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A few years back, a front door alarm was all the security that most homes needed. Currently, the industry has evolved to incorporate more technology into the systems that protect our homes and families. Surveillance cameras, smart locks, monitor sensors, and a well integrated and networked control panel are some of the gadgets that make up a modern digital security system. However, these gadgets are at the core of any security system. With network integration, they monitor our homes, detect intrusion, and make an appropriate response to it. Brinks home security systems are at the forefront of this movement. Most security gadgets can easily be integrated into its functioning. Below are some security gadgets that will help strengthen your brinks home security systems.

Why Use Hidden Home Security Cameras?

You probably have several surveillance security cameras openly installed around your house, but have you ever considered installing wireless hidden cameras, both outside and inside your house? These cameras offer you the opportunity to stealthily monitor your home. You can identify intruders’ activity without their awareness.

The indoor camera is good for monitoring the activities of servants in your home: the nanny, cleaning lady, or handyman who’s come in to fix the door. Another huge advantage of these wifi cameras is that they send a live feed to your computer or smartphone. You can, therefore, keep tabs on your home, even when at work. Contact a security consultant at Brinks security systems to see how you can incorporate these hidden outdoor security cameras into your security.

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Top 10 Brinks Home Security Systems Reviews

  • Brinks Commercial Door Security Bar For Brinks Home Security Systems

A door bar is a simple gadget that can add serious reinforcement to your door. However, this specific bar can be used for commercial property, as well as residential houses; either external or interior doors. Below are some of the features that make it a good addition to Brinks home security systems

home security systems

20 Gauge Tubular Steel

The size of this steel bar can withstand forces exceeding 300 pounds. This is strong enough to hold off any attempt of forced entry.

Works on hinged doors and sliding doors – this is possible due to its design which features a padded foot for sliding doors, and a top yoke with pivoting for hinged doors.

Adjustable Bar With a Swivel Base

The length of the bar can be adjusted from 25 to 43 inches. This makes it able to fit any hinged or sliding door.


It is retractable and extremely lightweight, 2.3pounds. You can, therefore, carry it and use it to secure hotel and motel doors while travelling. This way you can always feel safe wherever you sleep.

It is simply a portable gadget that you can easily use to reinforce your doors. Also, You can get the product on Amazon.

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  • SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights – Brinks Home Security Systems

This is a gadget that adds two components to your home security system: outdoor lighting, and motion detection. This combination is excellent for intruder detection and deterrence. Below are some of the features that make it a great device for Brinks home security systems:

motion sensor light bulb

High-Performance Lighting

SANSI LED comes with 2 light heads fitted with 8 ultra bright LED bulbs. These produce bright and clear white light that covers an area of up to 50ft by 50ft. With this, you can easily spot a mouse sneaking into your compound.

Motion Detectors With Auto-ON And Off Mode

The motion sensors on this gadget can detect movement within a 50ft radius, covering 180 degrees. Whenever movement is detected, the lights are turned on, illuminating 3400lm of white bright light on the intruder for 1, 5 or 10minutes. This is enough to deter any further advancement into your home.

Power Saving

The lights utilize only 30W of power. In addition, the on and off mode ensures that the lights are turned on only when required, thus saving all the power that would have been wasted monitoring a safe area.

These lights and motion sensors provide lighting not only for security purposes but also for home use in areas that need outdoor lightings such as villas, gardens, and large parking areas. Contact your security consultant at Brinks home Security systems to see how you can get this installed in your home.

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  • Jibo, The World’s First Social Robot For The Home – Brinks Home Security Systems

Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of current technological advancements, and it is slowly finding its way to home security systems. This device is a small social robot that stays in your household and learns to differentiate between household members from strangers. Below are some features  on how it, or should I say Jibo, works:

robot helper

Looks Listens and Learns

The main way this robot offers security is by learning. It moves around the house interacting with household members. During these interactions, it takes facial images from all angles and develops an identity signature for all household members. It also listens to your voices and learns to identify specific voices. This way, it will easily identify any strange person that walks into your house and set off the security alarm.

Friendly and Helpful

Jibo is a robot equivalent of Siri or Cortana. He uses his artificial intelligence coupled with wifi internet connection to help you find answers to your daily questions. He can access data on the day’s weather pattern and advise you on whether to carry an umbrella or not.

With integration to your home’s network, this robot can become an important component of your Brinks home security monitoring devices. All the information it gathers can be used to easily identify intruders. Jibo is available on Amazon at a fair price.

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  • Ardwolf Fingerprint Door Lock – Brinks Home Security Systems

Biometric doors are currently at the forefront of home security. They require the physical presence of household members in order to open the lock, thus ensuring that no intruder can access the home in their absence. Brinks home security systems have integrated several biometric door locks into its compatible gadgets. Below are some of the features that make this Ardwolf A20S suitable to guard your home:

Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprints Keys And User Code

The door has 3 operational modes that can be used singly or in combination. the fingerprint sensor is fast and can read your fingerprint in less than a second. The user code requires a digital code with a minimum of 8 characters. The lock can save up to 99 different codes, and 99 different fingerprints. This is versatile enough for any large household. Brinks home security systems recommend the use of fingerprints in combination with either a key or user code.

Deadbolt Mode

It has a deadbolt button which when activated allows only one master user to open the lock from outside. This can enable you to increase your security profile in times of increased threat.

Can Be Installed On Any Door

Its design makes it possible to be incorporated into any door and frame, whether wooden or steel. Its thickness and backset are adjustable.

In general, the Ardwolf door lock is a good addition to any Brinks home security systems set up. You can get it at Amazon at a fair price.

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  • Clock WiFi Hidden Camera – Brinks Home Security Systems

This is an indoor hidden camera that is excellent for stealth surveillance in your rooms. It is the right kind of gadget if you have security concerns regarding your nanny, cleaning lady, or any member of your household. Below are some of the features that make it a suitable addition to Brinks home security systems:

best buy spy camera

Well Hidden In a Digital Camera

Without knowledge of its real purpose, you will surely think it is a normal digital clock. This is great because people are nowadays suspicious of items such as teddy bears and antiques that might be hiding cameras. But digital cameras are less likely to be suspected.

HD Camera That Streams Via Wifi

The camera records full HD, that is 1080p videos. In addition, the device can connect to your home security system wifi, and send a direct feed to any device of your choosing. You can, therefore, monitor the movements in your bedroom even from work.

Night Vision

It has a night vision mode that enables you to receive clear n=images even during the night.

Motion Detection And Alarm

The camera has sensors that detect motion to a range of 150 degrees. In the alarm mode, the camera will send you an alarm notification when any movement is detected. It will take pictures when there is movement, and send you the images with a time signature to your phone.

This spy camera can be integrated into your Brinks home security systems as part of the monitoring gadgets. However, the gadget retails on Amazon at a fair price.

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  • Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Mini Spy Camera – Brinks Home Security Systems

A Bluetooth speaker is an excellent way of hiding a spy camera. The fact that it is a functional speaker solidifies its cover making intruders less likely to even consider it as potential surveillance equipment. Below are some of its features:

wired security cameras

HD Camera

The camera renders 1080p video footage. This is clear enough to make out facial images of an intruder. With this level of clarity, the footage can be integrated into Brinks home security systems feed as one of the surveillance cameras for your home

Lens Rotation To a View Angle of 180 Degrees

It supports PTZ lens rotation in the horizontal plane. You can, therefore, move the lens left or right to achieve a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

Wifi Feed

The device is wifi-enabled. It can be connected to your home’s wifi, and use it to send a live feed to your computer and smartphone. This way you can monitor your home even while away.

Motion Detection

It is equipped with a motion sensor that makes the camera capture images once any movement is detected. These images are then sent to your smartphone as an alarm notification for the intrusion.

Incorporation of such a powerful monitoring device to your Brinks home security systems will significantly strengthen your surveillance, thus making it easier to detect intrusion and take appropriate action. Also, the gadget is available on Amazon.

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  • Arlo Pro 2 Home Security Camera System – Brinks Home Security Systems

This is a surveillance gadget that qualifies to be a system of its own. It comes with 2 high-end cameras and equipped with several features that make surveillance really easy. Below are some of its unique features:

arlo wireless camera

Motion Sensing With 3-Second Look Back

Its motion sensors trigger alarm notifications that send you footage of the event. Unlike most cameras that simply record after the trigger, the Arlo pro 2 sends you footage from 3 seconds before the trigger. This way you can see how the whole event went down.

Select Activity Zones

This camera gives you the option of selecting target zones which require extra monitoring. By using its smartphone app, you can select specific areas in the angle of view: whether your gate, fence, or main door, that need to be keenly monitored. The motion sensors will, therefore, focus on the area and send you mobile notifications of any movement in that zone.

Smart Siren

This camera system comes with an inbuilt siren. The siren reaches sounds of 100decibel. This is loud enough to scare off any burglar and notify your entire neighbourhood of intrusion. Additionally, it can be integrated to activate the Brinks home security systems alarm. However, you can easily turn on the siren from your mobile phone after receiving notification of security breach.

In general, this can be a great addition to your home security surveillance. It incorporates all the aspects of a digital security system, from monitoring, detection, response to deterrence.

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  • SENS8 Home Security Camera System – Brinks Home Security Systems

This is a surveillance that incorporates the use of several modalities to monitor your home. It incorporates several sensors in addition to the normal visual and motion detectors. Below are some of its features that make it a perfect gadget for Brinks home security systems:

security cameras reviews

Motion Activated Recording With 5-Second Lookback

This security camera will give you notifications of detected motion, with a 5-second recording of what transpired before the motion detection. This way you get a full view of all the happenings.

Customized To Reduce False Alarms

The notification application has an algorithm that enables it to filter false alarms. It factors in your configuration for false alarms and also learns from every single alarm that is flagged off as false. This way, you will avoid getting notifications of racoons playing in your backyard.

Other Sensors

It also detects other forms of input such as loud sounds, and drastic changes in temperature and humidity. With integration into Brinks home security systems, this data can be used to protect your home from other forms of damage such as fire and water.

In general, this is an excellent surveillance system. Named after Netflix’s series about superhuman senses, this camera system truly holds up. It captures all kinds of data, from visual camera feed, motion sensing, light, temperature and humidity detection. It is an all in one package. You can get it on Amazon at a fair price.

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  • WCXCO Hidden Spy Pen Camera – Brinks Home Security Systems

This is a gadget that pushes home spy camera technology to a whole new level. Also, It is a functional standard pen that doubles as a camera that takes video footage with audio recordings. Its technology is beyond the normal Brinks security systems surveillance equipment. Below are some of the features that make this pen a master spy device:

nest cam indoor

Tiny Undetectable Camera

The camera is minute in size and hidden behind the clip of the pen. This position makes it excellent as it perfectly positions the camera when the pen kept in a shirt pocket.

Full HD Videos With Excellent Audio Quality

Most spy cameras perform poorly when shrunk to such small sizes. This is usually due to hardware function limitations. But this WCXO pen has managed to pull it off. The camera is still able to record in full HD and capture the quality sound recordings.

32GB Internal Storage

The camera has an SD card slot that can hold several minutes of video footage. The limitation in the recording is actually overheating, and not storage, as the pen tends to overheat after several minutes of recording.

Easy to Use

Though it’s a complex gadget, it is quite easy to operate it. You simply press a button and it records.

This is the ultimate spy camera. It brings the world of James Bond to reality, giving you the ability to capture events in an undetectable manner. You can get it on Amazon at a fair price.

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  • Clever Dog 2nd Generation Wireless Security Camera – Brinks Home Security Systems

Just as the name suggests, this is a smart security camera system. Also, it incorporates surveillance and networking technology to monitor your home, and give you the option of making an appropriate response to the intrusion. It is an excellent addition to Brinks home security systems. Below are some of its features:

security cameras best buy

2-way Audio

The camera equipped with a small speaker and a quality microphone. This enables you to communicate with visitors at the door before letting them into your house or compound.

128GB Inbuilt Storage With Cloud Storage Option

With this camera, you can hold up to 7 days of footage before having to deal with full space. It also supports cloud storage, so you can keep a record of previous surveillance.

Wifi Enabled

The device can send real-time video footage to your smartphone. This way you can always monitor your home.

In general, Clever dog wifi security camera is a decent surveillance tool for your home. Its integration to Brinks Home security systems would give you great control over your home. The device is available on Amazon.

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In conclusion, there are a lot of gadgets that you use to improve your home security system. These range from a surveillance camera and spy cameras, smart locks, door bars, and sirens. Brinks home security systems manufacture some quality hardware for your home security. Also, its security system is compatible with most of the smart gadgets in the market. So whether you are seeking to improve home security, while you away on holiday or even at night when your family is sleep, these devices will job done.