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A business organization grows and the IT department may be in big trouble with growing data for controlling, managing and accomplishing.  Cloud service has brought a big change because work will be going on in a more protected and rapid way and it can’t be stopped anyway due to power failure or any unexpected incidents. Part of this fact is cloud storage is a data centre where anyone can participate in the cloud data centre from any part of the world. Business like small, medium and corporate office totally may use some form of cloud system but they are also planning and depending on cloud computing architecture for the operation of the works on 24 hours in deeper and extended way.  

What Is Cloud Computing Architecture?

Cloud computing definition comes from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This institute has defined cloud computing as self-service on the basis of on demand, access to the remote and expanded network, resource pooling, flexibility and rapid extension and measured service. Their definition published in the special publication by the National Institute of Standards and Technology is also “The Cloud Computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.”

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Advantages of Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud is getting much popularity for its diverse works which accelerates the function of all types of business. There are still some systems in the IT department like purchasing software and licensing after a fixed time. Cloud storage has no extra cost for the purchase of software or licensing. Works in relation to Information technology will be better and faster and costs will be reduced for the business. Cloud Unlimited storage space is a great concern for the business. When business is expanded, then the data quantity will be increased. Business needs an effective system of datacenter through which it will be possible to function IT related works from front user to end user from any part of the world. Here are some advantages of cloud computing in the requirement of a business.

Cloud computing architecture

  • Minimization of Cost

A business is hiring more employees for the extension of business as well as trying to minimize cost for different purposes. For IT works, purchasing and licensing automated software for data storage is common. Cloud computing architecture can cut the spending in the area of Information Technology because unlimited data storage is merely possible for cloud storage and it can reduce the unnecessary cost of IT related works. Onetime payment or pay as you go for unlimited cloud storage can make company free from frequent spending.

  • Backup and Recovery

Cloud computing is a trusted partner for business where there is no risk of losing data from the unlimited storage plan. When you are storing data on your own server not supported by Cloud, loss or damage of data may be common and may occur for a natural calamity like earthquake, storm, and theft. If a business stores data on a cloud server, there is no way of loss or damage to data. You can backup and also recover data at any time or anywhere. Even it is one of the easiest methods of storing data for backup and recovery.

  • Automatic Software Integration

Cloud computing is like a modern and new concept and you may think that this system is only integrated with specified and recommended software. That is not true because it is integrated with any available software automatically. For this, you don’t need to try a lot to install other software to make it in use. Even customization is so easy and can be compatible with any other software application. So it is one of the benefits that you are going to use this cloud computing system which may suit your business needs.

  • Access to Information

Through the internet, cloud computing system has brought a big change in the field of the business world. One after registration can have instant and easy access to cloud computing information from any part of the world and continue to work ceaselessly. So there is no issue with a geographical location that one can’t use this system in any place of the world.  

  • Acceleration of Business Task

when you set this cloud computing architecture, you take full advantages for acceleration of tasks because it takes a few minutes to be accomplished. This is functional and automatic system and according to the rules of uses, you are going to complete your work requirement on this cloud computing architecture.

  • Limitless Storage

Most of the growing business are much concerned about the storage capacity of the traditional and current system for storing data. Cloud computing architecture is a system where there is no limit to storing data. You can continue to grow after upgradation and enhancement of storage capacity.

These are advantages from using cloud computing architecture and a business can depend on this system for faster and better performance of business works like access of data, sharing on the basis of demand, applications, server management and effective networking from front to end. In spite of having so many advantages, there may be some problems that some may face like hacking due to unconscious control, lack of technical knowledge and may be unsecured in the cloud system. However, if it is controlled and used in the right way, business has lots of benefits for performing faster than before.

Cloud Computing Architecture 

The Function of Cloud Computing Architecture

Before designing cloud computing architecture, one should know how it drives it’s all section. There are two sections in the design of cloud computing system like the front end and back end.

  • Front End Cloud Computing 

Computer users or clients face in the visible interface with the help of internet. So same interface can’t reach by all cloud systems.

  • Back End Cloud Computing

Backend provides all kinds of built-in security, traffic control, and protocols. It is the part of all resources to conform cloud computing system.

The Cloud Computing Architecture

For increasing your business efficiency, you may plan to set up cloud server through cloud computing architecture. Cloud computing architecture is to design the way where cloud server takes full control, management, and accomplishment of all application. Data can replicated and conserved from a remote place for the cloud configuration. Obviously, this is going to be your new system in your business. So some issues should be taken into consideration like-

  • Cloud Computing Architecture Charge

For designing your cloud computing architecture, you need to take a clear view of cost because cost depends on private and public clouds. There is a big difference in costs between servers in the same datacenter and on-premises datacenter.

  • Cloud Computing Architecture Speediness

Cloud computing architecture is more elastic for speed management and you may also opt for different ways to fasten your application in the cloud system. However, it can be better to use that cloud system which is favourable to the geographical difference.

  • Cloud Computing Architecture Complexity

Cloud computing architecture is new and can be so uninteresting to use without having proper knowledge. This system may so complicated for those users who don’t have enough technical knowledge of this cloud system. Before your designing cloud computing architecture, technical knowledge to function this system should spread among the probable users.

  • Cloud Computing Architecture Security

with the help of the public internet, cloud computing architecture may be vulnerable to attack by the third party or hacked by a hacker. Public internet helps the system available to different registered users around the world. It can not said surely that this cloud system will protect from any threat. So security concern should taken into consideration in a more protected way to make sure the safety. And security of this modern and new system.

Here we are discussing some cloud computing architecture diagram which may give you insights on a cloud system.

  • Multi-Datacenter Architecture

In different places around the world, you may spread and share your cloud system in numerous datacenter. When your cloud system adapted for numerous datacenter connecting another layer of redundancy and protection. If it done, every data centre will out of the way but the same for geographical benefits. One side may not have power or network but there will be no interruption for the continuous works.

So it can be a good cloud system design for better efficiency of your whole site or application. Because all datacenter should continue to work simultaneously to make sure no interruption.  

  • AutoScaling Architecture

Autoscaling architecture is one of the most popular and lots of benefits and it can use on the horizontal scale. In this system, it is possible to increase the number of running server possessions. If needed it can reduce in line with loads of cloud server application.

Alert based and queue-based scalable setup ensures your attaching multiple servers. And make a bi scalable architecture where you may have back and front array.

  • Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Your data centre is so important because your total business function. And data is running and stored on the cloud-based site. For good combination with public or private cloud or dedicated hosted servers, hybrid cloud site architecture can be good option to design. This site design is portable and it is possible to use the same components. Like server templates and write scripts for the same operating servers in relation to multiple public or private clouds.

So for multiple cloud components pools without thinking only a cloud, this is a like effective tool for solution based cloud computing architecture.

  • Redundant-3Tier-Architecture

For larger and faster data centre, redundant-3-tier architecture design can be very effective for failover and recovery purposes. Autoscaling can be merged in this cloud computing architecture design when a server array for application is possible to use. Even if there is no autoscaling system, this cloud design can be compatible with each tier of the reference architecture.

Two Load balancer servers two applications software and master. Or slave database servers are the combined design of redundant design which can save site or application from system downtime.

  • Scaleable Architecture with Membase

Design of scalable architecture with Membase can be a good option for cloud site or application design. It is possible to use Membase nodes for the database tier. When you are not interest to using master-slave MySQL setup. Membase database tier is a distributed NoSQL database that can replicate data from Membase nodes.

There is a fraction to use this application like when you have enterprise edition. Volumes can merge with each node, and community edition does not comply with volumes.  

  • Scalable Multi-Tier-Architecture with Memcached

To design your application or site in more protected and stable for smooth operation where numerous static content and reads in line with the database system, you need to design your cloud computing architecture with a Memcached layer in your cloud application to make sure offload a read-heavy database. Memcached is one of the best tools for open sources which is a distributed memory space for the caching system.

This is going to be a smart way to speed up the operation of the cloud computing architecture and reduce the load capacity which may be so embarrassing while operating. Application servers relentlessly work to ensures write in the database. And lots of objects may recover with the help of a Memcached server.

  • Single Cloud Site Architecture

Single cloud site architecture called a standard three tire website architecture. It is a single site which has at least a single dedicated server to operate a cloud-based architecture. There are key components of this cloud computing architecture like load balancing server, application server, and database server.

  • Non-Redundant 3 Tier Architecture

From the point of start development and test purposes. This nonredundant 3 tier architecture can be useful for the cloud application system. Dedicated server for every tier of the cloud application site performs well to save costs and resources. When you have a large area of production of business, this architecture may not be perfect for being nonredundant and you should seek to design other cloud computing architecture for smooth operation.


In the growing business, the cost of the IT department is also on the rise. Update and the modern system can make a big difference in business process and leadership because one step ahead means taking competitive advantages. Cloud computing architecture can minimize the cost of IT department for growing company as it supports the works as on the go and it can be adaptable to authorized users for performing tasks on the basis of demand. So your business should plan this cloud system for faster and better performance from now.

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