gain changing file permission in the cloud.

The cost of this app is if you pay $39, then you are lucky to use it fora lifetime. You don’t have to renew or repay for this app monthly or annually.

#9 Unclouded – Cloud Manager App


Unclouded featured with Android and it is so compatible with the Android version. So it called one of the easiest android apps which have varied simple ways to store data. It is also user-friendly as you can keep audio, images, videos, pdf files and any official documents. All files can display in standard explorer format and you can also sort by size, date, created or name. Even when you install this app on your android, the notification of this app will inform you. Where you are standing or how much space you are using and remaining space in spite of running some operation.

When you are not keeping confidence in only one app. And seek for different apps to maximize your free storage, then this app can be the good option. Unclouded for Android is a big chance to avail without paying any money. But if there should be more than one cloud account, then you may pay some. Payment will be varied according to the features you want to avail.

However, you can keep files in different folders as per your need. And you can use any folders and files accordingly. This cloud storage is also compatible with many more drives like google drive and Dropbox.

#10 Upthere Home – Cloud Storage App

Upthere Home

Upthere home has started a new way to store data for personal purposes. Its services include lifetime for the users. Everything stored in Upthere is private by default. There is another facility of this app. Data can’t move around to make sure your friends can see your sharing instantly. There is a folder system and also a way of using loops. A loop is a private mode but can share in line with the invitation. It is one of the popular cloud storage for Android where small groups or friends and family members. May engage in the sharing of pictures or multimedia contents.

Upthere Home is one of the newer and smarter cloud apps for the average user. This drive is so interesting for photos features. When you are using this app, you don’t need to store photos or other documents manually. Whenever you are getting photos or videos and other documents from different sources to your device. They will store automatically in this app.

The price of this app is not much more as you can avail up to 100 GB at $1.99. So it is so funny and cheap to use this app.


Time goes on but the quantity of data is also increasing with the demand of time. Storing and using data is one of the big concern in this technological age for secured storage. Every individual wants their data secured, protected and usable. There was a typical system of storing and using data on an SD card or disk drive. But they not trusted as may damage or files lose also destroyed due to other functions of hardware. So isn’t it time think of storing data on a source that is possible to keep data for the lifetime? Here we discussed some important cloud storage for Android for your daily life. Which may a trusted partner for safeguarding your data for the lifetime.

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