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TP-Link is a most popular wireless router company. TP-Link started its journey in 1996, is the founder of two brothers, Zhao Jianjun (Cliff Chao) and Zhao Jiaxing (Jeffrey Chao).TP-Link is a powerful wifi router, it supports 3G/4G network. But sometimes this kind of router create some problems like internet speed slow, Frequency is well but the Internet,  is not connected, forgot name or user password etc. We are often facing such problems. Sometimes we broke routers for this kind of problem, in fact, it’s an electronic device may be a problem. Sometimes these small problems could change the router. There is no reason to worry, they may use those routers but we do not know how to solve the problem, to solve the problem, which is why we go to the nearest service center and is spending some money. But you can solve the problems at home, free of cost. There is two types solution for this problem hard reset and factory reset. Use these two easy methods and solve your wifi router problems.

TP-Link Wifi Router  Factory Restore Solution

TP-Link wifi router factory restore is primary problem solution method. This is a very easy method, you just read our steps and solve your problems.

1. First Turn on TP-Link router and login.

2. Now go to System Tools >> Factory Defaults menu on the left sidebar.

tp link wifi router setting

3. Now click Restore button and wait few munites.

4. Your TP-Link router will reboot and your problem is solved.

 TP-Link Wifi Router  Hard Reset Solution


If factory reset solution doesn’t work then you can use hard reset method. When you hard reset your TP-Link router , it will erase all username and password and the router will be much as it was a new situation. Use hard reset solution and enjoy it.

1. First Turn on TP-Link wifi router.

2. Now press the reset button (15 seconds) on your router back side.

tp-lin wifi router hard reset

3. After rebooting your router, the hard reset is complete.

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