How To Windows 8, 8.1 Password Reset With Easy Methods


Microsoft on October 12, 2012, release  their operating system. These operating system Microsoft 8 introduced lot’s of change, such as security system, user experience etc. Microsoft also releases their operating system for the smartphone user. Now Microsoft was competing with Android OS and IOS. The user can accept these operating same like Android and IOS. With updated technology, Microsoft invents a new form of operating system Windows 8.1 and windows 10. Now back to the topics, here you provide you how to windows 8 password reset. Sometimes we forget our PC (personal Computer) password. But when we wear this kind of problem, then we go to the nearest computer service center, or let the computer with a new Windows. As a result, a lot of useful things that our data is lost. But you can also manually solution to this problem, without spending any money and without any bootable disk. You may be wondering how it is possible. Yes, it’s possible, just carefully read our instruction and use it. So let’s see how to windows 8 password reset.

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How To Windows 8, 8.1 Password Reset Using Bootable Disk.


1.  First Turn on your Windows 8 operating system, I mean turn on your PC.

2. Here you see password box and you don’t know the password.

3. Insert a windows 8 bootable disk on your PC and restart your PC.

4. Now boot this disk using boot key, like F12, F9, F10, F5, F2, ESC.

5. After booting disk, you get a windows 8 booting page and press NEXT button.


6. Now press Repair your computer >> Troubleshoot >> Advanced Options >> Command Prompt.


7. Now input the command and hit enter key


cd windows
cd system 32
ren utilman.exe utilman_bak.exe
copy cmd.exe utilman.exe (Note: here you see 1 file<s> copied)

8. Now Turn Off you PC.

9. After Turn off PC start again and go to password page.

10. Click on Ease of Access icon and get cmd.

11. Now input this command and hit the enter:


 Control userpasswords2

12. Here you got a user accounts page.

13. Select user account and click Reset Password, here input new password and click Ok, again click OK. Then close cmd and Login to windows.

14. Again Open cmd and write the command and hit the enter:


net user <write your user account name> <write new password>
Ex: net user itech password1122

15. Now go to Desktop>> Computer >> Local Disk (C:) >> Windows >> System 32 and find utilman file then delete.

16. Find utilman_bak file and Rename utilman file. (Note: Maybe you don’t rename this file, because you don’t have permission. For the rename permission, right click on utilman_bak and go to properties >> Security >> Advanced >> Change permission >> Change >> write your username  on (Enter the object name to select box) and click Check Name then click ok , then Apply OK >> back to the security page and select Users >> Edit >> again select Users and check all permission for user then click Ok) Now you have to change the file name.

17. Ok your windows 8 password reset is done and enjoy it.


How To Windows 8, 8.1 Password Reset Using Software.

1. First Turn Off your windows 8 , 8.1 operating system.

2. Now you need another PC to Download and install Windows Password Geeker Advance software.

3. Plugin a blank USB flash disk and run the software.

4. Now check burn to USB and select your USB flash disk name from the pull-down list and then click Burn button then click Yes. (Note: Your USB will be format, confirm your USB flash disk is blank then click Yes)

5. Waiting a few minutes for burning process.

6. Now Turn On your locked PC and plugin the bootable USB flash disk in these PC and then boot the USB flash disk, using F2, Delete, F9, F12, F10, F5, ESC.

7. Now you see your PC will start Microsoft windows PE. After few minutes the “Windows Password Reset Advance” software is open automatically.

8. Here select “1. Administrator” and then click “Reset Password” click Ok, now see your “Administrator”Show blank password.

9. Now Reboot your PC. After restart you see that your password is hacked and your PC is run without any password.