How To Password Recovery Windows 10 Via Secret Ways


Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. In the world over 11.42 % XP, 52.47 % windows 7, 2.61 % windows 8, 10.4 % windows 8.1 and 11.85 % Windows 10 users are using Microsoft operating system. Microsoft new invention is Windows 10 on July 22, 2015, Microsoft release this operating system . Microsoft makes this operating with the new design, high security and user-friendly.  Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 already earned a good popularity among users, is the same as Windows 10, and will be able to retain their popularity. We are generally useful for all documents stored in personal computers and its security, we use the computer password. But under the pressure of daily life, a lot of time, we have forgotten the password for your own computer. But for the password recovery, we have to help the computer service centers and some of us are spending money, sometimes to the password recovery is not possible, Sometimes it is not possible to password recovery, then the computer is a new operating system, it is to lose us in the computer files. However, if you wish, free of cost at home and can easily password recovery. We already post how to windows 7 password reset and how to windows 8, 8.1 password reset. Now I will discuss how to windows 10 password recovery. Read carefully our step by step method and recovery your password.

How To Password Recovery Windows 10 Using CMD



1. First Turn on your Windows 10 operating system.

2. Here you see password box and you don’t know the password.

3. Insert awindows10 bootable disk on your PC and restart your PC.

4. Now boot this disk using boot key, like F12, F9, F10, F5, F2, ESC.

5. After booting disk, you get windows 10 setup page.

6. Now press SHIFT + F10 and you will get the command prompt.

7. Write this below command 1 by 1 on the command prompt and hit Enter:

move d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak
copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

windows 10 cmd

8. After successfully replace this file remove windows 10 bootable disk (DVD) and restart your PC. For restart command is:

wpeutil reboot

9. After the restart, you PC go to on Sing in the page and then go to Utility Manager.

windows 10 utility manager

10. When you click Utility Manager you got cmd.exe page and write this below command 1 by 1 and hit the Enter:

(Note: Replace the <username> and write a new user name for new admin create. Ex: If your username is Jack then write here Jack2)

net user <username> /add
net localgroup administrators <username> /add

windows 10 comman prompt

11. Now close the cmd.exe page and go to Sing In page again here you see that a new account and click that account then Login your PC without any password.

windows 10 sing in page

12. After Login, your PC right click on the Start Menu and then click Computer Management.

windows 10 start menu

13. After open Computer Management page goes to Local Users and Groups then open Users folder. Now choose the old User Name and right click and then click Set Password 10 set password

14. When you click on Set Password then see a dialog box then click Proceed.

windows 10 new password

15. Now write new password here and then click ok. Now you can access your old user admin, check it out and enjoy it.

I hope you understand it, if you don’t under or you face any trouble, please comment me I will try your problem solution.


Method 2: How To Windows 10 Password Recovery Using Software.

1. First Turn Off your windows 10 operating system.

2. Now you need another PC to Download and install Windows Password Geeker Advance software.

3. Plugin a blank USB flash disk and run the software.

4. Now check burn to USB and select your USB flash disk name from the pull-down list and then click Burn button then click Yes. (Note: Your USB will be format, confirm your USB flash disc is blank then click Yes)

5. Waiting a few minutes for burning process.

6. Now Turn On your locked PC and plugin the bootable USB flash disk in these PC and then boot the USB flash disk, using F2, Delete, F9, F12, F10, F5, ESC.

7. Now you see your PC will start Microsoft windows PE. After few minutes, the “Windows Password Reset Advance” software is open automatically.

8. Here select “1. Administrator” and then click “Reset Password” click Ok, now see your “Administrator” Show blank password.

9. Now Reboot your PC. After restart, you see that your password is hacked and your PC is run without any password.