How To Android Phone Data Recovery From Internal Memory


What Is Data Recovery?

If you ever make mistakes as well as the necessary data, is deleted from your android phones. If you want to restore the deleted data, is the name of the data Recovery.

What Is The Benefit Using Data Recovery?

Android phones Recovery is one of the most important things for every latest smartphones user. Because a mobile is a machine, and the machine does not understand emotions, understands commands only, and err is human. So that any time you lost your important data like document, photo, video, recording etc. from your smartphone. So if you know about data recovery, then the data is deleted, you will have no fear inside. So, you know, how important is to know about recovery. Let’s see how you can easily make android phones recovery.

How to Data Recovery from Android Phones?

Any time any cause format or deleted your data on your android phones. When you will lose your important data, you go into thinking that how to data recovery from my android phone. Don’t worry, we provide you how to easily recover from your android phones. Here we show you best two way to recovery. See, our step by step data recovery methods.

Android Phones Data Recovery Using Software

Android Phones Data Recovery, is the most simple and fast way is data recovery software. If have a PC (Personal Computer) Just download wondershare recovery software and install on your PC. This Recovery android software you will download free and premium version, suddenly your needs, you can use the free data recovery software version. Before you install this software, you have to know some system requirement for you PC, for ex. Processor 1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit), RAM 1 GB, HDD 1 GB. Let’s see how to Android Phones Recovery Using Software.

Step 1: First connect  USB cable to your PC and Android Phones/ Tab computer.

Step 2: Now enable USB debugging mode from your Android Phones/ Tab computer.

android phones usb debugging mode

Step 3: While connecting your mobile phones/ tablet computer with your PC. Now select, what type of data you can recovery and press Next button.
android Data Recovery

Step 4: Now start scanned removable data from your android phones. Wait until complete scanning data and then save data on your PC.

Android Phones Recovery Using Apps

Android phones recovery also simple methods is Data Recovery Using Apps. Because, everybody doesn’t have PC. So, if you don’t have any PC you can use Apps to recovery your data. If you use this method, you must have an SD card, which space is 8 GB/ 16 GB. Because, while you recovering your data from android phones, then you will need to save data to SD card. Ok, download these two apps GT Recovery or Undelete Recover Files & Data  for recovery from Google play store and install on your android phones.

Step 1: Open android apps from smartphone phone / tab computer.

Step 2: Now select your recovery file and press ok.