10 Best Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones 2021

Assurance wireless is the quickest growing and the second biggest Lifeline Assistance smartphone carrier working in the US. The program is currently offering assurance wireless smartphones in the District of Columbia and 29 States. The assurance wireless program is managed by virgin mobile in the issuance of assurance wireless compatible phones.

The federal universal service fund gives Lifeline government welfares through the usage of telecommunication companies such as the assurance wireless which is an assistance program providing assurance wireless compatible phones to the financially disabled families in the United States.

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Assurance wireless program provides assurance wireless phone upgrade services to a million Americans per month. Such services are possible because of the subsidy received by Virgin Mobile from the federal government of the US. The federal government has partnered with the Universal service fund and reached an agreement of giving 10 dollars per month for every subscriber given the assurance wireless compatible phone. Through this welfare program, the government has helped many families that earn low income to access basic communication facilities at a very low price or even spend 0$ on communication.

However, the terms and conditions apply. The regulations dictate that a lifeline program can only give assurance compatible phones to a single homestead. Many Americans have great experiences with assurance wireless lifeline assistance program, and you don’t want to miss on that list.

If you are not captured under any lifeline assistance service, visit the universal service funds website for more information regarding assurance compatible phones.

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Assurance Wireless smartphones

[su_heading size=”20″]Top 10 Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones 2021[/su_heading]

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#1 Samsung Entro Virgin Mobile

This assurance wireless compatible phone works well on Virgin Mobile PayLo prepaid service. Virgin mobile provides unique network coverage with Assurance Wireless service. Samsung Entro mobile is only usable on virgin mobile and assurance wireless. It cannot be used on any other networker provider such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Metro, Boost, TracFone and NET10.

Samsung Entro

This assurance wireless compatible phone has no camera, but it has the basic features needed for effective communication like basic flip phone, external display, backlit keys, voice-activated commands, text messaging and voicemail caller ID. This virgin mobile has a full screen measuring 1.07’’for an efficient external display to show battery life at a glimpse, the date, the time, reception and the huge screen also help in showcasing the name together with the number of any incoming calls.

This assurance wireless compatible phone is suitable for users who want just a basic phone to communicate. This phone has a watch, an effective alarm clock and the best for responding to emerging issues.

Its battery life is excellent and can serve you ultimately if you are always glued to your phone all day long. This is the best phone for users who are obsessed with their phones.

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#2 Samsung Montage Virgin Mobile

Montage prepaid phone is assurance wireless compatible phone that is only limited to Paylo virgin mobile plans. If you love Samsung devices, then here is a gadget you can trust. The phone has basic features meant for a basic phone.

Samsung Montage is run by Paylo Virgin mobile. The phone has a small storage space of 40MB. Even though it has low storage space the phone is dependable during communications.

Virgin Mobile Montage

This assurance wireless compatible phone has a keyboard which is silver in colour. You will be amazed at the slide QWERTY keyboard of the Samsung montage as it is simple to use.

The Samsung Montage supports both the second generation network connectivity 2G and the third generation network coverage 3G. You will also enjoy the advantages of a wireless connection provided by assurance wireless.

Samsung montage which is assurance wireless compatible phone has a 2-megapixel camera that is compatible with the CDMA technology. If you love excellent shots, then Samsung Montage is the best for you.

The phone measures 41″ x 2.13. Comes with a battery of capacity 1000mAh and a good sized screen measuring 2.4″. The phone is hence durable, economical and reliable. Virgin Mobile Montage has a well-threaded text messaging service for its users. This assurance wireless phone supports web access, IM and Email. The phone is designed with a hands-free Bluetooth.

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#3 Kyocera Brio PayLo by Virgin Mobile

Kyocera Brio prepaid phone is assurance wireless compatible phones by PayLo Virgin mobile. This virgin mobile has a decent QWERTY keyboard that has a good display for easy access to phone features. The keyboard allows fast, comfortable typing experience that many texters embrace.

The phone has a digital zoom camera with no flash. Its camera is 1.3 Megapixels. These features allow the user to snap and keep photos in a flash with its inbuilt microSD storage. The Brio phone supports a variety of email options such as Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Windows Live Hot mail or corporate ail. You can choose your attractive email option and share your photos with your loved ones.

Kyocera Brio

This assurance wireless compatible phone is intuitively structured with multimedia messaging, Bluetooth 2.0, and internet browsing for convenience use. It has proper voice-activated commands. With this Virgin Mobile device, you can easily sync the contacts on your phone and use Kyocera’s activated call commands to communicate with your contacts. It is also possible to initiate voice-activated dialling and manage all your calls through rooting your phone Bluetooth. Kyocera Brio prepaid phone is among the assurance compatible phones that has sleek make, and it’s interface allows quick navigation, emailing, calling and messaging.

Kyocera Brio is a virgin mobile that will allow you the freedom to travel and roam while connected to your loved ones via this virgin mobile.

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#4 LG G Stylo Boost Mobile

LG Stylo is the best assurance wireless phones that can serve well the users want an assurance wireless smartphone. It is a sleek assurance wireless smartphone that is accompanied by an embedded stylus. The stylus facilitates ultra-accuracy and extra speed on the smartphones’ 5.7-inch screen.

LG G Stylo

The built-in stylus pen allows the user to have a unique experience with this gadget as it makes the phone to act as a blank canvas. LG Stylo has a high-definition IPS touchscreen. The phone is combined with a powerful Android 5.1 operating system. This is a great device provided for a very affordable price. LG G Stylophone is a virgin mobile locked phone.

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#5 Motorola Triumph Virgin Mobile

Motorola Triumph is among the top assurance phones recognized with its superfast 1GHz processor speed. This assurance wireless smartphone is designed with high-end functionality features you will love. Motorola TRIUMPH supports 3G network coverage, and through the use of Virgin Mobile, the network provides pretty good multimedia features. With this virgin mobile, the user can choose among the various plans provided for its subscribers like unlimited text, voice, and unlimited data.

Motorola Triumph

This phone is the best assurance wireless phones 2018 has a thin, sleek and easy to carry design. This feature allows the phone to fit into the users pocket or small purse easily. The phone features 5-Mega Pixel camera on the backside and an additional VGA camera on its front side to allow video chats with your loved ones.

Motorola TRIUMPH is developed with a superior Android 2.2 operating system that is highly integrated with many Google services ranging from Google+ and Gmail to YouTube and Google Maps. For users who desire an assurance wireless smartphone, here is a top recommendation having the most recent games and apps that can be easily downloaded from its Android Market.

The phone has an optional microSD memory slot to allow the user to expand the phones storage space to store your huge library of videos, photos, and music. The phone supports up to 32GB external memory. This assurance wireless compatible phone has extra special features like quick Wi-Fi networking connectivity to enhance both home and on the go hotspot experience.

The phone supports a hands-free Bluetooth that is compatible with stereo devices for music streaming. It is developed with a complete HTML web browser that supports Adobe Flash. This feature allows the users of this best assurance wireless phone 2018 to access corporate e-mail easily.

Motorola TRIUMPH has 1400mAh lithium-ion battery that can serve the user for over 4 hours talk time. While working on standby time, the phone can go for about 3 days. If you want to enjoy the service of an assurance wireless phone, you can try out Motorola TRIUMPH for a fantastic experience.

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#6 LG Stylo 2

LG Stylo 2 prepaid is a carrier locked the phone to virgin mobile service alone. LG Stylo 2 prepaid is rated among the best assurance phones. The phone comes with various wonderful features such as the 5.7-inches touchscreen, adequate storage space for storing your pictures, videos and music. It has a powerful processor that facilitates a great speed for various functions with the phone. The speed allows you to play many games on this smartphone.

LG Stylo 2

The LG Prepaid is such a pretty gift from assurance wireless. This phone supports quick browsing hence the user will enjoy the best social media experience and chatting with your family members and friends will be an easy task. The phones’ HD camera gives you many high-quality selfies when you go out on vacation.

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#7 Kyocera Contact Black Virgin Mobile

This phone is light-weight 3.27 ounces, and it measures 0.68’’ by 2.05’’ by 3.94’’. Kyocera contact black is such a good assurance wireless phone with Internet-enabled features to allow you to browse and sync your emails and chat with friends on social media. It’s made with a removable battery 870mAh to allow the user 6 hours nonstop talk time. The phone uses a 480 MHz QUALCOMM processor. This phone is therefore reliable and fast when using GPS function or gaming.

Kyocera Contact

Kyocera contact black has inbuilt predictive message templates and text entry which allows a quick typing. The front screen of this phone is designed with an LCD of 1.44’’ with an additional camera having 128 by 128-pixel resolutions.

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#8 Alcatel OneTouch Retro

Alcatel OneTouch features the most basic menu access elements such as messaging, settings, display and ringers. It is a phone having an excellent fit for you who like simplified features of a phone. The stylish flip design carrying large keypad makes messaging of pictures, dialling, and texting a simple task. It is also possible to record videos on its 2 MP camera which is also useful in taking photos.

Alcatel OneTouch

For the lovers of entertainment, Alcatel OneTouch Retro will act as your portable MP3 player, TV or radio. Alcatel OneTouch is an assurance wireless phone that allows the user to surf the web very quickly. Has a hands-free and short-range Bluetooth headset that can download/upload from or to a PC.

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#9 Kyocera JAX (Assurance Wireless by Virgin Mobile)

This assurance wireless phone is relevant to put in the pocket because of its small size. Kyocera JAX Prepaid by Virgin Mobile provides instant communications with its proper features in voice calls, text messaging and social networking. This great assurance wireless compatible phone also features an integrated speakerphone, 250 capacity phonebook, backlight, alphanumeric keypad; personalized organizational tools a long-lasting battery to withstand over 3 hours of talk time.

Kyocera JAX

With this Virgin Mobile phone, so many plans are set for you at an affordable price. You can select a pay-as-you-go plan to cater for the minutes you will use. For those who love talking much on the phone, you can go for unlimited calling at 49.99 USD/month and fanatics of text messaging you can subscribe to no-annual-contract plans that have combined unlimited messaging plus talk time.

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#10 Samsung M340 Virgin Mobile

Samsung M340

This phone is designed with clamshell features. Most important features of Samsung M340 are like speakerphone, VGA camera, and Bluetooth compatibility and advanced voice dialling. The phone also supports Java, text messaging, MMS, and hearing aid compatible.

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[su_heading size=”20″]Register Today For Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones[/su_heading]

Enrolling with any lifeline assistance company is very simple. You only need to get the assurance wireless Lifeline program that is within your state or city. While on the assurance wireless search box, enter the name of your city or state and check if it is added to the assurance wireless. If your city is captured on their network coverage, then just check the eligibility requirements as set by your state. Fill out appropriately on the application form and submit for verification. During the application process, you can also send any supporting documents that can help increase your chances of qualifying for assurance wireless compatible phones.

Assurance wireless smartphones are just like any other standard smartphone with great features. The assurance wireless smartphones have lovely software functionality. These phones can perform all the essential functions that are familiar to the new generation of people.

With assurance wireless, subscribers to this service are provided with assurance wireless smartphones with top-notch services that have broad network coverage nationwide. The assurance wireless smartphones are mainly given to Americans who are financially disadvantaged.

Assurance wireless has standard plans and packages in their assurance wireless smartphones. The assurance wireless is backed by Virgin mobile company. They provide free smartphones and free minutes of monthly airtime. You can upgrade your current phone at a fee of 29.99 USD as offered by the company. Such an amount is not too much while using the service of assurance wireless smartphone that has its services subsidized by the government. Subscribers can enjoy this offer by assurance wireless from the states of Kansas, Georgia, Arkansas, Hampshire, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

[su_heading size=”20″]Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade[/su_heading]

If you want an assurance wireless phone upgrade, it is simple. Just visit the assurance wireless website and go to customers account section to apply. Alternatively, you can contact their customer care service phone as indicated on their website and inquire about your qualification status for an assurance wireless phone upgrade.

People have numerous reasons for wanting an upgraded phone from assurance wireless. If you are still in possession of a primary phone provided to you by assurance wireless during g your first sign up with them, you can go for an assurance wireless phone upgrade as long as you qualify for the service.

Assurance wireless phones have well-versed functionality software systems. Assurance wireless smartphones are much better when compared to basic phones. In this article, we review ten best assurance compatible phones from which you will know what kind of smartphone you can apply from the assurance wireless compatible phone.

[su_heading size=”20″]Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement[/su_heading]

When you are given assurance wireless phones, they come with a one-year warranty from the original device manufacturer. If your first assurance wireless compatible phone experiences some technical problems, or any malfunction, you need to report to your immediate assurance wireless phone location. They will plan on how you will get an assurance wireless phone replacement. If you accidentally lose your phone or your phone get stolen, report to your assurance wireless company straight away so that your assurance wireless compatible phone service is suspended. In case you had some remaining balances they will not be used after the suspension. The assurance wireless company will arrange on how to get your assurance wireless phone replacement. It is possible for you to get your assurance wireless phone replacement within a few days after reporting and it could be free. However, the assurance wireless phone replacement model might not be the same as the original device.

[su_heading size=”20″]How Do I Get A New Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones?[/su_heading]

  1. The first thing you need to do is determine national companies that are currently offering the assurance services in your state.
  2. Secondly, look at each company’s eligibility requirement, cell phones offered by the company and programs.
  3. After choosing the company that you want to apply for its assurance services, fill out the application form provided to you and submit it to the company’s’ mailing address.
  4. The last step involves checking with your home state to confirm their requirements for you to be registered under a lifeline program.

If you your eligibility is verified and approved then you will be in to receive an assurance phone.

[su_heading size=”20″]Is SafeLink And Assurance Wireless The Same?[/su_heading]

No. they are not the same because SafeLink focuses on providing completely free services to its clients while the services of assurance wireless are mainly based on the customer’s convenience. Assurance wireless avails numerous cell phones for its customers to choose from and it also gives a lot of information to its customers. These two aspects help differentiate between SafeLink and assurance wireless.

[su_heading size=”20″]Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade Locations in the US?[/su_heading]

Assurance wireless offers its phone upgrade services in the states of Connecticut, Colorado, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Colombia, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Hampshire, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Washington and new jersey.

Each state has a different assurance eligibility measures so check with your state for certainty.

Alternatively, assurance wireless compatible phones are found in most online marketing hubs such as eBay and Amazon. Most of the assurance wireless phones were released some years back, but many subscribers still find these phones to be a great tool more so the elderly who are just in need of a primary phone for communication.

[su_heading size=”20″]What Else Are You Required To Know About Assurance Wireless Program?[/su_heading]

The assurance wireless program gives qualified subscribers free assurance phones and 350 minutes for both long distance and local calls. The users are also offered unlimited text messaging services on a monthly basis. For newly subscribed users, you are given 500 free minutes per month for your first four months of using the service.

If you want to increase your number of minutes, you can pay a small amount of money per month. Extra voice minutes are charged as listed below:

  • 10 cents every minute without any package involved
  • Extra 750 minutes plus 1000 text messaging package charged at 20 USD
  • Additional 250 talk time minutes for 5 USD

Virgin Mobiles’ is not only restricted to altruism. Lifeline assistance programs earn extra cash through users who purchase text messaging services and talk time minutes. The primary goal of any lifeline program is to retain customers through the issuance of free assurance wireless phones and later on transfer these users to other profitable plans after the improvement of their financial status.

[su_heading size=”20″]Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)[/su_heading]

What’s Assurance Wireless?

Assurance wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program that works through Virgin Mobile in providing affordable telecommunication services to citizens who are financially disabled in the US.

What’s Lifeline Assistance?

It is a federal government benefit program sponsored by the federal universal service fund in offering cheap communication services to the low-income earners in the United States.

What Network Does Virgin Mobile Use?

Virgin Mobile USA uses Sprint in offering its network coverage countrywide.

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